Dolphin Left Bleeding After Reported Assault at SeaWorld Orlando

A TikTok video posted on November 5 seems to point out the aftermath of a reported dolphin assault at SeaWorld Orlando in Florida. In line with the one that posted it, quite a few dolphins repeatedly attacked one other dolphin throughout a present on the marine park, leaving the animal bleeding. An assault like this by no means ought to have been allowed to occur. What number of extra instances should the dysfunction, cruelty, and profound animal struggling at SeaWorld be uncovered earlier than the parks launch the dolphins and others to seaside sanctuaries?

In nature, dolphins keep dynamic relationships with massive social networks, select their very own mates, and swim freely within the ocean. However at SeaWorld parks, about 140 of them are confined to only seven small tanks, the place they’ll’t escape assaults from different annoyed, aggressive animals.

This Isn’t an Remoted Incident

Over the summer season, PETA obtained eyewitness footage from a customer at SeaWorld San Diego, displaying a violent assault amongst orcas that severely wounded one, believed to be Corky, the longest-held captive orca on the earth.

And final 12 months, PETA acquired whistleblower experiences alleging that the identical park stored all 10 orcas held there collectively, regardless of a documented historical past of aggression amongst a few of them. This led 6-year-old orca Amaya (who has since died) to chase and injure Corky.

Take Motion for Animals at SeaWorld Parks

Due to PETA’s campaigns in addition to mounting criticism of SeaWorld, the corporate ended its sordid orca-breeding program after which agreed to cease permitting trainers to face on dolphins’ faces and backs in merciless circus-style exhibits. However 18 orcas are nonetheless struggling on the abusement parks, and different dolphins and whales are nonetheless getting used as breeding machines to create generations of struggling animals.

The one manner for SeaWorld to stop future assaults is by releasing the animals to seaside sanctuaries, the place they might dwell in a naturalistic surroundings.

Urge SeaWorld to relocate dolphins to seaside sanctuaries

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