Dove Symbolism & Which means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Acknowledged all over the world as an emblem of peace, gentleness, and romance, the dove is a chook whose demure magnificence and comforting gentle voice fills individuals with a way of serenity and hope. The mighty dove, with its many apparent virtues, has charmed and impressed humanity since historic occasions.

What many individuals don’t notice, although, is that the customarily under-appreciated, and even reviled, metropolis pigeon is as a lot a dove as any snow white chook of peace. “Dove” and “pigeon” are usually interchangeable phrases which confer with any birds with within the “Columbidae” household. Smaller members are usually known as “doves,” while bigger ones are known as “pigeons,” however the phrases really imply the identical factor. So, the dove is each a deeply beloved chook related to affection and peace, and a chook who’s handled as a pest and scorned by many. (1) Learn on to study extra concerning the fascinating symbolism, mythology, and historical past of doves.

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Dove symbolism and that means

All over the world, doves are related to gentleness, peace, serenity, and purity. The dove is taken into account docile, innocent, and romantic. Doves are generally launched at weddings to represent the eternal love of the bride and groom. Dove releases are additionally used for funerals and memorials as a method of claiming goodbye to a departed cherished one. (2)

Most kinds of pigeons and doves are monogamous and mate for all times, although some species will solely keep collectively for one breeding season. Dove pairs are sometimes seen preening one another, perching close to each other, and even participating in a kind of “kissing” habits. For these causes, doves are very strongly linked with romance and partnership. (3)

As a result of doves are so firmly related to peace, they typically function a world image for cooperation and hope. The dove represents our human duty to attempt for a greater future during which pointless struggling might be addressed and solved. Dove imagery represents each unity and optimism.


Doves are birds with an excessive amount of non secular significance which we are going to focus on intimately in a later part. Due to this, inventive depictions of doves typically symbolize the divine. In Christian artwork, the presence of a dove signifies the presence of the Holy Spirit. Moreover, dove symbolism is usually used to suggest heaven. When individuals die, we think about them at peace in heaven. So, imagery that includes doves could also be related to God, the afterlife, mourning, or divine steerage. (4)

Doves and pigeons are world-renowned for his or her unbelievable homing skills. Pigeons are so efficient at discovering their method house that the strategies they use remained shrouded in thriller. Over hundreds of miles in difficult situations, homing pigeons nonetheless handle to seek out their method. This potential has been utilized by people for hundreds of years as a method of communication. So, doves symbolize navigation, homecoming, communication, correspondence, and messengers. (5)

Doves and pigeons are frequent home animals and are sometimes used for racing, breeding, as pets, or for common admiration. Individuals who hold pigeons are also known as pigeon “fanciers.” This very outdated pastime has lengthy been loved by aristocrats and scientific minds all over the world. Walt Disney, the late Queen of England, Nikola Tesla, and Charles Darwin are simply among the well-known people who find themselves identified to have been avid pigeon fanciers. Selectively bred pigeons and doves might be extraordinarily decorative birds with distinctive and complex options. Darwin even used the method of breeding pigeons for numerous options as a method of learning his concept of evolution. So, doves symbolize aristocracy, domesticity, evolution, synthetic choice, competitors, and scientific research. (6)(7)

Dove Native American symbolism

Native American cultures usually affiliate doves with love, peace, and safety. Doves are sometimes seen as symbols of a protected homecoming, maybe attributable to their homing skills.

Some Native American traditions deal with doves as silly or gullible animals. In such tales, doves typically fail to acknowledge the harmful guile of a trickster character and are deceived into turning into its meal. (8)

In lots of Native American traditions, the dove is taken into account to be an emblem of the spirit world. As such, the dove can symbolize each non secular steerage and demise. (9

In keeping with one Native American delusion, the dove was the primary homicide sufferer on the planet. When the world was new, the birds lived in peace and by no means killed each other. Throughout this time, the owl was a proud chook who loved the daylight. The proud owl fell in love with a lovely swan, and determined to strive his hand at swimming in order that he is likely to be together with her. When he tried to swim, although, he failed miserably and the loon laughed at him. The owl was offended and requested “who who’re you laughing at?” At simply this second, a dove requested her mate whom he cherished most and he replied “you you.” The owl thought that the dove was making enjoyable of him and he grew to become so enraged that he snatched up the poor dove and slew it. The Nice Spirit noticed what the owl had performed and was offended that the peace amongst birds was damaged. To punish the owl, he declared that it could by no means see daylight once more and should hunt within the evening. (10)

Dove Christianity symbolism

Doves are one of many Bible’s most prevalent and vital animal symbols. Due to this, doves have come to symbolize Christianity itself. In a number of passages, the presence of the Holy Spirit is described as resembling a dove.

“And when Jesus was baptized, instantly he went up from the water, and behold, the heavens had been opened to him, and he noticed the Spirit of God descending like a dove and coming to relaxation on him;  and behold, a voice from heaven mentioned, ‘That is my beloved Son, with whom I’m effectively happy’”

— Matthew 3:16-17 (11)

In Luke 2:22-24 pigeons are introduced earlier than God as a sacrifice:

When the time got here for the purification rites required by the Legislation of Moses, Joseph and Mary took him to Jerusalem to current him to the Lord (as it’s written within the Legislation of the Lord, “Each firstborn male is to be consecrated to the Lord”), and to supply a sacrifice consistent with what is alleged within the Legislation of the Lord: “a pair of doves or two younger pigeons.


Lastly, crucial well-known function of the dove within the Bible is present in Genesis. After the top of the catastrophic flood, Noah used a raven after which a dove to fly out over the water and discover out whether or not there was protected dry land to be discovered. At first, the raven didn’t return. Then, the dove returned however was fruitless. Lastly, the dove returned as soon as extra with an olive department in its invoice, proving that there was dry land on the market and signifying the top of Noah’s trial. (13)

“When the dove returned to him within the night, there in its beak was a freshly plucked olive leaf! Then Noah knew that the water had receded from the earth.”

— Genesis 8:11 (14)

Dove Celtic symbolism

Doves in Celtic mythology usually symbolize divinity, femininity, fertility, and purity.

In Eire, one of many three patron saints – St. Columa – is known as the Church Dove.

In a lot of Celtic symbolism, the dove carries comparable meanings to that of its Christian symbolism. It is because many of the Celtic world grew to become Christian throughout the Center Ages.

Within the Celtic world, doves are sometimes linked with saints and sainthood. (15)

Dove in goals

Dreaming of doves is normally a constructive signal. Doves deliver hope and peace, so dove goals are sometimes related to a interval of calm and therapeutic on the horizon. Dreaming of a pair of doves nearly all the time represents romance and household.

Dreaming of a dove pair could point out a want to pursue romantic relationships or it might even be an indication that love is on the horizon. Dove goals remind us to strengthen {our relationships} by treating each other with gentleness and empathy.


Dreaming of frequent metropolis pigeons could symbolize persecution or the sensation of being underappreciated. Whereas these birds solely differ in coloration from the white doves that folks admire, they’re regularly handled as “rats with wings.” Dreaming of a pigeon could imply that it is best to consider whether or not you’ve rapidly judged somebody on their look.

Dreaming of pigeons or doves might also symbolize discovering one’s path. Navigating by life generally is a problem, however the dove reminds you to belief your instincts, persist with your path, and have religion that you can see your method house.(16)

Dove encounters and omens

Encountering doves is likely to be extra frequent than you had beforehand realized. Each city pigeon is a dove and carries a lot of the identical that means as different doves. Dove encounters symbolize pleasure, hope, happiness, and therapeutic. Encountering doves while in mourning or throughout a troublesome interval can act as a reminder that happier occasions lie forward.

Encountering a flock of pigeons or doves represents belonging. Seeing such a gaggle of birds may sting a bit when you’ve had plenty of hassle with discovering your “individuals.” Worry not, although, as a result of the dove reminds you that good issues come to those that maintain their heads up excessive.


A dove encounter could symbolize homesickness, particularly for individuals who don’t dwell within the place that they’d think about to be “house.” On this case, encountering doves can point out a longing to return house, however it additionally reminds you that house is one thing that follows you wherever you go. The pigeon all the time finds its method again house. (18)

On an analogous notice, encountering doves or pigeons is a constructive signal for vacationers. Such an encounter signifies safety and protected travels.

Dove mythology and folklore

All through the world, doves are related to peace, femininity, and the divine.

For the traditional Greeks, the dove was one of many votive animals of the goddess of affection and wonder, Aphrodite. (19) The Mesopotamian goddess, Ishtar, is likely one of the earliest deities in human historic data. She was related to doves as effectively, which symbolize fertility and sanctity. (20)

Hachiman, the Japanese god of warfare, can also be related to doves. Hachiman is a divine protector of Japan who is alleged to make use of doves as his messengers. (21)


In Hindu mythology, doves are related to each love and demise. Kama Devarides is a Hindu god of affection whose image is the dove. Thus, doves are related to love and romance. The god of demise, Yama, is alleged to be embodied as a dove. So, doves additionally symbolize demise itself. (22)(23)

Dove spirit animal

If the dove is your spirit animal then you might be prone to be a delicate soul who dislikes pointless confrontations and prefers to deal with issues calmly. The dove spirit animal is much from shy, however it might be seen as shy as a result of it tends to be present in individuals who converse softly and don’t hunt down the focus.

Regardless of this, the dove spirit animal is surprisingly outgoing and assured. Light doesn’t equal fragile. Individuals with the dove as their spirit animal are resilient and able to making one of the best out of virtually any scenario. For that reason, the dove spirit animal is normally very optimistic and tends to take care of a constructive angle.


Individuals who have the dove as their spirit animal are usually very romantic and could also be pushed by a want to attain the connection of their goals. Though they are usually nice companions, dove spirits could get carried away and rush into issues or select improper companions. Keep in mind that “fairytale” romances take plenty of exhausting work and cooperation and also you’ll be simply nice! (24)

Individuals with the dove as their spirit animal are delicate, empathetic, and general very type. It is necessary that they discover ways to keep away from letting manipulative individuals make the most of their virtues.

Dove totem animal

The dove totem animal is related to peace and therapeutic. Individuals who profit from the dove totem animal are very prone to discover themselves in nurturing positions. They typically take nice pleasure in watching others develop and thrive and could also be academics, nurses, or docs.

The dove totem animal brings therapeutic to those that possess it. With this totem animal’s steerage, one can pursue a therapeutic journey by which previous trauma might be accepted and catharsis might be reached. The dove totem soothes anxieties and instills hope for a greater future.

The dove totem animal can also be useful in relation to homemaking. Whereas chores are definitely a part of homemaking, the duty of turning a home into a house is far deeper than merely cooking or cleansing. The dove totem brings serenity into the house and makes the household really feel protected and welcome. (25

Dove energy animal

If the dove is your energy animal then you might be deeply in tune with the feelings of others. The dove energy animal is the final word empath, particularly when shut family members are concerned. Individuals with dove as their energy animal are the sort to sense their family members’ moods or ideas from the best of gestures or modifications in demeanor.

two doves

Due to this, the dove energy animal is the final word confidante and is all the time prepared to be a “shoulder to cry on” for household or pals.

The dove energy animal’s empathy implies that it’s typically affected by different individuals’s feelings to a level that isn’t wholesome. Keep in mind to focus your therapeutic energies inwards on occasion. You can not management different individuals’s emotional states regardless of how badly you need to assist them.

Dove tattoo that means

Dove tattoos are sometimes non secular in nature, however their meanings might be as numerous and engaging as the various meanings of the dove itself.

A tattoo of a dove typically represents hope and peace. That is very true for dove tattoos which function an olive department or a peace signal. Tattoos of doves with rainbows usually symbolize God’s promise from the e-book of Genesis. 

Tattoos of dove pairs symbolize love and romance. Doves are typically chosen as matching tattoos for {couples}. On this case they symbolize dedication and devotion.

Tattoos of pigeons could symbolize resourcefulness, homecoming, safety, adaptability, navigation, or friendliness.


The dove is likely one of the oldest animal symbols round and might be discovered in lots of extra locations than those that we’ve managed to cowl on this transient article. Sooner or later, it’s my honest hope that folks study to understand doves of all types for his or her docile natures and pure magnificence. Hopefully, the following time a metropolis pigeon lands in entrance of you, you’ll consider the love, peace, and serenity that this chook has represented since historic occasions.


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