Standing Nonetheless | Carson James

Standing Nonetheless | Carson James

By no means neglect to excellent the artwork of standing nonetheless. It’s vitally necessary that your horse can shut down and stand in a single spot with none random or self-imposed motion.

The act of standing nonetheless could seem easy, however take into consideration how helpful that’s for mounting, dismounting, being tied up, opening gates, soaking in a newly realized drill, and so forth. and so forth.

However the primary benefit will not be that he’s bodily immobile, however that the horse has the identical concept as you. You’re considering ‘stand nonetheless’ and the horse is considering the identical factor. We must always at all times be working in direction of attaining merged ideas with our horse.

The horse shouldn’t have motion until you’re asking him for it. He must be within the behavior of ready on instruction from you. 

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All people, after all, needs their horse to face nonetheless whereas they get on and get off. One approach to encourage that’s to do these easy workout routines:

Standing Nonetheless Train #1

Saddle your horse. Have a halter and lead rope on his head as a substitute of a bridle. Maintain the lead rope in your left hand with the intention to pull his head round or use again stress if wanted. Faux such as you’re going to mount. Arise within the left stirrup, however don’t throw your proper leg over. See if the horse strikes. If he does, step again down and instantly start lunging and even throw in some tight route adjustments. After his toes hustle for a couple of minutes, supply him the great deal of standing nonetheless once more. He’ll ultimately take you up on that provide. Even in the event you use a mounting block, the method could be the identical.

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Standing Nonetheless Train #2

Begin along with your horse saddled and bridled. Your reins will likely be in your left hand with solely an inch or two of slack.  As you mount your horse, if he begins to take a step, carry your left hand to encourage him to stay nonetheless.  If he does take a step as you get on, have him again up a number of. 

If he takes 3 steps ahead earlier than you ask for motion, have him again up 5 steps. You’re instilling the concept he ought to keep the place you set him.

Standing Nonetheless Train #3

There may very well be a magnet (barn, buddy, gate) that your horse is drawn to which causes him to maneuver earlier than you ask him to. If that’s the case, don’t delay doing a little buddy/barn bitter work to get that resolved.

Learn to remedy buddy bitter points right here: Buddy Bitter Horse | The Everlasting Repair

After you mount your horse, don’t at all times instantly have him stroll off. He could also be anticipating strolling ahead, however assist him develop the flexibility to face nonetheless and wait till you ask him to maneuver. This potential is simply as necessary as stopping, turning, or staying between your reins and legs.


A purpose I at all times have for my horses is that they will handily do quick work, however then instantly go to a impartial place of stillness, each mentally and bodily. 

If a horse will not be proficient in going from shifting to not shifting, it’s going to hinder his stops, flip arounds, potential to price, and lots of different maneuvers. 

When a horse is actually ‘broke’ with a very good basis, standing nonetheless shouldn’t be a difficulty. He ought to do it as a result of you aren’t asking him to do anything. This will likely be rather more profitable in the event you experience with life and power in your palms, seat, legs, and thoughts. Then if you shut down, the horse will perceive that distinction and effortlessly additionally shut down and stand nonetheless.

In case your horse thinks he must be shifting when that isn’t what you requested him to do, there’s a misunderstanding or gaps of unsureness. This unsureness is the foundation of what makes a horse spooky. It might probably all be traced again to a leaky basis. For assist establishing the right basis in your horse, check out the Buckaroo Crew membership website.

In all actuality, your horse must be as certain about standing nonetheless as he’s about strolling ahead. If he’s not, make {that a} precedence till he’s. 

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