Species Highlight: The Rhinoceros Hornbill

With a reputation like “Rhinoceros Hornbill” you’re most likely anticipating a big flamboyant hen with loads of character. Nicely don’t fear! The Rhinoceros Hornbill doesn’t disappoint. This huge and colourful hen embodies each ounce of the character that its identify implies.

Rhinoceros Hornbills are giant tree-dwelling birds discovered within the rainforests of Southeast Asia. They will attain lengths of as much as three toes and are named for his or her giant and spectacular invoice which options a big casque or “horn.”

The Rhinoceros Hornbill is the nationwide hen of Malaysia and holds specific cultural significance in Borneo, the place some mythological traditions designate it because the supreme chief of the earth’s birds.

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Enjoyable Information Concerning the Rhinoceros Hornbill

The Rhinoceros Hornbill’s distinctive look is definitely spectacular, however seems aren’t the one factor that’s particular about them. Let’s dive into some Rhinoceros Hornbill enjoyable info to study this show-stopping rainforest hen.

A love that delivers: For a Rhinoceros Hornbill, romance may be very severe enterprise. When a pair of Rhinoceros Hornbills breed, they construct a nest in a hole tree. Then, each dad and mom use mud, feces, and different particles to construct a wall. The pair seals the nest shut, walling it off fully, with the feminine nonetheless inside. The wall features a small opening simply giant sufficient for the male to move meals to the feminine. As soon as she is walled inside, the feminine incubates her eggs and begins rearing the younger chicks. Throughout this time, she is totally reliant on the male for meals and won’t go away the walled off nest. This requires loads of belief, and Rhinoceros Hornbills mate for all times and type deep partnerships because of this.

Breaking out: After a number of months of incubating, the feminine Rhinoceros Hornbill breaks down the wall and leaves the nest. At this stage, the chicks are nonetheless too younger to depart the nest. So, each dad and mom wall the chicks’ inside but once more till they’re sufficiently old to fledge. This time, the mom Rhinoceros Hornbill stays outdoors and might help feed the rising chicks.

Hornbill hygiene: Being sealed in a darkish and tiny nest cavity by a wall of mud and feces for a number of months won’t sound interesting to you, however feminine Rhinoceros Hornbills do nonetheless have hygiene requirements. The opening within the nest by which the male offers meals can be used as a restroom in order that the feminine doesn’t find yourself sealed inside together with her personal waste. This additionally helps the chicks keep wholesome and prevents ailments from spreading in shut quarters.

The Way forward for the Rhinoceros Hornbill

The Worldwide Union for the Conservation of Nature’s “Purple Listing of Threatened Species” lists the Rhinoceros Hornbill as “Weak.” The listing additionally notes that international Rhinoceros Hornbill populations are lowering.

Main threats to the Rhinoceros Hornbill embrace logging, because the Rhinoceros Hornbill is extremely depending on giant mature rainforest timber for nesting, and searching. Rhinoceros Hornbills have traditionally been hunted for each meat and conventional drugs.

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