Episode 474: High 23 Dinosaur Discoveries of 2023

Episode 474: High 23 Dinosaur Discoveries of 2023. We lined 40 new dinosaurs this 12 months and lots of extra research about how dinosaurs ate, fought, survived accidents, and far more. These are the entire finest research from 2023.

Our prime 23 segments of 2023 (with a bonus):

  • Finest hadrosauroid: Gonkoken supply
  • Cutest new dinosaur: Minimocursor supply
  • Finest sauropod tail: Ruixinia supply
  • Finest sauropod neck: Inawentu supply
  • Most forgotten dinosaur: Oblitosaurus supply
  • Most forgotten sauropod: Igai supply
  • Finest new ankylosaur: Patagopelta supply
  • Largest affect from a small fragment: Amanasaurus supply
  • Finest new ceratopsid: Furcatoceratops supply
  • Finest new ornithomimosaur: Tyrannomimus supply
  • Finest basal sauropodomorph: Qianlong supply
  • Finest alvarezsaurid: Jaculinykus supply
  • Garret’s hottest dinosaur connection: Titanic supply
  • Sabrina’s hottest dinosaur connection: Alexander the Nice supply
  • Most shared interview: John Holmes on Tolkien’s presentation On Dragons supply
  • Most spectacular (and controversial) fossil: Repenomamus interlocked with Psittacosaurus supply
  • Finest paleopathology: Nodules in an ankylosaur nasal passage supply
  • Paleopathology runner up: Ornithomimosaur with blunt power trauma to its foot supply
  • Paleopathology runner up: T. rex biting via Triceratops frill supply
  • Finest ankylosaur paper: Zuul combating one another supply
  • Dinosaur egg hiding in plain sight: Agate in London supply
  • Largest disappointment: Therizinosaur claws supply
  • Finest mohawk research: Amargasaurus neck spines supply
  • Largest change to a well-liked dinosaur: Utahraptor’s age supply

The dinosaur of the day: Elopteryx

  • Theropod that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Romania (Sânpetru Formation, Ha?eg Island)
  • Regarded chicken like, however with a extremely lengthy tail, additionally lengthy legs, and a had beak, in keeping with paleoart
  • Identified from only a few fossils, and lots of paleontologists think about it to be a nomen dubium
  • Talked about in episode 400
  • Kind and solely species is Elopteryx nopcsai
  • Franz Nopcsa discovered bone fragments of the small theropod, which had been acquired by the British Museum of Pure Historical past
  • Charles William Andrews named Elopteryx in 1913
  • Genus identify means “marsh wing”
  • Species identify in honor of Nopcsa
  • Holotype is a left femur
  • A fraction of higher left thighbone later referred to Elopteryx, in addition to a part of a decrease leg
  • Andrews thought it was a seabird
  • Numerous debate over what Elopteryx was (chicken, troodontid, maniraptor, alvarezsaurid), and varied fossils referred to it however most of them then reassigned to different species
  • Birdlike however not associated to fashionable birds
  • Two research in 2019 discovered Elopteryx to be a basal chicken
  • Lived on a big island within the Tethys Sea
  • Subtropical local weather, with wet and dry seasons
  • Different animals that lived across the identical time and place embody the titanosaur Magyarosaurus, the rhabdodontid Zalmoxes, and the apex predator the azhdarchid pterosaur Hatzegopteryx

Enjoyable Reality:

Finest enjoyable truth (from Episode 447): Sauropods would have been very susceptible to lightning, and never simply because they had been tall

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