Nigersaurus (the dinosaur with 500 enamel!)

Fast Nigersaurus Information

  • Lived through the center Cretaceous interval
  • Lived on the African continent
  • Was a sauropod
  • Was about 60 ft lengthy
  • It had 500 enamel
  • Title means “Niger River Lizard”

Nigersaurus Photos

About Nigersaurus

The genus Nigersaurus belongs to the sauropod dinosaur household that lived on the African continent through the center Cretaceous interval, round 100 to 97 million years in the past.

It was first found within the late nineteenth century by French paleontologist Eugène Dubois. Dubois was working in what’s now Niger, Africa, when he unearthed the primary stays of Nigersaurus. These stays had been initially thought to belong to an African relative of the North American diplodocid dinosaurs.

The primary fossils of Nigersaurus had been found within the Elrhaz Formation of Niger within the 12 months 1997. Nonetheless, additional examine revealed that Nigersaurus was truly a member of a distinct group of sauropods often known as the rebbachisaurids.

Nigersaurus is without doubt one of the most archaeologically necessary dinosaurs as a result of it’s serving to researchers to raised perceive the anatomy and physiology of different sauropods. It is usually probably the most fully identified rebbachisaurids, with over 200 bones of not less than 17 completely different dinosaurs found.

The nigersaurus was a medium-sized sauropod. It measured about 18 meters (59 ft) in size and weighing round 12 metric tons (13 quick tons). Regardless of its quick head and small neck, it had an extended tail and enamel that had been tailored for grazing on vegetation. Nigersaurus is believed to have been a quadrupedal herbivore and should have consumed gentle vegetation utilizing its lengthy neck and a small head.

The Nigersaurus had extraordinarily lengthy neck. It was about twice the size of its physique. This adaptation is believed to have developed as a way to enable Nigersaurus to succeed in larger ranges of vegetation. Nigersaurus additionally had a really small head. It measured solely about 30 centimetres (12 inches) in width. 

It was a quadrupedal dinosaur, which means that it walked on all fours. Nonetheless, its legs had been comparatively quick compared to its physique. It’s thought to have been proficient at rearing up on its hind legs as a way to attain larger ranges of vegetation. Nigersaurus is believed to have been a herbivore and should have consumed gentle vegetation utilizing its lengthy neck and a small head.

The Dinosaur With 500 Enamel!

One for probably the most distinctive options of the Nigersaurus was its enamel. It has 500 enamel! They had been peg-like and tailored for grazing on vegetation.

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