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20 FUN & INTERESTING Details About Cardinals! (2023)

The Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) is likely one of the most acquainted and simply recognizable birds in North America!

Interesting facts about Northern Cardinals


And it’s simple to see why!


Cardinals have an unbelievable mixture of being simple to see in your yard AND breathtaking plumage. In my view, the Northern Cardinal may be credited with drawing extra folks into the passion of chicken feeding and birding than another species. 


However these fascinating birds have far more to their story than fairly feathers!


From sports activities groups to state birds to being devoted mother and father and companions,


This publish will element 20 enjoyable and attention-grabbing info about Northern Cardinals!


Truth #1:


Cardinals are usually the primary chicken to go to feeders within the morning and the final to go to within the evenings.


Whereas ornithologists aren’t totally certain why that is the case, they imagine it could be associated to decrease competitors with different birds on the feeders throughout daybreak and nightfall. Males might also seem extra inconspicuous in low gentle situations offering them some safety from pure predators.


You might be able to observe cardinals RIGHT NOW on my chicken feeders!

Here’s a LIVE view of my feeding station:

*Watch all of my LIVE cams HERE!


Truth #2:

catholic cardinal bishops

The Northern Cardinal’s identify dates again to the time of the USA founding colonists, stemming from the similarity of the males’ vibrant crimson plumage to the crimson biretta and vestments of distinguishable Catholic cardinals.


Truth #3:


Northern Cardinals are categorised as granivorous animals as a result of they reside on a weight-reduction plan consisting of principally seeds. Their brief, stout, cone-shaped beaks are specifically designed to crack open the hulls on seeds and shells on nuts.

how to attract cardinals

Because of their love of seeds, you may simply appeal to cardinals to your feeders through the use of both sunflower seeds (their favourite!), safflower seeds, cracked corn, or shelled peanuts.


Truth #4:

Loved Cardinal Feed Each Other in the Summer


Throughout courtship, affection is expressed by the males feeding their females seeds in a way often known as “beak to beak.” For those who select to let your creativeness run wild, you may actually say that the birds seem like they’re kissing!


Truth #5:


Sometimes, an absence of the everyday crimson pigment within the plumage happens and is changed by vibrant yellow or orangish pigments, which ends up in a yellow cardinal. The looks of vibrant yellow Northern Cardinals is usually attributable to a genetic plumage variation referred to as xanthochroism.

fun facts yellow cardinals

It’s extremely uncommon to see a yellow cardinal, however when it occurs, it turns into a nationwide information story for chicken lovers!


Truth #6:


The common lifespan of a Northern Cardinal is roughly three years because of the hazards they face, which embody predators, illness, accidents, and hunger


However the oldest recorded wild Northern Cardinal lived to be 15 years and 9 months. This feminine was banded as a younger chicken and tracked in Pennsylvania.


Truth #7:


The Northern Cardinal is a well-liked mascot for a lot of sports activities groups!


They symbolize two skilled groups; the St. Louis Cardinals baseball workforce and the Arizona Cardinals NFL workforce.


The cardinal additionally represents many faculties, together with Ball State College, Concordia College, Lamar College, the College of Louisville, and Wesleyan College.

Cardinals logo incorrect

Sadly, the cardinal is usually portrayed incorrectly on logos, resembling displaying a yellow beak or legs.


Truth #8:


Within the winter months, Northern Cardinals forego their territorial methods and congregate collectively to kind flocks. A bunch in search of meals collectively is extra profitable than a single cardinal or pair. These flocks may be referred to as a faculty, conclave, deck, radiance, or Vatican of cardinals.


Try this video that was taken at my chicken feeding station.


Solely in winter will you see this many male cardinals visiting directly!

*Watch my LIVE cams HERE!*


Truth #9:


The Northern Cardinal’s tune sounds as if they’re saying “birdie, birdie, birdie” or “cheer, cheer, cheer.” This distinctive vocalization sample permits many birders to simply determine the cardinal when it’s singing.


Truth #10:


Concurrent with the mating/nesting season, male Northern Cardinals expertise a marked improve in hormone ranges. Presently they turn out to be very territorial and can assault any intruders they really feel are a risk to the brood.


Whereas amusing to onlookers, it isn’t uncommon for them to violently and incessantly “battle” with their very own picture for hours in home windows, mirrors, or something that has a mirrored image.


Truth #11:

fun facts about cardinals


Northern Cardinals are additionally often referred to as a Virginia Nightingale or Winter Redbird. The identify Virginia nightingale originates from 18th-century England. Cardinals are often known as the Winter Redbird as a result of they’re extremely noticeable in opposition to the white backdrop of snow within the winter when they’re the one crimson chicken current.


Truth #12:


“Northern” refers back to the worldwide locale of the birds’ vary of habitat. Of all three cardinal species belonging to the Cardinalis genus (Vermillion, Northern, and Pyrrhuloxia), Northern Cardinals are discovered within the northernmost areas.


Truth #13:

The Northern Cardinal is the official state chicken of seven jap states: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.


Truth #14:


Contradictory to many different songbirds, Northern Cardinals are principally a non-migratory species, opting to overwinter of their chosen spring/summer time habitat.


Many migratory birds transfer to hotter climates within the winter as they depend upon bugs or fruit for sustenance and their meals provide drops within the colder, winter months. The weight-reduction plan of Northern Cardinals consists primarily of seeds and nuts, permitting them to forage for meals 12 months spherical.


Truth #15:


Yellow, orange, or crimson pigments discovered naturally in vegetation are liable for the attribute crimson coloration exhibited within the feathers of male birds. These pigments, often known as carotenoids, can’t be manufactured inside the chicken’s physique however should be ingested by consuming plant materials containing the pigments or bugs which have consumed colourful vegetation themselves.

Truth #16:


Northern cardinals are monogamous, and pairs keep collectively 12 months spherical.

common types of birds - northern cardinal

Truth #17:


After a brood of eggs has been laid within the nest, the feminine primarily performs the incubation. Throughout this time the male of the mated pair expends his vitality defending the nesting territory from intruders and bringing meals to his feminine.

As soon as the eggs have hatched, each female and male cardinals tackle the duty of feeding their nestlings. When a subsequent brood is laid, the male shoulders the job of elevating fledglings (if they’re nonetheless current) so the feminine can as soon as once more give attention to incubating her eggs.


Truth #18:


In contrast to many species of songbirds the place solely the male intercourse can vocalize, each female and male Northern Cardinals can sing. Females are identified to sing when they’re within the nest, as a approach of signaling their mate to carry meals; males, then again, sing throughout courtship and to defend their nesting territory.


Feminine cardinals specific themselves utilizing extra elaborate songs than males and should sing as much as two dozen completely different tunes, relying on their location. Each female and male vocal patterns differ barely based mostly upon the area, simply as dialects of languages seem relying upon the locale.


Truth #19:

Fun and interesting facts about cardinals

Cardinals molt a minimum of every year to replenish broken feathers. Throughout this course of, they lose some or all of their feathers for a few weeks. Sometimes the birds look as if they’ve gone bald, exhibiting the black or darkish gray pores and skin on their head when they’re featherless.


Truth #20:


The Northern Cardinal additionally has the distinct honor of being the chicken on the brand for Chook Watching HQ!


Bird Watching HQ logo with northern cardinal



I hope you loved studying these enjoyable and attention-grabbing info about Northern Cardinals!


Is there something you already know about these birds you suppose is value sharing?


If that’s the case, please let me know under!

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