I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Olorotitan (Episode 137)

In our 137th episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Victoria Arbour, who, with David Evans, described and named the brand new ankylosaur Zuul crurivastator. You possibly can study extra about Victoria’s work by following her on Twitter, @VictoriaArbour.

Zuul fossil

Zuul solid

Episode 137 can be about Olorotitan, the “Russian swan” of hadrosaurs.

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On this episode, we focus on:

In dinosaur information:

  • A sauropod was found with intestine contents close to Winton, Australia and can be placed on show on the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum in about 5 years in response to SMH
  • Sensory organs on spinosaurid snouts is probably not definitive proof of aquatic habits in response to Nature’s Scientific Stories
  • The Triassic-Jurassic extinction is marked with 1,000,000 years of mercury deposits per huge volcanic exercise in response to PNAS
  • Almost 200 new dinosaur prints together with a doable working ornithischian from Morocco had been described in SGE
  • New Deinonychosaurian footprints have been present in China and Iran
  • 5 partial vertebrae from the youngest recognized Barosaurus had been printed within the Annals of Carnegie Museum
  • Lida Xing and his work documenting dinosaur footprints and amber was featured in an article in Science Magazine
  • Drumheller, Canada, the place the Royal Tyrrell Museum is, is contemplating renaming a few of its streets after dinosaurs in response to Calgary Herald
  • Dinosaur Park in Laurel, Maryland is open to college students and guests in response to Extinct Monsters
  • The brand new convention Future Con had a characteristic on Antarctic dinosaurs in response to Stay Science
  • MOAB discipline workplace has free “Jurassic Walks” and talks each weekend till September in response to Deseret Information
  • Leonardo, the mummified hadrosaur housed within the Nice Plains Dinosaur Museum now has a plesiosaur roomate in response to KTVQ
  • The dinosaurs on the Milwaukee Public Museum in Wisconsin are getting an improve in response to the Journal Sentinel
  • The Royal Belgian Institute of Pure Sciences has a Parasaurolophus exhibit and posted its recreated sounds on their tumblr web page
  • Phil Currie gave a lecture to rejoice Mates of the Royal Alberta Museum Society’s thirty fifth anniversary in response to Edmonton Examiner
  • The American Museum of Pure Historical past celebrated the seventieth anniversary of its Coelophysis
  • The Royal Tyrrell Museum posted an article a couple of collision between palynologists and dinosaur paleontologists for excavation precedence
  • The musical Triassic Parq has permiered in New Orleans that includes feminine dinosaurs spontaneously turning male like in Jurassic Park in response to Nola.com
  • Political candidate Jon Ossoff acquired assist from a gang of T. rex clad voters in response to Elite Day by day
  • The brand new ebook, What the Dinosaurs Did at Faculty, options dinosaur toys wreaking havoc on a faculty in response to Kirkus Evaluations
  • A brand new dinosaur coloring ebook together with information and comics has been launched in response to Crossroads At present

The dinosaur of the day: Olorotitan

  • Lambeosaurine hadrosaur that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now Far Japanese Russia (discovered within the Tsagayan Formation)
  • Referred to as the “Russian swan” of hadrosaurs, and it has a protracted neck and a battle axe formed crest
  • Title means “gigantic swan”
  • Just one species: Olorotitan arharensis
  • The species title arharensis refers to the place the fossils had been discovered, in Arhara County
  • Described in 2003 by Pascal Godefroit, Yuri Bolotsky, and Vladimir Alifanov
  • Holotype consists of a virtually full skeleton
  • Most full lameosaurine discovered exterior of western North America, and one of the crucial full dinosaurs present in Russia
  • Lacking fingers and ft, probably as a result of scavengers ate them earlier than Olorotitan was buried
  • On the finish of the Mesozoic, lambeosaurines had been quite a few and numerous in Asia (however not in North America)
  • This means that the climates in Asian and North America had been totally different on the time
  • Had a protracted neck (18 vertebrae). The longest hadrosaur neck discovered earlier than it had 15 vertebrae
  • Its battle axe or hatchet formed crest factors backward, and is totally different from different hadrosaurs with crests
  • Crest could have been used for attracting mates, or to let others know they had been the identical species
  • Crest had a hole construction, which can have been capable of make low frequency calls (crest expands from the nasal bones). If that is true, it could be much like what scientists assume Parasaurolophus might do. Nonetheless, elements of the crest discovered had been fragmentary or crushed, so it’s unclear what route the nasal passage took (would want to seek out one other cranium to know for positive)
  • Had a stiff tail, although it’s unclear if all Olorotitan had stiff tails or if this one had a pathology (want extra specimens to know for positive)
  • Massive, could have grown as much as 26 ft (8 m) lengthy
  • Bipedal and quadrupedal
  • Herbivore that would grind its meals with its lots of of enamel that had been repeatedly changed
  • Discovered to be most carefully associated to Corythosaurus and Hypacrosaurus
  • Different animals that lived in the identical time and place had been the lambeosaurines Charonosaurus and Amurosaurus, the hadrosaurine Kerberosaurus, theropods, nodosaurids, turtles, crocodilians

Enjoyable truth:

The Nice Dying” worn out most vertebrates on earth throughout the Permian-Triassic boundary ~252MYA. Afterwards, Lystrosaurus accounted for about 90% of terrestrial vertebrates within the early Triassic. Lystrosaurus is a therapsid which identical to all trendy mammals though it appears to be like superficially like a dinosaur. It wasn’t till the Triassic-Jurassic extinction that dinosaurs grew to become the dominant terrestrial group.


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