Episode 409: An enormous new spinosaur and a tiny thyreophoran

Episode 409: An enormous new spinosaur and a tiny thyreophoran. A brand new dinosaur that appears like a tiny Carnotaurus lined in armor, one other dinosaur that is likely to be the biggest theropod from Europe, and we title a carnivore and herbivore for each letter of the alphabet

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  • A brand new thyreophoran that appears like a miniature, armored, Carnotaurus was present in Argentina supply
  • A brand new, very massive spinosaur was found on the Isle of Wight in England supply
  • Spinosaurids changed enamel in a short time, which might be why we’ve discovered so many supply
  • Oxford College Museum of Pure Historical past is re-running a lecture J.R.R. Tolkien gave in 1938 about dragonlore and dinosaurs supply
  • The Discipline Museum in Chicago lately acquired a brand new hadrosaur dinosaur fossil supply
  • One other dinosaur, Zephyr, goes to public sale subsequent month supply
  • A pupil at Southern Methodist College in Texas makes dinosaur origami supply
  • There’s a brand new trailer for Marvel’s Moon Lady and Satan Dinosaur supply



The dinosaur of the day: Microvenator

  • Oviraptorosaurian theropod that lived within the Early Cretaceous in what’s now Montana, U.S. (Cloverly Formation)
  • Regarded sort of like Oviraptor, walked on two legs, had a protracted tail, lengthy arms with massive claws
  • Estimated to be 4.3 ft (1.3 m) lengthy
  • Holotype (AMNH 3041) is most probably a juvenile, primarily based on some unfused bones
  • Grownup in all probability grew bigger
  • Fossils present in 1933 by Barnum Brown as a part of a discipline social gathering from the American Museum of Pure Historical past, who thought Deinonychus enamel additionally was a part of the holotype
  • Brown informally known as it Megadontosaurus, which implies “big-toothed lizard”
  • Brown drew illustrations of the dinosaur however by no means revealed about it
  • Fossils discovered embrace a partial cranium, proper decrease jaw, 23 vertebrae (together with components of the tail), ribs, partial left arm, partial pelvis, partial hindlimbs, left coracoid (a part of the shoulder)
  • Named by John Ostrom in 1970
  • Sort species is Microvenator celer
  • Full title means “swift small hunter”
  • Named for its lengthy legs
  • Ostrom additionally tentatively referred a tooth to Microvenator, however that tooth might be from Deinonychus
  • In 1998, Mackovicky and Sues revealed a monograph with Brown’s illustrations and confirmed Microvenator was an oviraptorosaurian (and that the tooth was not a part of it)
  • Distinctive options embrace a few of the vertebrae close to and on the tail have been wider than excessive, a crest on the femur, and a deep, oval melancholy on a part of the pubis
  • In all probability didn’t have enamel
  • Different dinosaurs that lived across the similar time and place embrace Rugocaudia (basal titanosauriform), Sauroposeidon (sauropod), Aquilops (ceratopsian), Zephyrosaurus (ornithischian), Acrocanthosaurus (carcharodontosaurid)

Enjoyable Truth:

We are able to title a carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaur for each letter of the alphabet.

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