Eider Symbolism & That means (+Totem, Spirit, & Omens)

Native to the cooler areas of the Northern Hemisphere, “Eider” describes three species of duck belonging to a single genus. Eiders are seaducks which spend their lives breeding and migrating alongside coastal areas in North America and Northern Europe. These birds are distinctive, with uniquely formed payments which separate them from the geese which make their houses inland. The Eider is thought most of all for its luxuriously comfortable feathers which have been collected by people for over a thousand years. This coveted “Eiderdown” is used to make quilts and has fostered a detailed relationship between people and Eiders. (1)

The Eider is a placing animal that carries with it a way of untamed dignity. Making comfortable heat houses within the unforgiving tundra and spending a life subsisting off of icy northern seas isn’t any simple process. The Eider is hearty, stunning, and emblematic of the awe-inspiring nature of life within the frigid areas of the Arctic.

Eider Symbolism and That means

Eiders are mostly related to heat and luxurious. Eider feathers have a novel construction that, on a microscopic stage, consists of hooks of soppy tendrils that curl again on one another trapping air and making them extraordinarily gentle. Inside these pockets of air, heat stays, permitting these down feathers to completely insulate Eider nests which should maintain eggs and chicks heat even when the ambient temperature is bitterly chilly. Since historic occasions, people have collected the down from Eider nests and loved the softness and warmth that it offers. Eiderdown was a staple for Vikings and was even accepted as foreign money by medieval tax collectors, such was its perceived worth. (2)

To this present day, a standard occupation persists in Nordic nations whereby farmers construct cozy wood homes during which Eiders select to nest. On the finish of the breeding season, when the birds have moved on from the nests, the farmers gather the leftover down feathers. Though the down is extraordinarily useful, farming it’s typically labor intensive and tedious. It might probably take as many as sixty nests to yield sufficient down for one cover. (3)

So, the Eider can characterize cooperation between man and nature, mutual respect, and subsistence. As well as, this chicken might be seen as emblematic of historic Nordic cultures.

Two Eider Pairs
Picture by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

Feminine Eiders sit on their nests for days on finish with out meals. When approached by potential predators, moderately than abandon their younger, they lay flat and blanket their nests and younger with their very own our bodies. Whereas some will flush off their nests if frightened sufficient, mom Eiders have been recognized to remain put to such an extent that researchers can often decide them up with out giving chase in any respect. So, the Eider represents braveness, dedication, motherly devotion, sacrifice, and safety. (4)

Eider Native American Symbolism

Some Iroquois myths affiliate the feathers of those birds with shapeshifting monsters. The Iroquois Qallupilluk monster is claimed to be a humanoid creature wearing Eiderdown that lurks on the fringe of our bodies of water, ready to grab wandering kids. Maybe the Eiderdown, on this case, is supposed to lure kids in from the chilly. (5)

Varied geese play essential roles in different Native cultures as nicely. In lots of tales they’re gullible animals that are taken in and deceived by trickster characters. In some Algonquin myths, although, the earth was created by a duck or a merganser, a seaduck relative of the Eider, which dove to the underside of the ocean and retrieved the mud which might kind the terrain of the earth. Like mergansers, Eiders are able to diving fairly deep to retrieve the invertebrates that they eat. (6)

Eiders could characterize climate, the ocean, magic, and creation in addition to foolishness or deception.

Eider Christianity Symbolism

Eiders don’t characteristic within the Bible nor are they generally used as Christian symbols. The selfless care of the mom Eider who sacrifices her personal consolation, security, and wellbeing for her younger may join these birds with the Christian values of sacrifice and unconditional love.

Eider Celtic Symbolism

As a result of Eiders are discovered within the far northern reaches of Europe, they’ve had no main function in Celtic cultures however have featured prominently in Nordic cultures.

Eider in Desires

Dreaming of an Eider could characterize a eager for heat or shelter. Eiders courageous harsh climate situations, tough seas, and biting chilly. They will do that due to the protecting heat of their specifically designed feathers. These feathers are plucked by mom Eiders so as to present a heat secure nest for his or her younger. Dreaming of Eiderdown or an Eider nest could communicate to an inner want to be equally sheltered towards life’s extra making an attempt challenges.

An Eider dream may point out a must look beneath the floor of an issue or adapt to life’s curveballs by altering one’s method. Eiders can dive fairly deep to retrieve invertebrates, however they can even eat vegetation and bugs on land when the circumstances favor it. Diving deeply into conditions can provide you extra perspective, however typically a brand new method is what you really want.

Dreaming of a flock of Eider represents a homecoming. Eiders migrate all through earth’s greater latitudes, with completely different places internet hosting enormous flocks of birds throughout completely different seasons. Dreaming of an Eider flock could point out an urge to return to 1’s house.

Eider Encounters and Omens

Encountering Eiders generally is a deeply impactful expertise. These birds are gorgeous and should require fairly a little bit of journey to succeed in for these of us who don’t stay within the far north. Enormous flocks of Eiders kind on coastal waters within the areas that they inhabit. Encountering considered one of these large flocks could symbolize neighborhood, steering, or cycles.

Floating Eider Flock
Picture by Tyler Moulton on Unsplash

Discovering an Eider’s nest would usually be thought of a fortunate signal, nevertheless make certain to not disturb your discover until you’re a practiced Eiderdown farmer. Discovering a nest with a mom Eider defending it could be a reminder to have braveness and stand your floor towards that which threatens you. Eider moms are courageous animals which is able to stare down hazard with out eradicating themselves from their nests. Take discover of the Eider’s instance and keep in mind that you can’t at all times run out of your issues, particularly when you could depart one thing valuable behind you. (7)

Eider in Mythology & Folklore

Eiders themselves are very scarcely concerned with mythology or folklore. Eiderdown, nevertheless, is extremely essential to varied Nordic cultures and is present in a couple of outdated Icelandic Sagas. (8)

Native American Mythology:

As acknowledged above, the Iroquois monster Qallupilluk is claimed to be cloaked in Eiders’ feathers. Qallupilluk is claimed to stalk the sting of icy water ready for youngsters to wander too shut or step out onto ice that’s too skinny. The legend of the Qallupilluk could have been created as a warning to maintain kids from enjoying close to dangerously chilly waters. In keeping with some tales, the Qallupilluk could knock on the underside of the ice earlier than showing and snatching a wayward youngster. Qallupilluk’s Eider clothes could also be a protection towards the chilly or a trick to lure in kids. (8)

Nordic Mythology:

The Prose Edda and the Poetic Edda had been written within the medieval ages however doubtless derived from centuries of oral traditions. The Prose Edda particularly is a complete supply for Norse mythology which varieties the background of our information of this topic. To this present day, although, the precise which means of the phrase “Edda” is the topic of historic and linguistic debate. Proposed meanings for this phrase range from “grandmother,” to “superstition,” to a variation on the title of the location the place the author of the unique manuscript was written. One concept, nevertheless, means that “Edda” means “Eider.” Students level out that Icelandic manuscripts had been often named after birds. Some authorized manuscripts from the time are linked with the phrase for “Gray Goose.” So, though Eiders usually are not main gamers in Norse mythology, they might truly lend their names to one of the vital essential paperwork in Norse mythology. (9)

Eider Flapping Wings
Picture by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

Greek Mythology:

In keeping with Greek delusion, the goddess Penelope was thrown into the ocean by her father as an toddler as a result of he had desired a son and was disenchanted to have a child woman. Little Penelope was rescued by some geese, which had been doubtless not Eiders however had been a minimum of seaducks, and returned to her father. Repenting his earlier mistake, Penelope’s father named her for the Greek phrase for geese and raised her with care. She grew to become the spouse of the hero Odysseus and was praised for her wit, knowledge, and faithfulness. She is usually related to fertility and the approaching of springtime. (10)

Eider Spirit Animal

If the Eider is your spirit animal then you’ve got the grit and dedication to face down virtually any impediment. Irrespective of how chilly the winter will get, how stormy the seas are, or how exhausted you develop into, you face what comes with a constructive angle and unwavering confidence and dignity.

Individuals with the Eider as their spirit animal are typically kind A personalities which assert themselves with out problem and pursue their objectives relentlessly. Though this may occasionally sound a bit aggressive, they’re tender at coronary heart and beneficiant in spirit. The Eider spirit animal is aware of that preparation is essential and is at all times geared up with sufficient necessities to share with others.

Individuals with the Eider as their spirit animal are protecting and defensive of innocence. They don’t tolerate corruption or deception and so they worth integrity above virtually all else. The Eider spirit animal is keen to problem anybody who threatens its peace. Even formidable foes are postpone by the Eider’s refusal to again down or cower. More often than not, the Eider spirit animal’s confidence is sufficient to name a bully’s bluff.

Eider Totem Animal

The Eider totem animal is related to effectivity and productiveness. Eider feathers are designed y nature to lure air and warmth due to their distinctive construction which is not like that of different birds’ feathers. Whereas an Eider could not perceive the worth of those feathers to people, these birds do put their unbelievable down feathers to good use, lining nests with them to maintain their younger heat and comfortable. The Eider is a chicken which produces numerous worth and utility simply by rising its personal feathers.

Individuals with the Eider as their totem animal don’t know the which means of the phrase “lazy.” They intention to contribute to their neighborhood, family, and society in as some ways as potential. For individuals with the Eider totem, a calming time is just not full with no productive pastime like cooking, knitting, or constructing issues.

As a result of the Eider likes to be productive, individuals with this totem animal could battle to note after they have begun to overwork themselves. Relaxation, actual significant relaxation, is important even for these of us who like to work or discover productive hobbies enjoyable. The Eider totem is a superb present, however individuals who have this present may have occasional reminders to take it simple and recuperate from all of the work that they do.

Eider Upright in Water
Picture by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Eider Energy Animal

The facility of the Eider is adaptability. It takes a particular chicken to carve out a life within the icy tundra. Doing so on the icy Arctic seas takes an much more particular one. And but, the Eider manages to outlive and thrive in these tough areas. It is because the Eider makes use of its belongings to the fullest. When the Eider is on land, maybe for breeding or nesting, this duck will fortunately complement its eating regimen with vegetation or bugs. At sea, the Eider dives deep to gather crustaceans and different invertebrates. When the climate is just too chilly for younger chicks to resist, the Eider plucks its comfortable feathers to protect them from the chilly. These birds will even use artifical Eider homes to shelter their nests, permitting farmers to kind mutually useful relationships that additional contribute to the Eider’s success as a species.

Individuals with the Eider as their energy animal are equally resourceful and face challenges with undaunted optimism. Honing a wide range of completely different abilities and sustaining an open thoughts permits the Eider energy animal to seek out surprising options to issues and adapt seamlessly.

Eider Tattoo That means

An Eider tattoo could also be chosen to characterize the wild great thing about the chilly northern areas of the planet. It could even be chosen to represent the softness, heat, and luxurious which might be synonymous with the down feathers of this distinctive chicken.

An Eider tattoo may characterize dedication, grit, confidence, motherly devotion, navigation, or Norse cultural traditions.


If you happen to haven’t heard of the Eider then I’m joyful to have had the chance to introduce you to this glorious duck. From the wealthy historical past of Eiderdown and people to the fascinating ways in which these birds stay, breed, and rear their younger in among the coldest areas on earth, the Eider is an animal that evokes awe and admiration.

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