Do you really want to cease giving treats in coaching when your horse must drop some weight?

Do you really want to cease giving treats in coaching when your horse must drop some weight?

Is your horse obese? Did the vet let you know to STOP FEEDING TREATS!? You understand your horse must drop some weight and get again in form, however How to do that with out treats?

Why stopping giving Treats is a good suggestion

It looks as if an answer to cease providing your horse treats when he’s obese, proper? In the event you’re giving your horse plenty of dense-calorie treats with out asking him to burn them off, it’s most likely a good suggestion to cease giving these.

Take a great have a look at what you take into account a deal with: Is it calorie wealthy? Is it vitamin worth low? Or is that this simply the frequent human strategy of “treats”?
We -people- often imply sweet or different low vitamin worth/excessive calorie meals. Proper?

In the event you’re utilizing actual treats like peppermints (though how a lot energy would all of the peppermints in a single coaching include?) are they actually having that a lot affect in your horse’s weight problems?

Or are you able to affect his weight with altering his administration? Often reducing hay or grass consumption and minimizing dinner grain parts have a a lot larger (pun meant!) affect in your horse’s weight!

In case your horse become a Mugging Monster, you may flip that round rapidly!

Why stopping giving Treats is a foul thought

After we practice horses (R- or R+) we nonetheless want to strengthen the specified behaviour every so often. If we don’t, and the behaviour is just not intrinsically reinforcing, the behaviour will get extinct.

Conventional trainers want to make use of their whips, sticks or ropes every now and then (relying on how a lot of a risk the aversive nonetheless is) to maintain their horses in line. ‘The horse wants a bit of reminder,’ is what they are saying.

Similar goes for positively strengthened behaviours: we additionally do need to remind our horses (with a deal with!) what we would like from them (motion).

We have to do this to maintain motivation excessive! Whether or not that’s in R- or in R+. Or we’ll lose it.

After we clicker educated our horses to train and provide motion (stroll, trot, canter, leaping, gallop), we nonetheless have to supply a deal with with sufficient worth, every now and then to preserve their motivation excessive. That’s why it’s a foul thought to cease giving treats to (obese) horses in coaching.

In the event you’re a clicker coach and also you instantly cease giving treats as reinforcement, you’ll disappoint your horse. He’s anticipating meals rewards. When he doesn’t get them he can get demotivated! That’s one other huge cause why stopping with treats is a foul thought.

You’ll be able to experiment with different reinforcers: issues your horse will worth. Whenever you get extra behaviour (motion) you’ve efficiently strengthened your horse to maneuver. Whenever you get much less behaviour or sluggish actions or a slower response time to your cues, you recognize you weren’t really reinforcing the behaviour and you must discover a higher appetitive!

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Wholesome Treats for Horses

Most of my shoppers discover it a problem to seek out wholesome treats for his or her obese horse. A part of it’s our personal mindset. We often worth “wholesome treats” approach much less, than unhealthy snacks! That’s human pondering! We have to shift our minds!

Begin pondering how a horse thinks and the way he sees the world. Horses eat about 16 hours a day. That’s their nature! Subsequently they may at all times be hungry (to a sure extent). They love low calorie/excessive fibre meals! That’s one other large distinction between us and a horse!

Concepts to maintain coaching with treats (the good approach)

  • Coaching a horse with treats, means we are able to use (regular, wholesome) meals to inspire them in coaching!
  • Take the quantity of meals (energy) you utilize in coaching, out of their each day ration. That approach utilizing treats in coaching gained’t contribute to weight achieve
  • In the event you’re horse doesn’t get dinner grain/pellets/ use, alternate options. Here’s a listing of over 30 choices for treats in coaching.
  • Add attention-grabbing choices to the low calorie/excessive fibre meals in coaching, like cinnamon added to soaked beetpulp, r including a number of sunflower seeds within the low calorie meals rewards and so forth
  • Stability the calorie denseness of the treats with the quantity of motion (calorie burning) you ask your horse to do.
  • The extra you practice (and the higher your horse understands what he must do), the much less meals you want! So if you practice your obese horse to maneuver and also you want plenty of meals reinforcers, figuring out that this gained’t be lasting perpetually helps!
  • As soon as motion/exercising will get intrinsically strengthened (‘runners excessive’), the much less exterior reinforcement (treats) your horse wants!

Be part of R+ (motion) Coaching for Chubby Horses Program

Is your horse obese? Did the vet beneficial: No extra treats!” or “Extra train” to get your horse in form? Be part of my R+ for Chubby Horses program. We’ll deal with your greatest battle in getting your horse to maneuver with constructive reinforcement. You’ll be able to solely be part of after a private dialog, so I can tailor this 2-week on-line teaching program in the direction of your horse, your state of affairs and your wants! You’ll be able to guide a name right here.

If you wish to get higher at issues like:

  • Constructing period in exercising your horse with R+
  • Getting your horse in form and drop some weight with out a crash food plan
  • Creating enjoyable in motion coaching so that you don’t need to preserve working alongside

That is for you. Take a look at the data web page right here!

Sandra Poppema, BSc

Founding father of the HippoLogic Clicker Coaching Academy

Sandra Poppema BSc HippoLogic Clicker training coach

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