Dinosaur Journey 3D – Love within the Time of Chasmosaurs

In the event you’re something like me, you spent a number of your childhood taking part in academic video video games. I used to be the proper age for the cavalcade of edutainment titles that flooded cabinets within the early 2000s and none captured my consideration fairly like people who prominently featured dinosaurs. Infinite hours of my youth have been spent skulking within the needlessly eerie museum halls of DK’s Eyewitness: Dinosaur Hunter, unleashing ravenous Allosaurus into the meals courts within the quasi-educational administration sim Zoo Tycoon’s Dino Digs enlargement pack, or serving to a bizarre little anthropomorphic Parasaurolophus named Rolph acquire eggs and magic crystals in in the present day’s title.

The menu screen from Dinosaur Adventure 3-D, featuring a roaring Allosaurus sticking its head into a cave alongside a list of game options.

Dinosaur Journey 3-D, to not be confused with the equally named 3-D Dinosaur Journey, was revealed by edutainment large Information Journey in 1999 and had an up to date rerelease in 2001. The 2001 model is the one we’re taking a look at in the present day, however I truthfully can’t inform if there was any actual distinction between the 2.

A green-eyed T.rex stands atop an ice floe, roaring dramatically.

Our story begins with a dramatic opening cutscene during which Rolph introduces us to Paleo Island, a mysterious land inhabited by an anachronistic menagerie of largely Mesozoic creatures. Life was good on Paleo Island, you see, however the arrival of a really drained, very offended, very GREEN Tyrannosaurus has upset the steadiness. As Rolph places it “When a dino will get scared, a dino forgets.” and in consequence everybody’s eggs have been misplaced within the panic that ensued when Mr. Rex set foot on shore. Your job is to trace them down and, by taking part in a number of mini-games, acquire hatching crystals which can be utilized to expedite their incubation time to be able to return them to their mother and father. You’d assume they’d simply get misplaced once more, seeing because the panic-inducing T.rex remains to be round, however I digress. Mr. Rex, by the way in which, arrives through an ice floe. The place he got here from is anyone’s guess.

A map of Paleo Island, showcasing the three major regions of the island. A smoking volcano sits in the center, while forests, tar pits, and other prehistoric-looking terrain decorate the rest. Rolph, a blue Parasaurolophus, rides the red pterosaur Pterrance at top left.

After this prelude, Rolph provides gamers the rundown on learn how to discover the island, discover misplaced eggs, and acquire hatching crystals. We’re additionally launched to his pterosaur buddy Pterrance, who’s rendered in the identical cartoony type as Rolph moderately than the CGI used for many different prehistoric critters. Rolph hops atop Pterrance and takes us into the skies, giving us a pterosaur’s-eye view of Paleo Island and revealing that it’s divided into three main areas; the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. Fittingly, the inhabitants of every area are species hailing from the namesake interval so transferring between zones simulates transferring by way of time! Seeing as there’s a LOT of fabric to cowl, I’m going to maneuver by way of species in chronological order after which we’ll take an additional submit on the finish to take a look at the mini-games and stuff like that.

Rolph the Parasaurolophus stands in a desert landscape, with a cave to the left and a Dimetrodon to his right.

Upon flying right down to the Triassic area, we’re greeted with a Dimetrodon. Positive. Clicking round on the display screen will immediate Rolph to offer you some enjoyable information about no matter it’s you’ve clicked on, and doing so right here reveals that this space is supposed to signify the world simply earlier than the Triassic, or possibly a while alongside the Permian/Triassic boundary. That also doesn’t clarify what Dimetrodon is doing right here however because it’s such a pleasing design I gained’t complain. Clicking on the conspicuous computer-generated creatures on display screen helps you to watch a enjoyable 30-second or so clip of the animal accompanied by both a truth or lame joke from Rolph. The volcano on the heart of Paleo Island is residence to a theater the place you may re-watch these films, must you be so inclined.

A trio of olive-green and brown Dimetrodon walk across a sandy wilderness, with green hills in the distance.

Clicking the lone pelycosaur provides us our very first mini-movie! The Dimetrodon sport pleasing olive tones and apart from their overly reptilian sprawl they appear fairly good by in the present day’s requirements! This depiction jogs my memory of the basic Jurassic Park motion determine, however has quite a bit in frequent with many different depictions of the 90s. They trundle throughout the display screen, hissing like crocodiles, and Rolph clearly instructs the participant that these usually are not dinosaurs! There’s the “edu” a part of your edutainment, everyone.

A Eudimorphodon snatches a fish over a sparkling blue sea.

The pterosaur Eudimorphodon soars about within the distance and clicking it nets us one other film! We see it snatch a fish and fly off, as any 90s pterosaur value its salt is anticipated to do. We don’t get an excellent look however it appears pretty generic, not an excellent illustration of the distinctive cranium and tooth of the actual Eudimorphodon. Go test it out should you haven’t currently. Triassic pterosaurs are wacky! The fish-hunting traces up with what we learn about the actual animal and, a lot to my shock, it’s proven catching the fish with a single snap moderately than skimming throughout the floor. As you’ll know should you’re updated in your pterosaur analysis, skimming could be doubtless be disastrous for any recognized pterosaur species however all the pieces from low-cost child’s books to Strolling with Dinosaurs perpetuated the concept. It’s refreshing to see one thing totally different for as soon as!

Rolph the Parasaurolophus gestures to an insect stuck in tree sap, while a Cynognathus and Plateosaurus stand atop a cliffside behind hip.

Transferring on to the subsequent display screen, we discover one other pair of clickable creatures. Two per display screen is normally the way in which it goes on this recreation, and sadly the little crimson Megazostrodon doesn’t get its personal film. The tiger-striped cynodont is Cynognathus and the massive fellow behind it’s none aside from Triassic famous person Plateosaurus! In addition to the massive animals, you may also find out about amber, cycads, and early mammals by clicking across the display screen. Rolph notes that mammals took over after the Cretaceous extinction, which both implies this recreation takes place in our personal time or Rolph is a time traveler. That raises way more questions than I’m ready to deal with so let’s simply get to the films!

A green and yellow Plateosaurus stands below the fronds of a palm-like tree.

In the event you’ve seen any depiction of Plateosaurus from the Seventies onward, you’ve seen these earlier than. They owe quite a bit to Sibbick’s well-known Normanpedia Plateosaurus, which showcases this tail-dragging looking posture that grew to become the species’ trademark far longer than it had any proper to. The foreground particular person begins the film on all fours earlier than rearing magnificently and yanking an entire palm (or possibly Leptocycas?) frond proper from the tree. Rolph attracts comparisons between the lengthy neck of sauropodomorphs and trendy giraffes, which is a basic comparability we’ve all heard earlier than.

It’s not simple to inform however it looks like the palms have the best variety of digits and precisely replicate the enlarged thumb-claw of the species, although there are claws on the outer two digits which positively shouldn’t have them. The physique and particularly the cranium really feel a bit formless and the pores and skin texture appears nearly like wax, however they’re awfully charming and I miss this type of depiction increasingly more yearly.

A tiger-striped Cynognathus prepares to lunge at the viewer.

What’s it with Cynognathus and tiger stripes? Even ones that aren’t striped are sometimes orange and black, it’s like there’s an unstated regulation about it. Anatomically talking, this isn’t too unhealthy. The cranium appears a bit formless and the tooth are overly mammal-like however taken as an entire it’s a satisfactory try that communicates its near-mammalian nature. Rolph describes it as a mammal-like reptile, as was the type on the time, and compares it to a canine.

After sniffling round a bit, it turns and bounds ahead earlier than lunging, mouth-agape, proper at you! I used to be so frightened of this scene as a child that I’d run from the room and conceal the second it began. I wouldn’t return to the pc till my mother checked to verify it was over. Even in the present day, one thing about its scuzzy fuzziness creeps me out.

Rolph the Parasaurolophus leaps in shock as a giant green Tyrannosaurus roars from the right side of the screen.

Talking of scares, should you linger too lengthy with out clicking something Mr. Rex might leap from offscreen and ship a roar that terrifies Rolph (and the unwary participant!) and sends him to the bottom, cowering helplessly. Rex sees himself out as rapidly as he arrives so that is only a enjoyable little Easter egg. We’ll take a greater have a look at the T.rex in a later article, however I pay attention to the tooth form! They’re not all excellent however a few of them are fairly near these distinctive Tyrannosaurus chompers. Credit score to whoever it was that modeled the CGI creatures on this recreation, a number of them are genuinely properly executed!

Rolph the Parasaurolophus stands in an arid, tar-pit dotted landscape. A small turtle and a Protosuchus stand to his left.

The subsequent display screen plops Rolph apart from some compulsory prehistoric tar pits. There’s a whole tar-hopping minigame however we’ll save that for a future article. The one animal that will get a film on this display screen is the little crocodylomorph, which Rolph identities as Protosuchus. Rolph nonetheless refers to this because the Triassic area, however the species on this and the subsequent display screen are each from the early Jurassic. Comparable errors abound in dinosaur media from the 90s so its not an enormous blow to the tutorial a part of this edutainment recreation.

The little turtle doesn’t get a particular identification, however Rolph lets us know that the turtle household originated within the Triassic and hasn’t modified a lot since. That’s not EXACTLY true, however Rolph is aware of greatest. I really feel like this was a missed alternative to function Proganochelys however no use crying over spilled stem-turtles.

A brown Protosuchus, modeled on a young alligator, walks across a sandy landscape.

Are you able to consider how cute this little dude is? I’m a bit perturbed by its seeming lack of nostrils however past that it’s one severely cute crocodylomorph. Protosuchus had a particular cranium that doesn’t look something like this so both reference materials was missing or one thing else went mistaken. You may most likely get away with calling this a child caiman and, contemplating the graphical limitations of the time, no person would say a phrase. He simply trundles alongside till my worst nightmare sees match to come out and ship me scrambling to the security of my lounge.

Protosuchus walks along the sand as a furry Cynognathus' head sticks out from behind a cycad.

The Protosuchus follows child-me’s lead and runs off. There are little hints of ecology in a few of these films however total, the depicted species hardly ever work together with one another. You get the impression that with a much bigger price range or extra time they’d have executed much more with these. They’re the spotlight of the entire recreation, in my view. We should always all get collectively to crowdfund a Dinosaur Journey 3-D function size documentary!

Rolph the Parasaurolophus gestures to a pair of blue and orange coelophysoids which skulk about beside a ravine.

Onto the ultimate “Triassic” display screen, during which Rolph is menaced by a stupidly enormous scorpion and a pair of so-called Syntarsus prowl about within the distance. This was the period the place Syntarsus was vital in dinosaur media, however it’s since been changed by the better-studied Coelophysis bauri in work that includes early dinosaurs. Syntarsus turned out to be a preoccupied identify, getting used for a beetle, however now that genus has been sunk into the genus Cerchanotus. Because of the oft-troubling guidelines of taxonomy, the identify can’t revert again to the dinosaur and sporadic papers over time have argued over what we must always name the Theropod-Previously-Identified-As-Syntarsus.

A red lizard-like creature basks atop a rock in a desert.

Clicking on the scorpion prompts Rolf to lecture us about eurypterids. Neat stuff, however sadly they aren’t depicted anyplace within the recreation. Clicking on the “Syntarsus” provides us a film starring what’s both meant to painting a sphenodont or a primitive lizard, Rolf doesn’t make clear. It basks magnificently upon a rock, reminding us of the marvel and fantastic thing about the natura-

A blue and orange coelophysoid sprints across the scene, followed closely behind by another. It's clawed hand reaches out to snag a lizard-like creature from its basking spot.

Oh my goodness.

Astute viewers might discover the feathery plumes protruding from the theropod’s heads. Sticking some filaments in your “Syntarsus” was a pattern began in an illustration by Sarah Landry for an article written by palaeontology-legend Robert Bakker method again in 1975. The mohawk look has endured for practically half a century now and nonetheless pops up on occasion by artists that clearly aren’t too dino-savvy. A better have a look at the jaws of those ravenous little dinosaurs reveals that the attribute coelophysoid kinked jaw is faithfully reconstructed. The remainder of the mannequin is good, however the legs may as properly be fabricated from flexible straws! A number of different theropods within the recreation undergo from noodle-leg syndrome, however we’ll be seeing them one other day.

Subsequent time we’ll discover the Jurassic area of Paleo Island and a meet a handful of basic species like Dilophosaurus and Stegosaurus, however for now we’ll take a break. Did you play this recreation as a child? If that’s the case, go away a remark! I’d love to listen to about it!


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