Wildlife Artwork Impressed by Moms in Nature

Wildlife Artwork Impressed by Moms in Nature

Wildlife artwork impressed by moms in nature

This artwork assortment celebrates these tender moments between adults and their younger. Not all these work are presently on the market, however the place there’s a restricted editon print obtainable, there’s a hyperlink included.

Roe deer drawing

I used acrylic and pencil to depict this roe deer and fawn as a result of I needed to focus the viewer on the interplay between them. The immediacy of a sketch can have the impact of bringing the viewer into the second. 

pencil and crayon drawing of roe deer touching nose of fawn


Badger and cubs styled in pencil and acrylic

The identical applies to this badger together with her cubs. She is a badger I watched for a few years and when her cubs first emerged from their underground chambers it was a delight to see them leaping and operating round in circles. I needed to get throughout this sense of enjoyable between mom and cubs.

pencil and crayon drawing of badger and two cubs in tree roots

Cheetah and cubs painted utilizing oils

This regal-looking cheetah known as for a extra formal method, so I selected oils and targeting her watchful, protecting poise. It was a pleasure portray the delicate lustre of their coats.

painting of cheetah with cubs

Zebra & foal art work

This zebra foal was attempting to shelter its head from the punishing noon solar in Etosha Park in Namibia. Because it lowered its head the grownup zebra mirrored the pose. I used broad brush strokes to create an impression of the remainder of the herd fading into the background in order that the viewer focussed in on the second.

painting of mother zebra touching nose of young foal
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Wren mom impressed artwork 

No assortment of artwork prints and work about motherhood within the wild might go with out a point out of birds and the unimaginable efforts they go to for his or her younger; from constructing nests, to incubating the eggs after which feeding the tiny brood morsel by tiny morsel. This busy wren spent all her day catching bugs for her noisy brood and I felt I needed to report all her laborious work!

painting of wren with chcisk in nest surrounded by ivy

Mallard mom

Do you know that mallard geese will feign harm to steer predators away from their nests, limping away flapping their wings regardless of the appreciable danger to themselves?

ducklings and mother duck painting
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Cuckoo chick portray

I painted this reed warbler feeding a cuckoo chick after watching it exhaust itself attempting to maintain up with the seemingly endless calls for of this outsized chick! The analogy at Mom’s Day is humorous, particularly once I consider dad and mom taking good care of their overgrown youngsters!

painting of a tiny reed warbler feeding huge cuckoo chick in nest surrounded by green reeds


My gallery in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, is open on Mothering Sunday in the event you fancy a visit out.

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