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Why Is Your Cat’s Paw Swollen? 6 Vet Critiques Causes

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In relation to felines, pet dad and mom at all times do what they will to maintain their cats wholesome and comfortable. Nonetheless, as with every animal, there might be instances when your cat is sick or turns into injured. That’s why cat house owners get so involved after they discover their cat limping or favoring one foot. In case your cat has come dwelling with swollen paws, you’ll need to make an appointment together with your vet for immediate prognosis and remedy. We’ll focus on six attainable the reason why your cat’s paws are swollen beneath.

The 6 Vet Critiques Causes Your Cats Paw is Swollen

1. Gentle Tissue Trauma

One cause that your cat’s paw is likely to be swollen is a type of tender tissue trauma. Gentle tissue trauma is available in the best way of lacerations, punctures, and bruises in your cat’s paws. These accidents normally happen on the pads of the cat’s ft and will be attributable to a couple of issues.

It’s attainable that your feline pal stepped on one thing sharp or received his paw caught on a fence or different object. It’s additionally attainable that one other cat or perhaps a canine bit him. There are a number of causes for tender tissue trauma, particularly when a cat is allowed to roam round outdoors. You don’t see such a trauma as a lot in cats stored strictly indoors.

Puncture wounds can change into contaminated simply. Should you assume your cat has a paw damage, it’s greatest to make an appointment together with your vet for remedy. Different indicators of an an infection embrace pus, foul odors, and a discharge.

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2. Overgrown Nails

Should you discover that your cat’s nails are too lengthy and curling in the direction of the pad of his paw, the claws are overgrown and will trigger an issue. Overgrown nails could cause a cat’s paw to swell. The nails will be so lengthy they change into embedded in your cat’s paw, which might result in an an infection.

Your vet can deal with the paw and provides your feline good friend antibiotics for the an infection if it’s gone that far. Overgrown nails can happen in out of doors and indoor cats.

3. Insect Stings and Bites

It may merely be that your cat has been bitten or stung by an insect. You’ve virtually definitely seen your cat on the patio of your house, swatting at an insect because it flies by. Cats are curious creatures and can swing at something that will get close to them, attempting to bat it out of the air.

Whereas most insect stings and bites aren’t critical, they will change into contaminated, so it’s important to regulate your feline if he is available in along with his paw swollen. Just remember to take away the stinger from the cat’s paw utterly, and regulate it till the swelling goes down.

Spider and scorpion bites are extra regarding, as each will be toxic to your feline. It’s greatest to right away take your cat to the emergency vet for the reason that bites can result in infections, swelling, and be deadly if not handled instantly and correctly.

a swollen cat paw because of snake bite
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4. Sprains, Fractures, or Dislocations

Opposite to well-liked perception, cats love to leap however don’t at all times land gracefully or on their ft. This has induced quite a lot of sprains, dislocations, and fractures and might trigger your cat’s paw to swell.

A cat may undergo one in every of these accidents by being by accident stepped on or hit by a automobile, and it’s important to get veterinary remedy instantly to deal with the wound and scale back the swelling.

5. Constriction

In case your cat has gotten one thing wrapped round his leg, it may trigger the cat’s paw to swell. This may very well be a bandage wrapped too tightly, a string, a rubber band, or some other materials wherein a cat may get entangled when working round outdoors. Should you discover something like this in your cat’s leg, take away it instantly, and the cat needs to be high quality very quickly.

Veterinarian holding cute scottish straight cat with bandage
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6. Most cancers

Whereas not as widespread as most different causes on the checklist, most cancers does bear mentioning as a reason behind your cat’s paw being swollen. As you most likely know, most cancers can develop in any a part of your cat’s physique, together with the paws, the place a tumor can develop.

The tumor could cause your cat’s whole paw to be swollen, and there could also be most cancers in different elements of the physique. Lung-digit syndrome is seen in cats which have lung tumors that unfold to the toes. Whereas it’s by no means straightforward to listen to that your feline pal has most cancers, it’s important to get your cat to a vet for remedy.

Your vet will devise a plan to deal with the most cancers and preserve your cat as comfy as attainable, irrespective of which means the most cancers prognosis ends.

Indicators Your Cat Has an Injured Paw

You’ll discover a couple of indicators when your cat has a swollen or injured paw. Should you see these indicators in your cat, it is likely to be greatest to make an appointment together with your vet for a prognosis and attainable remedy choices.

  • Limping
  • Licking the swollen paw
  • Favoring the paw
  • Foul odor from an infection
  • Biting the injured paw
  • The cat is much less energetic
  • The paw feels sizzling and tender to the contact

It’s attainable that your cat gained’t have all of the indicators, however even when he has a couple of, it’s greatest to get it checked out by your vet simply to be protected.


Though agile and sometimes sleek of their actions, cats have delicate paws that may simply get injured when working round. Should you suspect one of many causes on our checklist is why your cat’s paw is swollen and probably contaminated, it’s greatest to make an appointment together with your vet in order that the cat will be seen and handled. It’s at all times higher to be protected than sorry together with your feline good friend.

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