Why Does My Cat Sneeze on Me? 7 Frequent Causes

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Sneezing is a pure incidence for people, because it helps expel irritants and international matter from the nostril. However many individuals are shocked to see cats do it. It’s completely pure for cats and lots of different animals, together with canines, chickens, lizards, and even elephants, to sneeze. It’s normally not regarding, but when it’s persistent or accompanies different signs, it might point out an underlying well being downside. So, hold studying as we listing a number of causes that your cat could be sneezing that will help you be higher knowledgeable.

1. Respiratory viral infections

Adult cat with herpesvirus infection and purulent conjunctivitis
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A typical viral an infection known as feline herpesvirus impacts 80% to 90% of cats. It assaults the higher respiratory system and might trigger sneezing accompanied by a discharge from the eyes and nostril. Sadly, there may be at the moment no treatment for the feline herpesvirus, and it’ll stick with them all through their lives. Different viral infections that may have an effect on your cat and trigger sneezing embody influenza and calicivirus.

2. Bacterial infections

Bacterial infections are simple to determine as a result of they’ll trigger a yellow or inexperienced discharge to emerge out of your cat’s eyes and nostril. It virtually at all times accompanies a viral an infection, which causes the preliminary harm that allows the micro organism to set in and develop. Antibiotics may also help your cat breathe simpler and cut back sneezing and different signs.

3. International materials

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Like with people, inhaling international materials like mud or pollen could cause cats to sneeze. Sneezing will normally expel the international particles, however in some instances, it may possibly get caught, inflicting your cat to sneeze repeatedly. On this case, your cat could require surgical procedure to take away the obstruction.

4. Dental illness

  • Therapy: Dental hygiene

Dental illness is a standard reason for sneezing in cats. If the roots of the enamel on the higher jaw or close to the nasal passages change into contaminated and infected, it may possibly result in frequent sneezing. Brushing and checking your cat’s enamel ceaselessly may also help you keep away from dental points.

5. Tumors

Cat with nasal tumor
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Older cats can develop tumors on the within of the nasal passageway, which may result in frequent sneezing. Sadly, nasal tumors have a poor prognosis as a result of they’re troublesome and painful to take away.

6. Fungus

  • Therapy: Antifungal drugs

One widespread reason for sneezing in cats, although not as widespread as a viral or bacterial an infection, is a fungal an infection. A typical fungus known as cryptococcus is normally responsible, and fortunately, it’s treatable.

7. Irritation

A older brown cat with runny nose
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Anytime the nostril or nasal passageways get infected, sneezing can happen. Dry air, swollen glands, and even an insect chunk might be accountable.

When Ought to I See a Vet?

We suggest contacting your vet in case your cat begins sneezing incessantly, and it lasts for various hours. It’s additionally a good suggestion to name the vet in case your cat is ceaselessly sneezing for various days, particularly if you happen to additionally discover a lack of urge for food, weight reduction, or nasal discharge.

How Do Vets Decide the Explanation for Sneezing?

Your vet will normally want to look at the cat bodily to judge their total well being. They may even seemingly take a look at the enamel to see if dental illness could possibly be a part of the issue. They might take X-rays of the pinnacle and chest and do a computerized tomography scan, which requires native anesthesia. They might additionally carry out a rhinoscopy, inserting a digital camera into the nostril to seek for tumors, fungus, and different issues. They usually take a biopsy of the partitions of the nasal cavity and flush the nasal passage.

What Is the Therapy for a Sneezing Cat?

Therapy primarily is dependent upon the underlying trigger however normally includes antibiotics flushing the nasal passageway and coverings like humidifiers, steroids, decongestants, and surgical procedure.


Cats will sneeze in the event that they inhale mud or pollen, identical to people do. Nonetheless, in the event that they sneeze ceaselessly and persistently, it might point out an underlining viral an infection that wants consideration, like feline herpesvirus. Yellow and inexperienced discharge is a symptom of a bacterial an infection that normally accompanies a viral an infection and might be painful for the cat. Fortuitously, many bacterial infections are treatable with antibiotics. Different causes of sneezing embody fungal infections, dental illness, and tumors. Should you discover your cat ceaselessly sneezing, take them to the vet to find out the trigger shortly and get them on the mend.

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