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Hello, I’m Dr. Lauren! Learn my introduction to be taught extra about me and my two adventurous cats, Pancake and Tiller.

Urine, pee, wee… it goes by many names. However, much like an article I wrote some time again about stool in cats, urine could be equally informative for the proprietor of a furry feline. Not solely does the quantity of urine your cat is producing precisely characterize the quantity your cat is consuming, which could be a key indicator of kidney well being and likewise a pink flag for some ailments akin to hyperthyroidism or diabetes (as a result of, keep in mind, what goes in, should come out!), however the urine itself can comprise clues about your cat’s well being. If inspecting poop wasn’t your factor till you learn my final article, now we will double the usefulness of being just a little field sleuth or a guano gumboot, that will help you maintain your cat as wholesome as doable.

The Ins and Outs of Urine

Why is it referred to as urine or wee?? Originating from the Greek phrase oûron, urine additionally means “water”, therefore all issues referring to the urinary tract akin to ureters, the urethra, and urogenital all take some type of the basis phrase.

What are the normals? Usually, metabolism inside the physique implies that cats produce urine at a charge of 1-2 ml/kg/hr. Since what goes out should additionally get replaced, this is similar method that vets use for calculating basal water consumption necessities, when deciding on what charge for IV fluids to make use of in sufferers for surgical procedure.

At residence within the litterbox, what this implies is that cats, on common, urinate 2-3 instances every day, and customarily a clump could be anticipated to be concerning the quantity of their bladder, starting from plum to orange-sized. A light to stronger door of urine could also be current, stronger but if a cat is an intact male as a result of affect of testosterone. Urine is usually yellow or golden in coloration. House owners are likely to underestimate the frequency of urination of their cats, so don’t fear an excessive amount of in case your cat doesn’t appear to suit the above! Apparently, the identical above examine discovered that wholesome cats in comparison with abnormals spend extra time in litter protecting actions.

Pancake close up by the fire
Pancake have to be VERY wholesome, in that case! Particularly at 4 am!

What Ought to You NOT Anticipate From Urine?

You’re in luck (urine- get it? Pardon the pun!), as a result of if the normals, then selecting up on any abnormalities with urine could be very simple. The next are issues which may sign it’s time to talk together with your vet, as they’ll point out underlying well being points.

  • Colour modifications: A pink tint can point out blood; orangey tints can point out liver points.
  • Sticky urine: A sense of stickiness in urine can doubtlessly point out the presence of sugar, which could be a sign of diabetes in some cats.
  • Sparkly urine: usually, crystalluria (or crystals which have fashioned within the urine) aren’t seen with the bare eye. Nevertheless, generally when urine dries, if it comprises a big sufficient quantity of crystals, it could possibly seem sparkly, because the crystal sides mirror mild, very similar to a diamond. I’ve had many consumers convey their cat in for having sparkly urine, the place we subsequently diagnose crystalluria.
  • Change in scent, or very robust scent: Some folks appear to have uncanny sniffers. Genetically, some folks can scent ketones which may point out a critical complication in metabolic ailments akin to diabetes. I’ve labored with different folks in veterinary clinics that swear by a capability to detect urinary tract infections, from the scent of urine samples which are introduced in. They may give a few of the gluten, bomb, seizure sniffing canines a run for his or her money- it was uncanny how correct they typically had been, although a lot stays to be standardized and validated.

Different Urinary Issues Folks See As Regular That Aren’t

  • Being a very good drinker: This most of the time signifies your cat has an extreme or pathological want for water.
  • Urinating very small quantities, typically. This will point out an elevated urgency to go- which can stem from points akin to urinary tract infections.
  • Crying whereas urinating. This will point out ache, which may come up from infections, crystals, stones and blockages.
  • Going into the field to urinate, then leaving with out producing urine. Simply as you or I don’t go to the bathroom and have a false alarm, neither do cats.
Pancake and tiller being goofs
Pancake and Tiller definitely admire a clear litter field!

In Conclusion

It could be affectionately referred to as liquid gold extra as a joke, however in actuality, urine could be a key indicator of the well being of your cat. So subsequent time you’re scooping the field, and disparaging over yet one more thankless job, strive reframing it right into a mini well being checkup that you’re offering your fluffy feline. They solely go to their vet a few times a year- whereas with the litterbox, and monitoring stool and urine output and traits, you could have a every day alternative to evaluate the well being and happiness of your cat. Now that’s a  cut price! (As a pet proprietor myself, I’ve bought to say that Pancake positively approves of each a clear litter field, and a clear invoice of well being!)

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