Two New Haolonggood Carnotaurus Fashions Coming into Inventory

Two new Haolonggood Carnotaurus fashions are coming to All the things Dinosaur. The 2 figures are a part of a cargo that will probably be arriving within the UK quickly. Each theropod fashions have articulated decrease jaws.

Haolonggood Carnotaurus models.
The gray Haolonggood Carnotaurus determine Zhou Tong is ahead/left while Li Zhong, the brown colored mannequin is to the rear and proper.

Haolonggood Carnotaurus Fashions

These lovely figures have been painted in beautiful colors. Every mannequin has a declared scale of 1:35. The Haolonggood Carnotaurus fashions measure 22.5 cm lengthy and stand round 9.5 cm tall. They’re spectacular fashions of the well-known South American abelisaurid.

Haolonggood Carnotaurus models.
Two new Haolonggood Carnotaurus fashions are coming into inventory at All the things Dinosaur. Every mannequin measures roughly 22.5 cm in size.

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As with the overwhelming majority of the prehistoric animals equipped by All the things Dinosaur. Every Carnotaurus mannequin will probably be equipped with a singular Carnotaurus (C. sastrei) reality sheet.

Fashions of Carnotaurus sastrei

Named and described in 1985 (Bonaparte), Carnotaurus is thought from an distinctive specimen. The one recognized fossil materials consists of a lot of the anterior portion of the skeleton together with the cranium. It’s thought to have been one of many largest of the Abelisauridae. Palaeontologists estimate that Carnotaurus could have measured round eight metres in size. Nonetheless, it has been speculated that this predator may have grown a lot bigger.

Commenting on the approaching arrival of those two Carnotaurus sastrei figures, a spokesperson from All the things Dinosaur acknowledged:

“The 2 Haolonggood Carnotaurus fashions are named Li Zhong and Zhou Tong. They’re basically the identical sculpt, solely the color schemes are totally different. They’re each distinctive fashions and every has an articulated jaw. We’re trying ahead to receiving this pair of dinosaur fashions into inventory.”

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