The 20 Finest Sturdy Toys for Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers love their toys. They usually love destroying them too! So after we requested our I Love My Golden Retriever Fb group which toys, we obtained a whole lot of responses. Beneath we’ll share a handful of the most well-liked recommendations on greatest toys for golden retrievers.

The 20 High Toys for Golden Retrievers, Based on Actual Golden Retriever Homeowners

My golden had a toy referred to as a Wubba. It’s made by the identical individuals who make Kongs and was tremendous sturdy.

Creator: Meleah J.

Likes: 3

Rope crammed pretzel

Creator: Monica Ok.

Likes: 5

The blue ‘factor’ on the ground…9 years outdated. Purchased it on the Vet’s. Sorry I don’t know what it’s referred to as.

Creator: Mary O.

Likes: 1

Something from west Paws. Extremely sturdy. I’ve obtained 2 Goldens

Creator: Ken W.

Likes: 0

Sailor’s favourite toy is his Kong donut.

Creator: Janet Ok.

Likes: 2

He loves his Nylabone, and likewise loves his Kong ball with a squeaker inside. Typically he places the smaller rubber ball within his mouth…after which the Kong ball with the squeaker..two balls on the similar time. Then he trots round as a result of he’s so proud that he has each in his mouth!

Creator: Lee W.

Likes: 2

Kong! As you may inform, it’s his favourite toy and he didn’t need me going far with it. Lol!

Creator: Daybreak G.

Likes: 4

Jolly ball. Its really for horse however my golden has 5

Creator: JoJo J.

Likes: 0

We name it a flying squirrel. Not indestructible however has gone by 2 yellow labs and a golden retriever. Beginning to present put on.

Creator: Kim B.

Likes: 1

My golden likes squeaker toys. He has by no means checked one up. Simply squeaks them. Though he loves knuckle bones to chew on.

Creator: Tish E.

Likes: 1

The orange and blue ‘chuck it’ ball. He eats the the inexperienced off tennis balls! I’ve a chuck it ball chucker that throws the ball for him!

Creator: Pamela W.

Likes: 3

Westpaw bone. Excuse how soiled it’s however I’ve 3 goldens and a Nice Pyrenees they usually bury and unbury it on a regular basis!! This bone is 6 years outdated!!

Creator: Pam G.

Likes: 5

Elk antlers appear to do the trick w Max our 6 n half mo outdated. All the pieces else will get destroyed. Even these onerous plastic on giant ropes.

Creator: Chris E.

Likes: 1

Mine has had this stuffed squirrel for 8 years. Doesn’t appear like it’s made from something totally different than the opposite toys he was destroyed briefly order. She carry’s it in every single place.

Creator: Wayne P.

Likes: 0

Bowling pin from Chewy

Creator: Kris L.

Likes: 6

Mine loves westpaw, it made it by 3 goldens and a couple of labs and a pit. You could find them on Amazon

Creator: Brad R.

Likes: 0

Chuck it ball!!!

Creator: Kellie R.

Likes: 9

Costly however they love them and by no means destroyed any of them. Our 2 Goldens destroy each different toys we’ve ever gotten.

Creator: Paul T.

Likes: 1

Playology. My. Chiweenie destroys all the pieces however not this ball. I’ve a 8 month outdated English Cream Golden Retriever additionally she has considered one of her personal. They’re low-cost about $15

Creator: Karon P.

Likes: 0

My two Goldens haven’t destroyed the Kong Tire.

Creator: Maggie S.

Likes: 0

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