Species Highlight: The Crested Caracara

The Crested Caracara is often known as the Mexican Eagle, although it isn’t an eagle in any respect. This putting chook of prey is a member of the falcon household discovered all through South and Central America, with some restricted distribution within the southern United States, notably Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

Crested Caracaras are fascinating birds that may be immediately acknowledged for his or her flaming orange facial coloration, speckled breast feathers, and lengthy highly effective legs. Its lengthy legs and huge physique are partly accountable for this chook being mistaken as a member of the eagle household, however make no mistake, the Crested Caracara is a falcon by and thru.

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Enjoyable Info Concerning the Crested Caracara

Crested Caracaras are fascinating birds. Let’s dive into some Crested Caracara enjoyable info to study extra about what makes them distinctive!

Mistaken identification: We’ve already lined the truth that the so-called “Mexican Eagle” isn’t an eagle in any respect, however there’s much more confusion so as to add to this story. The Crested Caracara is a beloved nationwide image for Mexico and an essential cultural icon. Regardless of this, it’s really not the identical eagle that’s discovered on the Mexican flag. That eagle is definitely a Golden Eagle. It’s doable that the unique legend depicted by the Mexican coat of arms, the eagle devouring a rattlesnake on the web site of the long run metropolis of Tenochtitlan, might have been meant to explain a Crested Caracara. Nonetheless, the Golden Eagle stands as Mexico’s nationwide image to this present day.

Opportunist: Most falcons subsist on consuming prey that they’ve hunted, however the Crested Caracara doesn’t do issues in the way in which {that a} typical falcon does. These giant birds of prey really behave a bit like vultures and their strategy to discovering meals may be very a lot that of an opportunist. They hunt, scavenge carrion, and even steal from different birds if the chance presents itself. Crested Caracaras could be pushy too, and aren’t afraid to chase vultures away from a carcass to maintain the selection meat to themselves.

Hoofing it: Crested Caracaras are sometimes seen strolling on the bottom and even do a lot of their searching on foot. Only a few raptors do that.

Nest builders: Falcons aren’t identified for his or her home-making abilities. And as soon as once more, the Crested Caracara can’t assist however flip the script on the everyday falcon system. Whereas each different falcon species prefers to nest by digging out scrapes within the floor or on roof gravel, or by co-opting nests that others have constructed previously, Crested Caracaras really construct a nest themselves. They may collect nesting supplies and construct onto the identical nest web site yr after yr if doable. Their nests are sometimes present in bushes, shrubs, and typically even giant cacti. they’re the solely falcons to construct their very own nests.

The Way forward for the Crested Caracara

The Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature’s Purple Record of Threatened Species lists the Crested Caracara as being of “Least Concern” on the subject of world conservation. In components of their U.S. vary, although, there are issues in regards to the long-term stability of their populations.

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