Sixth Batch of Frogspawn Noticed within the Workplace Pond

Sixth Batch of Frogspawn

All the things Dinosaur workforce members have recorded the sixth batch of frogspawn within the workplace pond. The current chilly snap has ended and the wetter and milder climate could have inspired extra frogs to spawn. A sixth batch of frogspawn was noticed early this morning. We suspect that it had been laid final evening or within the early hours of the morning.

Sixth Batch of Frogspawn
The sixth batch of frogspawn noticed within the workplace pond on March twelfth 2023. Image credit score: All the things Dinosaur.

Widespread Frogs

Not less than one Widespread frog (Rana temporaria) remains to be within the pond. The frog has a shiny white throat patch so, we suspect that this can be a male. Group members will proceed to observe the pond to see if extra frogspawn is laid. Frog numbers have declined lately. 5 years in the past, as many as a dozen frogs might be seen within the pond through the spawning season. Hopefully, our small pond will proceed to help a frog inhabitants, entice different wildlife and supply a washing space for nesting birds.

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