‘Simply Doing My Job’ – A Bureau of Land Administration Excuse for Mismanaging Wild Horses

‘Simply Doing My Job’ – A Bureau of Land Administration Excuse for Mismanaging Wild Horses

Photograph from NBC Information video reveals BLM contractor abusing a burro throughout BLM managed roundup.

Historical past is replete with examples of individuals and businesses inflicting nice hurt or which were caught within the act of some type of wrongdoing, solely to supply the excuse, “I used to be simply doing my job…”

On 16 March 1968, First Lieutenant William L. “Rusty” Calley, Jr., and his platoon murdered a minimum of 300 Vietnamese civilians (and maybe as many as 500) at a small South Vietnamese sub-hamlet referred to as My Lai.

The excuse provided to the army court docket in regard to that bloodbath was “I used to be solely following orders.”

Is it ever acceptable for Authorities businesses, such because the Bureau of Land Administration (‘BLM’) and the U.S. Forest Service (‘USFS’) or their staff, to interact in wrongdoing as a operate of ‘simply doing their job’?

Are staff of Authorities businesses required to comply with directives from their superiors even when such directives are extremely questionable or fly within the face of frequent sense, logic, and established insurance policies and legislation?

Is it affordable for the BLM and USFS to willfully ignore the very best out there science that may result in a extra trustworthy, humane, and ecologically acceptable wild horse administration mannequin?

Is it honest to American taxpayers for the BLM to knowingly waste over $100 million yearly in taxpayer funds mismanaging wild horses when there exists a much more cost-effective and humane technique for managing native species wild horses in America?

Historical past teaches many classes for individuals who ask the suitable questions.

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