cowl of Secret Snakes and Serpent
, depicting the crowing crested cobra as primarily based upon eyewitness
descriptions (© Dr Karl Shuker/Coachwhip Publications)

My newest thematic cryptozoology guide is lastly
right here, my 33rd guide in whole, and dedicated to a topic that has by no means
beforehand obtained book-length remedy.

Few creatures divide human opinion so
diametrically concerning their perceived benevolence, or malevolence, as do
snakes – the eternally-cursed serpent form in line with Christianity, probably the most
divine and blessèd of reptiles in line with Hinduism, vilified and commemorated,
sanctified and demonised, passively protected, actively annihilated, typically
missed, however by no means deemed undeserving of discover if or when encountered.

The above is particularly true, furthermore, when
investigating whether or not our world might comprise extraordinary snake varieties nonetheless
undescribed by science and likewise whether or not snakes can exhibit weird behaviour
presently deemed scientifically inconceivable.

Revealed by Coachwhip Publications,
this uniquely engrossing guide supplies probably the most in depth survey of secret
snakes and serpent surprises ever revealed, by which I study such diversified
envenomed and constricting controversies as Africa’s crowing crested cobra,
thriller snakes of the Mediterranean lands, the Mongolian demise worm, North
America’s boss snakes, and Parker’s serpentine slayer from Papua, plus St
John’s viper, the Virgin Mary snakes, and the pre-cursed Eden serpent, Kipling’s
Karait and Sherlock Holmes’s Speckled Band, gargantuan anacondas with horns and
the tiny however terrifying pichu-cuate, bushy snakes and feathered serpents,
Glycon the speaking horse-headed ophidian deity of historical Rome and commemorated
king cobras, to not point out huge serpent kings and venom-quelling snake-stones,
serpents that shriek, soar, fly, and hypnotise their prey by way of deadly fascination,
plus a lot extra.

So put together your self to be duly fascinated –
however solely in probably the most innocent, non-lethal method! – by the ophidian choices
revealed right here. Nonetheless, it might maybe be greatest to not stare for too lengthy into the eyes of any of the
limbless ones portrayed inside this guide’s complete assortment of
illustrations, simply in case…

Snakes and Serpent Surprises
is formally revealed in
12 April 2022, however will be pre-ordered right here
on Amazon UK and right here
on Amazon USA. It’s also accessible on Barnes & Noble’s web site and will be ordered
straight by way of all good bookstores too. And you should definitely try its devoted
web page right here
on my official web site for extra data regarding it.


full wraparound cowl of Secret
Snakes and Serpent Surprises
, depicting the crowing crested cobra as primarily based
upon eyewitness descriptions; click on image to enlarge for studying functions (© Dr Karl Shuker/Coachwhip Publications)


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