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Shih Tzu Teething – How Lengthy Is It Going to Take?

Shih Tzu Showing Teeth

Shih Tzu puppies might appear like dwelling stuffed animals, however elevating them isn’t at all times enjoyable and video games. That’s very true throughout teething, when your cute pet might develop a brief mood and a damaging chewing behavior. In case you’re questioning how lengthy Shih Tzu teething will take, you possibly can count on about 2–4 months earlier than all the course of is full.

On this article, we’ll cowl what to anticipate throughout the teething course of and ideas for surviving the expertise. You’ll additionally discover details about what to do if not all of your pet’s enamel fall out as they need to, plus dental care ideas for Shih Tzus.

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What to Anticipate In the course of the Shih Tzu Teething Course of

Usually, Shih Tzu puppies will begin getting their child enamel at round 3 weeks outdated, with the total 28 chompers in place by 6 weeks. The teething course of begins at round 4 months, because the child enamel fall out and are changed by the everlasting grownup variations.

Shih Tzu puppies will lose their canine enamel final, at about 6 months. Nevertheless, the teething course of normally continues for an additional 1–2 months because the grownup enamel proceed to erupt. Molars and premolars are the final to reach, for a complete of 42 grownup enamel.

Each Shih Tzu handles teething in another way, so there’s no method to predict your personal pet’s response. Some frequent indicators that your pet is teething embody:

  • Drooling
  • Sore, bleeding gums
  • Irritability
  • Problem consuming
  • Chewing on the whole lot

Generally you’ll discover misplaced pet enamel mendacity round, but it surely’s extra frequent for them to be swallowed. Don’t attempt to yank out unfastened enamel by yourself due to the chance of an infection.

Shih Tzu puppy carrying blue ball by its mouth
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Tricks to Survive Shih Tzu Teething

Since teething can be a multi-month course of, listed below are some ideas that will help you and your Shih Tzu pet survive the time.

Pet Proof Your Home

To assist soothe their sore mouth, Shih Tzu puppies have the intuition to chew. In case you aren’t cautious, they’ll gnaw on one thing harmful or destroy a possession you have been connected to. Hold footwear, child’s toys, and different simply chewed objects safely put away.

Block entry to electrical cords and preserve gadgets like chemical compounds and cleaners locked away. Think about using a pet pen or crate to maintain your Shih Tzu safely confined when you possibly can’t straight supervise them.

shih tzu puppy sitting on a couch
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Present Protected Chew Objects

Offering secure chew objects is without doubt one of the important steps you possibly can take to assist your pet throughout the teething course of. The hot button is selecting chew toys that aren’t too exhausting, or which will break into small items and probably pose a choking hazard. Versatile chew toys are finest.

At this age, your pet shouldn’t chew exhausting bones, animal hooves, and even ice cubes. By no means feed actual bones (cooked or uncooked) to your pet as a result of they’ll injury enamel and injure the digestive system if swallowed.

Monitor Your Pet’s Discomfort

Most puppies tolerate teething with minimal disruption to their every day lives. Contact your veterinarian in case your Shih Tzu pet doesn’t need to play, eat usually, or is uncomfortable.

a veterinarian inspecting the gums and teeth of a teacup imperial shih tzu
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What if Not All of the Pet Tooth Fall Out?

Generally, a pet tooth doesn’t fall out when the grownup tooth emerges. Each enamel find yourself crowding into the identical spot. This situation is known as “persistent” or “retained” deciduous (pet) enamel.

Any canine can develop this situation, however small canine and people with flatter faces are typically extra in danger. Shih Tzus examine each of these bins, so there’s actually an opportunity your pet received’t lose all their child enamel. Canine enamel are mostly impacted. Your pet’s grownup tooth will appear like it has a a lot smaller twin proper subsequent to it.

Canine with persistent pet enamel might expertise ache and an infection and an elevated threat of dental illness. When the mouth is overcrowded, meals is extra simply trapped, inflicting the tartar and plaque to type quicker.

Persistent child enamel ought to be eliminated as quickly as doable to keep away from these problems and forestall grownup enamel from rising misplaced. In case your pet has crowded enamel, you can also make an appointment together with your veterinarian to debate the method.

Dental Care Suggestions for Shih Tzu Puppies

Like many small breeds, Shih Tzus are sometimes vulnerable to dental issues. Common dental care ought to be a part of your grooming routine to maintain their enamel as wholesome as doable. Getting your Shih Tzu pet used to having its mouth dealt with at a younger age will make this course of simpler as your canine grows.

Gently elevate your pet’s lips and contact its enamel and gums. Don’t let your pet chew you however preserve the state of affairs playful and constructive. Your aim is to show your pet that it’s regular to have their mouth touched in order that when it’s time to start out brushing their enamel, they’re extra prone to settle for it.

Ask your vet for suggestions for early dental care merchandise on your Shih Tzu pet. You could possibly use a comfortable finger brush to start out cleansing your pet’s enamel or water components.

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Teething is an unavoidable a part of your Shih Tzu pet’s progress course of. On the whole, you possibly can count on Shih Tzu teething to final about 2–4 months. Observe our steered ideas to assist preserve your pet secure and as snug as doable when teething. The sooner you begin your Shih Tzu pet on a dental care routine, the higher. In case you’re unsure the place to start, ask your veterinarian for assist.

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