Scottish Fold Lifespan: How Lengthy Do They Reside?

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Scottish Folds are good, loving, and social cats, and as their title suggests, they originated in Scotland. They’re uncommon as a result of, not like most breeds, the historical past of the Scottish Fold is well-documented and includes a cat named Susie. Susie was a barn cat who spent her time searching down mice, and her folded ears introduced her to the eye of a shepherd who acquired certainly one of her kittens and referred to as it Snooks.

Snooks additionally had kittens, and one of many males was bred with a British Shorthair to create the Scottish Fold breed.

Sadly, the genetic mutation related to their cute, folded ears additionally results in some well being points. So, what makes one Scottish Fold much less wholesome than one other? And what has breeding completed to this cat’s genetic make-up?

What’s the Common Lifespan of a Scottish Fold?

The typical lifespan of a Scottish Fold is round 11–15 years previous, however this quantity is, in fact, affected by quite a lot of elements like your cat’s residing surroundings, their train routine, and in the event that they endure from any pre-existing circumstances.

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Why Do Some Scottish Folds Reside Longer Than Others?

There are a number of elements at work that you could juggle as a pet father or mother to make sure your pet is completely happy and wholesome. We’ll look at what influences the lifespan of the Scottish Fold.

1. Well being Circumstances

We’ve began with well being circumstances as a result of Scottish Folds are liable to some that can have an effect on different facets of their life, like their weight loss plan. Scottish Folds are prone to Osteochondrodysplasia, which is linked to the very factor they have been bred for: their folded ears. Because of this, they’re additionally extra liable to arthritis and weight problems as a result of if they’re in ache, they gained’t be as motivated to train as a wholesome cat would.

So, what precisely is Osteochondrodysplasia? This dysfunction is characterised by irregular improvement of cartilage and bone. Sadly, it’s incurable and excruciating.

It might probably often be handled with medicine and, in excessive instances, surgical procedure, however as there isn’t any remedy, remedy will proceed all through your cat’s life. Typically, frequent well being points may be screened for, however Osteochondrodysplasia is unavoidable for Scottish Fold cats with folded ears and may develop in kittens as younger as 7 weeks previous.

Curiously, Scottish Folds aren’t acknowledged as a breed in Scotland due to issues in regards to the danger of ear infections and deafness.

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2. Surroundings and Housing

Scottish Folds are recognized for being easygoing and sociable, and so they often get alongside properly with different cats or canines and adapt properly to multi-pet households. This affectionate cat will do properly in most houses, and so they like youngsters.

In case your Scottish Fold develops Osteochondrodysplasia or arthritis, you will have to consider their surroundings and how one can make their lives simpler. Gadgets like easy-access litter bins and low cat bushes will assist.

3. Diet

The Scottish Fold would require the identical weight loss plan as any cat that should concentrate on weight management, as weight problems will put an additional pressure on their joints and bones, and it might additionally result in diabetes. Weight problems can shorten your cat’s life, so it’s best to seek the advice of your veterinarian for dietary suggestions as your cat ages and their wants doubtlessly change.

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4. Train

In case your cat develops Osteochondrodysplasia, it could be in ache, so it gained’t come as a lot of a shock that it isn’t probably the most lively cat. It is going to be your job to encourage motion to maintain them wholesome. Get some toys and puzzles which can maintain your cat’s thoughts and physique lively and strengthen your bond with each other.

5. Breeding Historical past

There are two forms of Scottish Fold cats: one with folded ears and one other with straight ears. The latter is the comparatively wholesome model.

Scottish Fold cats are a controversial breed. Fédération Internationale Féline has banned them, and so they have additionally been eliminated as a registered breed by the Cat Fancy of Nice Britain.

Breeders in america have additionally tried to breed out their well being issues by breeding them with American and British Shorthairs, however as this gene is dominant, some ensuing kittens can have folded ears. So, whereas some cats can reside to their full potential and lead wholesome, completely happy lives, others reside in ache or are euthanized early.

6. Healthcare

Scottish Folds have dense fur that requires weekly brushing. Watch out with their tail as they generally have a stiff tail that could be painful when pulled or bent. It’s additionally a good suggestion to maintain their nails trimmed. That is useful for mobility in addition to consolation. The folds of their ears could make these cats extra liable to ear infections due to the decreased airflow. So commonly examine them for indicators of mites, infections, and irritation.

7. Household Life

The Scottish Fold is affectionate and calm and does properly with households which are the identical. Whereas they’re good with youngsters, they aren’t keen on tough play. They’re reasonably lively and do greatest indoors.

They’re an clever breed and may be taught to deliver toys again when referred to as, and so they also can be taught to stroll on a leash. They aren’t overly vocal and are thought-about straightforward to reside with.

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The three Life Levels of a Scottish Fold

It takes about 18 months for a Scottish Fold to achieve maturity, which is taken into account faster than different cat breeds, like British Shorthairs or Siberians.

Kitten and Younger Grownup

All Scottish Fold kittens are born with straight ears, however the fold will possible seem round 3 weeks of age. Your cat will want a high-quality, balanced weight loss plan to advertise the wholesome development of muscle tissue, robust bones, and a wholesome coronary heart.

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Mature Grownup

Scottish Folds develop as much as 10 to 30 inches in size and may weigh between 5 and 11 kilos as soon as they attain full maturity. As they’re solely reasonably lively and like time spent indoors, you will have to encourage train or prepare them to stroll on a leash to get them exterior.


As your Scottish Fold ages, they’ll inevitably decelerate, and the chance of placing on weight will increase. Your cat will nonetheless require high-quality protein sources from its weight loss plan, easy-to-digest carbohydrates, and managed fats ranges. If you happen to’re involved about their weight, speak to your vet for recommendation.

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Inform Your Scottish Fold’s Age

Some house owners have a good time their cats’ birthdays, however those that undertake grownup cats need to estimate their pet’s ages. There are, nevertheless, methods to determine your cat’s age.

It’s vital to notice that when your cat is liable to well being dangers, it might make the next indicators much less dependable.

Dimension of the Kitten

Till cats are 4 to six months previous, they’ll acquire a pound each month. So, a 3-pound kitten is 3 months previous, and so forth. After all, this isn’t a foolproof technique. In case your cat has a well being drawback, their weight can’t be used as a dependable age indicator.

Well being of the Eyes

Wholesome kittens and younger cats often have shiny, clear eyes, whereas older cats develop a cloudy look. This doesn’t often occur till your cat is round 10 years previous, and cats past this age will even present modifications of their irises. They could develop a wavy edge or not open and shut when uncovered to gentle.


The scale of your cat’s tooth is useful in understanding their age. An older cat’s tooth will usually present some put on and tear. If it’s a kitten, you should utilize what number of child tooth or deciduous tooth it has as an indicator of age. These child tooth often are available in when your Scottish Fold is 2 weeks previous and end after they’re 8 weeks previous.

Round 4 months of age, the newborn tooth will start to fall out, and the grownup tooth will take their place. When your cat is 7 months previous, it ought to have all its grownup tooth. Nonetheless, after this level, it’s tougher to inform how previous the cat is.

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Observe Grooming Habits

Many elements can change the best way a cat grooms itself. In case your Scottish Fold is in ache, it won’t be capable to attain to groom itself correctly. Dental points that trigger ache also can cease your cat from grooming. An older cat might not groom as completely as a youthful cat, which is why that is generally used to slim down a cat’s age.


Scottish Folds have an uncommon historical past as a result of now we have an origin story for the lovable cats. Whereas they will reside lengthy and wholesome lives, some cats’ lives are blighted by ache, so though their lifespan is lengthy, it sits in a morally gray space.

There are methods to make your cat if it suffers from well being points, akin to investing in specialised diets, making their environments accessible, and dealing together with your vet to seek out the best remedy plan.

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