Scottish Fold Colours – 20 Widespread and Uncommon Varieties (With Photos)

Blue Scottish fold on sofa

Along with their distinctive folded ears and owl-like options, Scottish Folds are identified for his or her variety when it comes to coat colours, coloration combos, and patterns. In response to the Cat Fancier’s Affiliation (CFA), any genetically attainable coloration and sample or combos of those colours and patterns are acceptable—this implies the probabilities are just about limitless!

On this publish, we’ll take a better have a look at the multitude of Scottish Fold colours, combos, and patterns, each widespread and uncommon, to offer you a real really feel for simply how numerous these good and good-natured cats are.

The 20 Scottish Fold Colours

1. Black

black scottish fold kitten sits on a sofa
Picture Credit score: Esin Deniz, Shutterstock

The CFA describes strong black Scottish Folds as “coal black.” This pure coloration ought to include no rust tints and no smoke undercoat. Black Scottish folds have copper or gold eyes, black or brown paw pads, and black noses.

2. White

white scottish fold cat sitting
Picture Credit score: Oleksandr Volchanskyi, Shutterstock

Like black Scottish Folds, white Scottish Folds are purely white—as white as snow, if you’ll! Nonetheless, white Scottish Folds have an additional potential eye coloration, which is blue along with copper or gold. Some white Scottish folds even have eyes in two colours. The nostril and paw pads are pink.

3. Blue

Scottish Fold cat (blue) face closeup shot
Scottish Fold cat (blue) (Picture Credit score: Peter Perepelkin, Wikimedia Commons CC 3.0 Unported)

Blue Scottish Folds can are available shades of each gentle and darkish blue, although the CFA prefers lighter shades. These cats have blue noses and paw pads and copper or gold eyes. Judging by most pictures, blue appears to be a fairly widespread Scottish Fold coloration.

4. Purple

Furry red scottish fold highland breed Cat
Picture Credit score: Seregraff, Shutterstock

If a Scottish Fold is crimson in coloration, you possibly can anticipate it to be a really deep and placing crimson freed from markings, shading, and/or ticking. The eyes are copper or gold and the nostril and paw pads are a brownish-red coloration.

5. Chocolate

Chocolate-colored Scottish folds are a beautiful, deep, wealthy brown shade. The nostril can be brown and the paw pads could be both cinnamon or brown. The eyes are copper or gold.

6. Cream

Scottish Folds with cream coloration are gentle (most well-liked) in shade and marking-free. The colour resembles a type of very gentle tan shade. Cream Scottish Folds have copper or gold eyes and pink noses and paw pads.

7. Fawn

Scottish fold fawn walks through the snow
Picture Credit score: papa1266, Shutterstock

Fawn is a shade of dilute brown, described by the CFA as “gentle lavender” with “cocoa overtones.” Just like the cream Scottish Fold, the CFA prefers lighter shades of fawn. The nostril and paw pads are additionally fawn in coloration and the eyes could be copper or gold.

8. Lilac

scottish fold Lilac
3mo lilac Scottish Fold Fanel (Picture Credit score: Psihopat, Wikimedia Commons CC 3.0 Unported)

Lilac Scottish Folds are a dusty gray coloration with, should you look intently, an virtually pink tint to the coat. Like many different Scottish Fold colours, the eyes are gold or copper, however the nostril and paws are a lavender-pink shade.

9. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a lightweight brown shade with a reddish tone. The nostril and paw pads are the identical coloration because the coat and the eyes are copper or gold.

10. Shaded Silver

Scottish Fold silver shaded
Picture Credit score: Sophkins, Pixabay

Shaded silver Scottish Folds have white undercoats and black tipping on the face, tail, and sides whereas the stomach, chest, chin, and the realm beneath the tail are white. Their eyes, lips, and noses are black-rimmed and their eyes are inexperienced or blue-green. The nostril is reddish-brown, and the paw pads are black.

11. Chinchilla Silver

silver chinchilla Scottish fold playing toy
Picture Credit score: schlyx, Shutterstock

Like shaded silver Scottish Folds, chinchilla silver Scottish Folds have a pure white undercoat. Black tipping is seen on the again, head, tail, and flanks, and the legs will also be tipped. The chin, stomach, chest, and ear tufts are white, and the eyes, lips, and nostril are black-rimmed. The paws pads are black, the nostril is reddish-brown, and the eyes are inexperienced or blue-green.

12. Chinchilla Golden

Scottish fold Highland golden chinchilla
Picture Credit score: serjiunea, Shutterstock

Not like the chinchilla silver Scottish Fold, the chinchilla golden Scottish Fold has a cream undercoat. The tail, head, again, and flanks are black-tipped and the chin, stomach, chest, and ear tufts are cream. The nostril is a rosy coloration, the paw pads are black, and the eyes are inexperienced or blue-green.

13. Shaded Colours

Scottish Fold cat
Picture Credit score: Michal Dziekonski, Pixabay

The shaded coat kind may be very diversified in Scottish Folds. Along with shaded silver, it’s also possible to discover Scottish Folds within the following colours:

  • Shaded cameo (crimson shaded)

  • Dilute shaded cameo (cream shaded)

  • Blue shaded

  • Chocolate shaded

  • Lilac shaded

  • Fawn shaded

  • Cinnamon shaded

  • Tortoiseshell shaded

  • Blue-cream shaded

  • Chocolate tortoiseshell shaded

  • Cinnamon tortoiseshell shaded

  • Lilac cream shaded

14. Smoke Colours

Smoke cats have pure white roots and coloured tips about their coats. That is solely attainable in cats with a strong coloration. Listed here are the varied smoke coloration combos in Scottish Folds:

  • Black smoke

  • Blue smoke

  • Cameo (crimson) smoke

  • Chocolate smoke

  • Lilac smoke

  • Cinnamon smoke

  • Fawn smoke

  • Tortoiseshell smoke

  • Blue cream smoke

  • Chocolate tortoiseshell smoke

  • Lilac-cream smoke

  • Cinnamon tortoiseshell smoke

  • Fawn-cream smoke

15. Tabby

Tabby is one other attainable coat sample in Scottish Folds and, as soon as once more, tabby Scottish Folds are very numerous. Listed here are the potential tabby patterns and colours:

  • Traditional tabby

  • Mackerel tabby

  • Noticed tabby

  • Ticked tabby

  • Patched tabby

  • Silver tabby

  • Blue-silver tabby

  • Blue-silver patched tabby

  • Purple tabby

  • Brown tabby

  • Cream tabby

  • Blue tabby

  • Chocolate tabby

  • Cameo tabby

  • Cream cameo (dilute) tabby

  • Chocolate silver tabby

  • Cinnamon tabby

  • Cinnamon silver tabby

  • Lilac tabby

  • Lilac silver tabby

  • Fawn tabby

  • Fawn silver tabby

  • Tabby & white

16. Tortoiseshell

british fold tortoiseshell cat on a tree stump
Picture Credit score: Denys R, Shutterstock

Tortoiseshell cats are bi-colored, which provides their coats a tortoise-like look. In Scottish Folds, numerous combos are attainable, however the usual tortoiseshell is black with crimson patches and/or crimson areas in numerous locations on the physique and/or limbs. Quite a lot of crimson shades are CFA-accepted. Different tortie combos embrace:

  • Tortoiseshell & white

  • Chocolate

  • Chocolate & white

  • Cinnamon

  • Cinnamon & white

17. Calico

Calico Scottish Fold
Picture Credit score: Artaporn Puthikampol, Shutterstock

Calico Scottish Folds are tri-colored. Their coats are white with black and crimson patches and white on the underparts. The patches are unbrindled. The eyes could be both gold, copper, or blue, or there could be one blue eye and one gold eye. Dilute calicos even have white coats, however the patches are blue and cream as an alternative of black and crimson.

18. Dilute Colour Mixtures

Dilute cat coat colours are cream, lilac, blue, and fawn. There are numerous dilute colours and combos with strong colours together with:

  • Blue-cream

  • Blue-cream & white

  • Lilac-cream

  • Fawn-cream

  • Fawn-cream & white

19. Bi-color

scottish fold Bicolor
Picture Credit score: Oleksandr Volchanskyi, Shutterstock

Bi-color Scottish Folds are white with black patches, white with blue patches, white with crimson patches, or white with cream patches. The patches are unbrindled.

20. Pointed

Pointed Scottish Folds have light-colored our bodies clearly contrasted with darker factors in numerous shades on the ears, toes, legs, masks, and tail. Level sorts are:

  • Seal level (deep brown factors)

  • Seal lynx level

  • Chocolate level

  • Chocolate lynx level

  • Blue level

  • Blue lynx level

  • Blue-cream level

  • Blue-cream lynx level

  • Lilac level

  • Lilac-lynx level

  • Lilac-cream level

  • Lilac-cream lynx level

  • Flame (crimson) level

  • Flame lynx level

  • Cream level

  • Cream lynx level

  • Tortie level

  • Tortie-lynx level

  • Chocolate-tortie level

  • Chocolate tortie-lynx level

  • Cinnamon-tortie level

  • Cinnamon-tortie lynx level

  • cinnamon -lynx level

  • Fawn-cream level

  • Fawn-lynx level

  • Fawn-cream lynx level


One factor’s for certain—should you’re planning on bringing dwelling a Scottish Fold, you’re actually going to be spoiled for alternative coloration and pattern-wise! If you happen to’re curious concerning the rarest cat coat colours, they’re chinchilla, smoke, cinnamon, chocolate, lilac, fawn, cream, and pointed. That being stated, Scottish Folds are fairly uncommon themselves!

Featured Picture Credit score: Inna photographer, Shutterstock

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