Raccoon Symbolism & Which means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Recognized for his or her tendency to snoop round and pilfer scraps, the raccoon’s lovable bandit masks matches its fame for petty crime. Intelligent, artful, and tenacious as may be, the raccoon at all times finds a method to get what it’s after! Though these traits are the primary ones related to raccoons, these charismatic mammals are related with a lot of virtues as properly. Learn on to be taught concerning the many playful, sneaky, and loveable faces of the raccoon!

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Raccoon symbolism and that means

A lot of folks can determine with this scene: a clattering noise within the evening, trashcans overturned, and glowing eyes peering at you from the middle of the mess. The lumbering type of the raccoon is very often noticed on the scene of such crimes. The raccoon is most well-known for thievery.

In actual fact, the darkish coloration across the raccoon’s eyes is sometimes called its “bandit masks,” that’s how strongly raccoons are related to thievery. So, raccoons could symbolize theft, roguishness, pests, chaos, or legal conduct.

The raccoon’s thievery is just not so easy that these animals may be categorized as nature’s criminals. In actual fact, the raccoon is such a profitable thief as a result of these clever mammals have tailored so properly to outlive and thrive in areas inhabited by people. As a substitute of being cowed by the presence of cities and cities, raccoons have turn into streetwise city animals that carve out a residing within the shadows of houses and companies. (1) So, the raccoon will also be related to tenacity, adaptability, and endurance.


Raccoons are additionally identified to show a conduct which generally associates them with fastidiousness regardless of their vermin fame. Raccoons fairly often “wash” their meals earlier than consuming it. Present science means that racoons aren’t really “washing” filth off of their meals, however utilizing their delicate fingers to realize extra sensory info from the wetted object. Nonetheless, raccoons may be related to cleanliness and hygiene. (2)

Moreover, this “washing” conduct demonstrates the unbelievable proven fact that raccoon forepaws are primate-like and resemble fingers. These forepaws are very delicate and surprisingly dexterous. Though they don’t have thumbs, raccoons can nonetheless raise and manipulate objects, which is why they’re so good at breaking into trashcans and chimney flues. So, the raccoon can symbolize craftiness, resourcefulness, or problem-solving. (3)

Some consider {that a} raccoon is usually a signal that an individual resides their lives behind a “masks.” Raccoons are a reminder to be trustworthy and genuine with others. (4)

Raccoon Native American symbolism

Raccoons are native to North America completely and are present in components of Europe and Asia solely as an invasive species. For that motive, most cultural traditions involving the raccoon originate from the wealthy myths, legends, and traditions of North America’s Native American peoples. The phrase “raccoon,” in reality, comes from the Powhatan phrase “arahkun” which suggests “he scratches along with his fingers.” (5)

native american silhouette

Clearly, Native American tribes have lengthy noticed the fascinating dexterity of the raccoon. In lots of Native American myths and tales, raccoons seem as trickster figures which use their craftiness to outwit others and succeed by problem-solving. (6

In a single Menominee story, for instance, a raccoon tips a pair of blind males into combating in order that he can steal their meals. On this story, the blind males use a rope to information themselves to and from the sting of the lake in order that they will drink water and cook dinner their meals every day. At some point the raccoon finds this rope and strikes its place in order that one of many males believes the lake will need to have dried up. Whereas the boys are arguing, the raccoon slips into their tent and waits for them to cook dinner dinner. Having discovered the lake, the boys return and cook dinner some meat for dinner. As they sit consuming, the raccoon reaches into their pot and steals half of their meals. Discovering some meals lacking, every of the blind males blames the opposite and the raccoon is ready to escape unhurt within the midst of their squabbling. (7)

Raccoon Christianity symbolism

Vermin in biblical contexts are usually related to sin. The raccoon with all of its thievery would possible be no exception. Sadly, there’s little else we are able to say concerning the biblical that means of those mammals since they make no look within the Bible.


There are a couple of trendy tales which use the raccoon to ship biblical messages. One such story means that the raccoon is answerable for the extinction of unicorns as a consequence of an incident on Noah’s Ark. Clearly, this story is fiction and never related to any spiritual canon. (8)

As a creature of the evening, the raccoon can also symbolize worry and faithlessness. (9)

Raccoon Celtic symbolism

Raccoons aren’t native to the Celtic world, nevertheless these intelligent little animals may be assumed to carry related meanings to different forest critters like badgers and bears which symbolize braveness, ferocity, and grit. (10)

The raccoon isn’t a bear however for a very long time, it was regarded as associated to pandas. The identify “Ursus lotor” (washing bear) has been intently associated to “Procyon lotor,” which is the scientific identify given to raccoons. In Germany, the place raccoons had been launched within the Nineteen Thirties, folks known as the species “Wasch Baer” (that means washing bear). 

celtic cross

As beforehand talked about, this identify most likely derives from the “washing” conduct of raccoons. The connection of raccoons to bears might not be correct to evolution, however it’s straightforward to see why these lumbering mammals may resemble miniature bears at first sight. (11)

Raccoon in desires

Dreaming of a raccoon could symbolize one thing stolen. Feeling as if you’ve misplaced one thing alongside the best way is a typical criticism as folks look again on their lives. A raccoon dream could point out a want to get well what has been “misplaced” to you. Keep in mind that the kid you as soon as had been is part of who you at the moment are and that it’s fully as much as you to reclaim that.

Raccoons in desires can also symbolize hiding. Not solely are raccoons naturally masked, however they spend a lot of their lives slinking by darkish areas underneath the quilt of evening. Whereas it is a completely acceptable way of life for a raccoon, people require mild, readability, and reality to be able to be wholesome. Attempt to get comfy with being weak and you’ll have a a lot simpler time displaying your genuine self to others. Hiding may really feel safer, however it could maintain you from connecting with others.


Dreaming of a raccoon can also symbolize a curiosity or want to research. Maybe a brand new and surprising alternative has opened as much as you and you’re feeling an inarguable want to see it by and discover out what your future may appear like. Take a leap of religion and fulfill your curiosity! (12

Raccoon encounters and omens

Encountering a raccoon is usually a good reminder to do your finest to coexist with others who don’t essentially dwell their lives in the identical ways in which you do. Whereas raccoons may be pests, typically after we encounter them they’re simply going about their enterprise and making an attempt to outlive. You will need to keep in mind that that’s what most animals on this planet need and that we’ve got a duty to keep away from interfering with that want each time doable.


Raccoons are playful and mischievous animals. A raccoon encounter could symbolize one’s inside baby and the connection that they’ve with their younger impulses. Immaturity is often a foul trait, nevertheless youthful exuberance is a vital factor to hold on to at the same time as you enter new phases of maturity. (13

Raccoons close to one’s residence may point out deception. These bandits are masters at discovering weak spots within the safety of a location and utilizing these weaknesses to realize entry. Guarantee that no person is making the most of your emotional blind spots to be able to achieve your belief. Watch out when conditions appear “to good to be true.”

Raccoon mythology and folklore

In most raccoon myths, these animals are tricksters who use their wily behaviors to obtain meals and overcome others. In some myths, it’s the intelligent raccoon who learns a lesson when it’s outsmarted or its trickery fails to beat the may of nature. (14


In Japan, raccoons are an invasive species that aren’t present in most folks tales. Comparable in look to the raccoon, nevertheless, is an animal of ten known as the “raccoon-dog.” The “raccoon-dogs” of Japan are known as “tanuki” and are related to supernatural forces. In myths, the tanuki is a shapeshifter that makes use of its skills to fly, play the drum on its stomach, and terrify unsuspecting hunters. At the moment, the tanuki is related to forest spirits, magic, mischief, enjoyable, and thriller. (15)

Raccoon spirit animal

In case your spirit animal is the raccoon then you might be possible a free-spirited one that appears disorganized to others however whose chaotic methods are literally the results of unwavering focus. The raccoon spirit animal is usually held by those that are eccentric and who are inclined to do issues their very own manner. Folks with the raccoon spirit are unafraid to be completely different and to attempt new issues.

The raccoon spirit animal could appear wild however in relation to a aim, the raccoon spirit is able to single-minded focus and dedication. Folks with the raccoon spirit are simply distracted when doing issues that don’t curiosity them, however when their curiosity is woke up they won’t falter from their activity.

The raccoon is often a solitary animal, nevertheless new discoveries counsel that these animals are extra social than we as soon as thought. In any case, they spend fairly some time as infants or “kits” studying concerning the world from their moms. Folks with the raccoon spirit animal are pure academics who get pleasure from passing the issues that they’ve earned all the way down to the following era. (16)

Raccoon totem animal

The raccoon totem animal is related to thriller and deception. Folks with the raccoon totem are wonderful at displaying completely different “faces” for various conditions. This ability permits the raccoon totem to mix in, even in conditions the place they don’t really really feel fully comfy.


Having completely different faces to point out others is a particular ability which permits the raccoon totem to simply get together with new folks. Notice, nevertheless, the significance of sustaining one’s true self and displaying that weak trustworthy persona to others when the connection in query requires it.

Raccoon energy animal

The raccoon energy animal is related to dexterity and resourcefulness. Folks with this energy animal hardly ever meet the issue that they will’t simply remedy by utilizing their brains and rolling with the punches. The raccoon energy animal is unafraid to unravel issues through unconventional means, and so it is without doubt one of the finest problem-solvers round.


Considering outdoors of the field is a significant power for the raccoon energy animal. Folks with this energy animal could, nevertheless, have a tough time seeing easy solutions that lay proper in entrance of their noses. Don’t overlook that being distinctive and open-minded shouldn’t forestall you from accepting easy and standard choices once they work properly. (17)

Raccoon tattoo that means

Raccoon and possum tattoos have seen a surge in recognition recently thanks, not less than partially, to a rise in curiosity in “rejected” animals, particularly on the web. Individuals who really feel rejected themselves or who’ve had a tricky time discovering a spot to slot in could select a raccoon tattoo to symbolize their appreciation for this misunderstood mammal.

As well as, a raccoon tattoo may be chosen as a logo of fastidiousness. After surviving the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, many individuals have felt drawn to the raccoon’s “washing” conduct, even when this conduct isn’t precisely what it seems like.

woman getting a tattoo

In Japan, a tattoo of a raccoon, which is an invasive species there, or an identical Japanese “raccoon-dog” or “tanuki,” which is a local species, could point out magic, sanctity, or luck.

A raccoon may, typically, symbolize resourcefulness, intelligence, stubbornness, or shyness. Individuals who select raccoon tattoos could accomplish that as a result of they really feel like they too are hiding behind a “masks” when interacting with others.


The raccoon may nonetheless be categorized as vermin in many individuals’s minds. It’s comprehensible that when one’s trash is scattered on the street by an unwelcome customer, that the animal may tackle a unfavourable connotation. This connotation fails to acknowledge the various fascinating and endearing traits of the raccoon. Raccoons are sensible, dexterous, charming, and adaptable. The truth that we see them as pests is barely proof that we’ve got taken over the landscapes that they as soon as known as residence, and that the raccoon has managed to make do with this new city topography. For that motive, I like the raccoon, bandit masks and all!


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