Quick Hair, Lengthy Hair, and Hairless Cats: Execs & Cons of Every

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One of many traits that you could be think about when selecting the best sort of cat to carry into your property is the cat’s coat sort and grooming wants. Not solely does the coat sort decide how a lot grooming your cat will want, however it can additionally influence simply how a lot cat hair you’re sweeping up and lint rolling off of your garments daily. Let’s discuss concerning the execs and cons of every coat sort.

Execs & Cons of the three Sorts of Cat Hair:

Quick Hair Cats

golden british shorthair cat lying on the floor
Picture Credit score: SunRay BRI Cattery RU, Shutterstock
Breed Examples Bengal, British Shorthair, Oriental Shorthair
Grooming Provides Rubber brush or grooming glove, pin or slicker brush

Cats with quick hair are inclined to have the least grooming necessities of all cat coat sorts. Usually, quick hair cats are low to reasonable shedders, though they do are inclined to have medium to heavy intervals of shedding twice yearly between seasons.

Brushing may help to maintain unfastened hair to a minimal, and a grooming glove is a good possibility for bonding along with your cat whereas retaining their coat wholesome and freed from unfastened hair. Mild-colored quick hair cats could also be liable to growing sunburn, so be sure to supply your cat with loads of shady areas.


  • Minimal grooming provides
  • Lowest grooming wants
  • Low to reasonable shedders
  • Straightforward coat upkeep could make grooming a bonding expertise


  • Shed closely twice yearly
  • Some cats could also be liable to sunburn

Lengthy Hair Cats

beautiful norwegian forest cat tortoiseshell sitting in garden in a summer evening
Picture Credit score: ElisaPutti, Shutterstock
Breed Examples Himalayan, Maine Coon, Persian
Grooming Provides Pin or slicker brush, de-shedding brush, comb, mat remover

Lengthy-haired cats are inclined to have reasonable to excessive grooming necessities, and it’s frequent for some breeds to shed reasonably or extra all year long. Some lengthy coat sorts are silky and low shedding, although, just like the Siberian cat.

Be ready to put money into a number of instruments to maintain your cat’s coat wholesome and groomed. Routine coat brushing is vital for lengthy hair cats to assist forestall mats. That is particularly vital for older cats, overweight cats, or different cats that will wrestle to groom themselves. House grooming routines will create a daily bonding alternative for you and your cat.


  • Some breeds are low shedding
  • Many cats can forestall mats on their very own
  • Common grooming creates bonding alternatives


  • Requires a number of grooming instruments
  • Could shed greater than different coat sorts

Hairless Cats

sphynx cat in wooden cat tree
Picture Credit score: everytime, Shutterstock
Breed Examples Sphynx, Lykoi, Bambino
Grooming Provides Light cat shampoo, ear cleansing provides, pet wipes, cat moisturizer, cat bathe cap or ear covers

Imagine it or not, hairless cats might have the best grooming wants, though you don’t have to fret about retaining them brushed. Hairless cats are inclined to develop a buildup of pure oils from the pores and skin. In cats with hair, these oils are distributed throughout the coat, however for cats with no or little or no hair, the oils are distributed and have a tendency to construct up in some areas. Routine baths are essential for hairless cats to maintain their pores and skin wholesome.

These cats are usually not extra probably than different cats to love water, although, so you’ll have to work on coaching your cat to tolerate common baths. These cats are additionally liable to sunburn, so be sure to maintain your cat’s pores and skin protected. The excellent news about hairless cats is that you simply don’t have to fret about them shedding throughout your home!


  • No brushing required
  • No shedding


  • Highest upkeep
  • Require coaching to tolerate routine baths
  • Liable to sunburn

Selecting the Proper Coat Sort for Your House

There isn’t an actual science in selecting which coat sort you are feeling is most acceptable in your residence. You will have to contemplate a handful of things earlier than making your closing resolution, although. How regularly are you prepared to mud, sweep, or clear cat hair off of your furnishings and garments? Are you prepared to cope with the greasy spots that hairless cats can depart behind on bedding and furnishings when it’s time for a shower?

Additionally, think about any allergy symptoms or sensitivities in your house. No cats are really hypoallergenic, however low-shedding breeds will depart much less dander in your house than high-shedding breeds will, making these breeds extra appropriate for folks with allergy symptoms and sensitivities.

Don’t overlook to consider how a lot time you’re prepared to place into sustaining your cat’s coat. Most short-haired coats, and a few long-haired coats, don’t require an excessive amount of time to handle, however larger upkeep long-haired coats and hairless cats do require very common residence grooming.


There isn’t a proper or improper reply in terms of which coat sort you favor. Simply just remember to’re prepared to satisfy the wants of no matter cat you select to carry residence. In case you don’t suppose you’ll be capable of keep on with a daily schedule of brushing or bathing, then it’s probably finest to take a look at a number of the lower-maintenance breeds.

Featured Picture Credit score: Asichka, Shutterstock

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