Prime Cryptozoology Deaths of 2023

The Yr of 2023 noticed the passing of assorted members of the cryptozoology analysis, media and Fortean communities. We are saying goodbye to, amongst others, these of us we will miss.

December 21


Ian Punnett, 63. Obituary.

Ian had been a daily host of Coast to Coast AM since 1998, occasionally interviewing cryptozoologists Mark A. Corridor and Loren Coleman, amongst others. 


September 7 


David Oren, 70. Obituary.

Initially born in Michigan, the world-famous Mapinguari researcher and Brazilian naturalized scientist performed discipline expeditions and over a 100 interviews with eyewitnesses of the doable surviving medium-sized floor sloths of the Amazon.


September 1


Larry Battson, 71. Obituary.

Larry was a wildlife knowledgeable, educator, and entertainer in addition to a Bigfoot authority residing in Indiana.


August 20


David Perkins, 77. Obituary.

David was a discipline researcher and author investigating “cattle muteology,” the mysterious mutilations occurring all through the Midwest USA.


July 28


Peter Byrne, 97. Obituary.

Peter was an early Yeti and Bigfoot seeker, one of many first searchers supported by millionaire Tom Slick.

July 11


Phil Shaw, 79. Obituary.

Phil was a frequent organizer of Michigan Bigfoot convention.

June 29 (discovered July 3)


Claudia Ackley, 51. Obituary.

Claudia, Ed Brown’s accomplice, was a Bigfoot hunter who claimed to have filmed the cryptid and sued the California Division of Fish and Wildlife to show its existence.

March 21


Ted Bastien, 60. Obituary.

In 2007, the Bangor Day by day Information profiled Ted, however forgot to say his deep curiosity in Bigfoot. After all, that was an oversight as a result of he was a deep pal of the Worldwide Cryptozoology Museum and of Loren and Jenny. He was the toughest loss of life to expertise in 2023.

Ted was typically created cartoons for Coast to Coast AM and me. I’ll put up a pair in tribute right here to him. Goodbye, Ted.




February 28


Ricou Browning, 93. Obituary

 Ricou was the Gill Man in Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954).

January 22


Rhettman Mullis, 58. 

Rhettman assisted the late Dr. Bryan Sykes, and ran the brief time period “Bigfootery Group” 2015-2016.

January 13


Robbie Knievel, 60. Obituary.

Stuntman Robbie Knievel, whose father was daredevil Evel Knievel, was the driving power behind Knievel’s Quest Bigfoot.

January 9


Melinda Dillon, 83. Obituary.

Melinda appeared within the midst of movies that had a central theme of curiosity to many people: Magnolia, Harry and the Hendersons, and Shut Encounters of the Third Variety




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