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Uncover an apex predator, one of many largest of its type, named by a dictator, and now dealing with extinction as one of the crucial endangered birds of prey.

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Introducing The Philippine Eagle…

Philippine Eagle

The Philippine eagle is among the many world’s largest birds of prey. This highly effective apex predator is native to the Philippines, and is the island nation’s nationwide fowl.

The Philippine eagle may be recognized by its large dimension, brown plumage, large curved invoice, highly effective talons and specifically by its distinctive shaggy crest.

The species inhabits the rainforests of 4 of the 7,000-plus islands that make up the Philippines, and performs a vital position within the forest ecosystem by sustaining the stability of species.

The Philippine eagle was as soon as often known as the “monkey consuming eagle” on behalf of its eating regimen, which incorporates giant prey similar to monkeys and similarly-sized animals. A 1978 proclamation by the Philippine’s then-President Ferdinand Marcos formally gave the fowl its current title.

Sadly, this magnificent fowl of prey is critically endangered resulting from habitat destruction and searching, making its conservation a big environmental concern.

You’ll be able to see superb photographs of the Philippine eagle within the video beneath:

The movie from which these clips are taken may be seen additional down the web page.

Philippine Eagle Stats

  • Scientific Title: Pithecophaga jefferyi
  • Order: Accipitriformes
  • Household: Accipitridae
  • Wingspan: 2.2 meters / roughly 7.2 toes
  • Weight: 4.5 to eight kg / 9.9 to 17.6 lb
  • The place discovered: Endemic to the Philippines, primarily within the rainforests of Luzon, Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao
  • IUCN Conservation Standing: Critically Endangered

The World’s Largest Eagle?

The Philippine eagle is the world’s largest eagle when it comes to physique size and wing space, and the third-largest when it comes to weight, after Steller’s sea eagle and the harpy eagle.

The wingspan of the Philippine eagle, regardless of reaching an enormous 2.2 m / 7.22 ft., is proportionally barely smaller than that of similarly-sized eagles – an adaptation for maneuvering by the dense rainforest cover.

The Philippines

The Philippines is a Southeast Asian island nation positioned within the western Pacific Ocean. It consists of 7,641 islands, the most important of which is Luzon. The nation’s capital metropolis is Manilla, and its largest metropolis is Quezon Metropolis, each of that are positioned on Luzon. With a inhabitants of round 112,892,781, the Philippines is the world’s 12th most-populated nation.

What Does A Philippine Eagle Look Like?

Philippine Eagle
With its distinctive feathered crest, the Philippine eagle is among the most distinctive eagles.

The Philippine Eagle is famend for its majestic and imposing look. It has a physique size usually starting from 86 to 102 centimeters (34 to 40 inches) and has a sturdy and muscular construct.

The wingspan of this magnificent raptor is especially spectacular, extending as much as 2.2 meters (roughly 7.2 toes).

Weighing between 4.5 to eight kilograms (9.9 to 17.6 kilos), the Philippine Eagle possesses appreciable energy relative to its dimension.

The Philippine eagle’s plumage is predominantly darkish brown with a creamy-white nape and underparts, and its highly effective legs are yellow with giant, sharp talons.

Probably the most distinctive function of the Philippine Eagle is its distinguished crest of lengthy, brown feathers that may be raised or lowered relying on temper or habits.

The fowl’s giant invoice is a deep bluish-gray, including to its fearsome look. The eagle’s giant eyes present wonderful imaginative and prescient for recognizing prey from a distance.

The place Are Philippine Eagles Discovered?

The Philippine eagle is endemic to (solely present in) the Philippines – an archipelagic nation within the western Pacific Ocean. The fowl is current on simply 4 of the nation’s 7,000-plus islands: Luzon, Samar, Leyte and Mindanao. A lot of the fowl’s inhabitants is discovered on Mindanao.

The eagle lives in tropical rainforests, usually inhabiting excessive forest canopies in steep terrain. It nests in giant bushes usually located close to the forest edge, from which it could actually simply scout for prey.

Philippine Eagle Food regimen

Crab Eating Macaque
The crab-eating macaque is prey to the “monkey-eating eagle”.

The Philippine Eagle is a high predator in its forest ecosystem. It has a diverse eating regimen that primarily consists of small to medium-sized mammals and reptiles.

The eagle’s most popular prey contains the Philippine flying lemur, Asian palm civet, Malay civet, Northern Luzon big cloud rat, crab-eating / long-tailed macaque, in addition to varied snakes, monitor lizards, and different small to medium-sized vertebrates.

Asian Palm Civet
The Asian Palm Civet is one other species preyed on by the Philippine eagle.

Philippine Eagle Household And Associated Species

The Philippine Eagle is the one member of its genus, Pithecophaga, and is a part of the subfamily Circaetinae.

Most of the members of this subfamily are often known as “snake eagles” or “serpent eagles” resulting from their specialty in searching this kind of prey. The Philippine eagle, nonetheless, is much less specialised than its family.

Circaetinae is a part of the household Accipitridae, which features a various vary of birds of prey similar to hawks, eagles, and kites, encompassing over 240 species. The Accipitridae household is characterised by birds with sharp talons and hooked beaks, tailored for searching and consuming different animals.

Philippine Eagle Life Cycle & Lifespan

Philippine Eagle Juvenile On Nest
Juvenile Philippine Eagle on nest. Picture: markaharper1, CC BY-SA 2.0, through Wikimedia Commons.

The life cycle of the Philippine eagle begins with courtship, which entails elaborate and spectacular aerial shows, demonstrating the prowess and compatibility of potential mates. As soon as a pair bonds, they continue to be monogamous, usually for all times.

Nesting usually happens in giant bushes excessive within the rainforest cover, the place the feminine lays a single egg each two years. The incubation interval lasts for about two months, with the feminine accountable for almost all of the incubation.

After hatching, the eaglet is fully depending on its dad and mom for meals. The juvenile eagle grows quickly, studying important survival abilities beneath the shut steering of its dad and mom. It takes round 5 to seven months for the younger eagle to fledge, though it could stay with the dad and mom for a substantial time afterward, honing its searching and flying talents.

The lifespan of the Philippine Eagle within the wild is estimated to be round 30 to 60 years, though this could differ based mostly on environmental situations and threats. In captivity, the place threats are minimized, these eagles can stay as much as 40 years or extra.

Life expectancy within the wild is usually shortened resulting from human-induced threats similar to habitat destruction, searching, and trapping. Feminine Philippine Eagles attain sexual maturity at round 5 years of age; males at seven.

The species’ low reproductive charge and the challenges it faces in its pure habitat implies that each profitable breeding cycle is important for its survival.

Is The Philippine Eagle Endangered?

The Philippine eagle has the IUCN conservation score “Critically Endangered”. This score is given to the world’s most threatened species.

The Philippine eagle’s whole inhabitants is estimated to quantity beneath 800 people, a determine considered reducing.

The Philippine eagle is endangered primarily resulting from habitat loss. A lot of the Philippines’ rainforest has been destroyed by logging. Unlawful searching is one other menace confronted by the eagle, in addition to unintended seize in traps meant for different species.

Philippine Eagle Movie

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology have made an unbelievable movie in regards to the Philippine eagle, which is at present free to look at on YouTube:

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