New PNSO Dinosaur Fashions in Inventory at The whole lot Dinosaur

5 new PNSO dinosaur fashions are in inventory at The whole lot Dinosaur. A cargo of PNSO prehistoric animal figures has arrived at our warehouse. Staff members have been busy contacting prospects about these 5 new PNSO dinosaur fashions.

Five new PNSO dinosaur models in stock.
The 5 new PNSO dinosaur fashions in inventory at The whole lot Dinosaur. Samuel the Alamosaurus (far left), Cayden the Zuul (left), Donald the Saurophaganax (centre) and the 2 PNSO Yangchuanosaurus figures (proper). Image credit score: The whole lot Dinosaur.

Image credit score: The whole lot Dinosaur

The picture (above) exhibits the 5 new PNSO dinosaur fashions. The large Alamosaurus determine is way left, subsequent is the one ornithischian within the group, Cayden the Zuul. The brand new Saurophaganax determine (Donald) is within the centre. The 2 new Yangchuanosaurus figures (Dapeng and Dayong) are on the far proper.

To view the vary of PNSO prehistoric animal figures in inventory at The whole lot Dinosaur: PNSO Prehistoric Animal Fashions and Figures.

New PNSO Dinosaur Fashions

The 5 new fashions have been specified by chronological order. Fashions of geologically older dinosaurs are on the correct. The geologically youngest mannequin, the Alamosaurus is on the far left of the {photograph}.

A spokesperson from The whole lot Dinosaur defined that in addition to exhibiting the packaging, the {photograph} supplied a possibility to focus on the substantial variations within the age of the dinosaurs represented by the figures.

  • Dapeng the Yangchuanosaurus magnus* Nomen dubium – the validity of this species has been questioned. Fossils most likely date from the Center to Late Jurassic.
  • Dayong the Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis – Center to Late Jurassic.
  • Donald the Saurophaganax – Late Jurassic.
  • Cayden the Zuul – Late Cretaceous (Campanian faunal stage).
  • Samuel the Alamosaurus – Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian faunal stage).
Dayong the Yangchuanosaurus
The excellent PNSO Dayong the Yangchuanosaurus is a brand new theropod determine within the firm’s mid-size mannequin sequence.

Courting the Age of Yangchuanosaurus Fossil Specimens

A number of taxa have been assigned to the Yangchuanosaurus genus. The geological age of fossils ascribed to this genus is intensive. For instance, some fossils ascribed to Yangchuanosaurus have been dated to the very Early Cretaceous (Berriasian faunal stage).

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