New Nanotyrannus Analysis Highlighted in Quick Video

A brand new scientific paper printed this week postulated that Nanotyrannus (N. lancensis) is a sound taxon. The research was printed within the journal “Fossil Research”. A number of strains of scientific enquiry have been explored, and the researchers concluded the fossil materials ascribed to Nanotyrannus in all probability didn’t symbolize examples of juvenile T. rex.

One of many authors of the research is Dr Nicholas Longrich of the College of Bathtub. The opposite creator is fellow palaeontologist Dr Evan Saitta, a PhD graduate of the College of Bristol and a postdoctoral researcher on the College of Chicago.

Every little thing Dinosaur group members created a brief video to spotlight this analysis.

Is Nanotyrannus (N. lancensis) a sound taxon? A brand new scientific research means that it’s. Video credit score: Every little thing Dinosaur.

Video credit score: Every little thing Dinosaur

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Nanotyrannus Fashions

The talk surrounding the validity of Nanotyrannus is prone to proceed. Certainly, this taxon has attracted controversy ever because it was first formally erected in 1946 (Gilmore). Nevertheless, mannequin producers have produced Nanotyrannus figures. For instance, in 2021 PNSO launched “Logan the Nanotyrannus” and Safari Ltd have made a Dino Dana Nanotyrannus (see under).

Dino Dana Nanotyrannus dinosaur model.
The Dino Dana Nanotyrannus dinosaur mannequin. Image credit score: Safari Ltd.

Dinosaur followers and mannequin collectors can focus on the validity of this taxon and maybe these tyrannosaurs can do battle with different tyrannosaur figures animals comparable to Tarbosaurus and naturally Tyrannosaurus rex.

To view the vary of Safari Ltd prehistoric animal fashions together with Dino Dana figures: Safari Ltd. Wild Safari Prehistoric World.

T. rex Ontogeny

Greater than twenty Tyrannosaurus rex specimens have been described. Palaeontologists are conscious that this dinosaur modified its physique plan dramatically because it grew and matured. A juvenile T. rex had a proportionately a lot smaller head, a slender neck and longer legs than the adults. This variation in physique form is so dramatic that in all chance, juveniles behaved very in a different way than mature animals. In addition they in all probability hunted in numerous methods.

It’s as if grownup and juvenile T. rex have been completely different species. If that is so, then juveniles occupied a really completely different area of interest within the ecosystem in comparison with the fully-grown tyrannosaurs. This helps to clarify the confusion over the taxonomy of all of the tyrannosaur specimens at present assigned to Nanotyrannus lancensis/Tyrannosaurus rex.

The scientific paper: “Taxonomic Standing of Nanotyrannus lancensis (Dinosauria: Tyrannosauroidea) — A Distinct Taxon of Small-Bodied Tyrannosaur” by Nicholas R. Longrich and Evan T. Saitta printed in Fossil Research.

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