New Haolonggood Dinosaur Fashions at Every thing Dinosaur

New Haolonggood Dinosaur Fashions

Crew members at Every thing Dinosaur took {a photograph} of the fourteen new Haolonggood dinosaur fashions that just lately arrived on the firm’s warehouse. The brand new figures characterize 5 theropods, one armoured dinosaur (Dacentrurus) and a titanosaur. The titanosaur is Ampelosaurus, which can be the biggest determine on this just lately arrived inventory.

Haolonggood dinosaur models.
Fourteen new Haolonggood dinosaur fashions arrived at Every thing Dinosaur’s warehouse just lately. Image credit score: Every thing Dinosaur.

To view the vary of Haolonggood prehistoric animal fashions in inventory at Every thing Dinosaur: Haolonggood Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Fashions.

Haolonggood Dinosaur Fashions

The fourteen figures characterize seven dinosaur genera. The {photograph} displaying the packing containers collectively offers collectors with an impression of the scale of the fashions relative to one another. The titanosaur determine (Ampelosaurus atacis) is the biggest. The tyrannosaur determine Daspletosaurus (D. torosus) is the second largest.

Right here is the total listing of the Haolonggood figures within the {photograph}:

  • Dacentrurus – Xuning.
  • Dacentrurus – Lingzhen.
  • Carnotaurus – Li Zhong.
  • Carnotaurus – Zhou Tong.
  • Daspletosaurus torosus – Wu Tune.
  • Daspletosaurus torosus – Lu Zhi Sheng.
  • Ampelosaurus – Solar Er Niang.
  • Ampelosaurus – Zhang Qing.
  • Dilophosaurus – Wang Ying/Hu San Niang.
  • Dilophosaurus – Solar Xin/Gu Da Sao.
  • Megaraptor – Shi Qian.
  • Megaraptor – Duan Jing Zhu.
  • Baryonyx – Shan Ting.
  • Baryonyx – Wei Ding Guo.

Haolonggood have established themselves quickly within the dinosaur mannequin accumulating market. They’ve already constructed up an intensive product vary. Every thing Dinosaur is trying ahead to highlighting new Haolonggood figures within the close to future.

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