Movie | Tawny Owls’ Lengthy Battle for Chicks of Their Personal | Luna & Bomber

After two years of failure, tawny owls Luna & Bomber lastly welcome their very personal chicks to the nest. However the journey to make sure their protected arrival is a troublesome one. 

Discovering a nest

In early January Luna & Bomber return to their favorite owl field, however there are indicators a barn owl has been right here.

Barn owl squatters

Barn owls Gylfie and Dryer have been utilizing the nest. A scuffle ensues however the barn owls don’t keep to combat.

Tawny owls settle in

With the barn owls gone, Bomber & Luna examine the nest and Luna scrapes a hole for her anticipated eggs.

Luna lays 1st egg

By early March, the primary egg is laid. Tawny owls incubate as quickly because the eggs are laid and so glimpses are uncommon.

Barn owls return

However that night time, while Luna is out, the barn owls return. While her associate Dryer retains watch, Gylfie faucets the egg- that is fascinating behaviour.


Then an unknown male tawny owl seems. Fortunately Bomber is close by and shortly flies to Luna’s assist. However the drama’s not over but. Gylfie’s returns and she or he heads straight in. A vicious combat ensues, however Luna will do the whole lot to maintain her egg protected. Extra tawny eggs Sixty-five hours after the primary, Luna reveals a second egg!

Snow blows into the nest

However the climate’s taken a flip and as Luna lays her third egg and fourth eggs snow blows in.


Now Luna has completed laying, the tawny owls have the lengthy process of incubation. For the following month, Bomber will present for Luna whereas she preserve the eggs heat… and protects them from hazard.

Kestrel invader

And there’s lots to maintain her busy. Watch her see off Jeff, a younger male kestrel, who can be fascinated by her nest!

Jackdaw assault

And jackdaws. This combat to guard the tawny owl eggs is brutal.

Chick calls from inside egg

By the sixth of April, Luna has been brooding for over a month. Then the nest fills with the sound of a chick calling from contained in the egg… and Luna calls again.

Hatching course of

The chick makes use of its egg tooth… a brief, sharp projection on its beak, to pierce the air sac contained in the shell. There’s solely a small reserve of air inside, so now it makes use of the egg tooth once more to ‘pip’ open the egg, making small holes because it rotates, a bit like a can opener.

Chick emerges

Quickly the crack extends all the way in which throughout, letting air inside… and reenergised, the chick slowly makes its method into the world.

First tiny wings wiggle from the shell.

Subsequent, it leverages its again onto the ground and pushes it legs up, then rolls its shoulders towards the highest till it will probably pull a leg out. Watch it then kick each legs agaist the wall of the shell to interrupt it. When the chick lastly emerges it’s exhausted.

Tawny household

After two years of failed clutches, it’s heartwarming to look at Luna tuck the hatchling below her feathers.

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