Movie | Tawny Owl v Barn Owl | Gylfie v Luna

When Gylfie the barn owl tried coming into Luna the tawny owl’s favorite nest

Tawny owls are territorial

Luna the tawny owl has nested on this field, named Beech Stump, for a number of years on the trot, and so when she returns to the roost and finds Gylfie the barn owl inside she doesn’t hesitate to assault.

Owl combat

Luna is obstructing the doorway and so Gylfie has no choice however to combat. Word how owls use their talons, and never their beaks as some individuals assume, to combat.

Barn owl assist

As the 2 owls battle it out they make lots of noise and the sound quickly attracts Gylfie’s devoted companion to the scene. Simply take a look at the alarm on his face as he perches, helpless, outdoors.

Gylfie will get out

Fortunately Gylfie manages to comb Luna to the aspect and make her escape and the barn owl pair beat a hasty retreat. Hopefully Gylfie gained’t attempt that once more! Luna savours victory Watch Luna give a short chase after which return to Beech Stump and settle quietly again all the way down to roost. She has been spending her days right here since earlier than Christmas – regulate her on the livestreams to see if she lays quickly.



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