Movie | Rescued Kestrel Chicks Reunited With Wild Household

Movie | Rescued Kestrel Chicks Reunited With Wild Household


When the mom of those six kestrel chicks disappeared, I took three in for additional care. This movie takes up the story as they return to the nest.

Kestrel chicks need assistance

When Mrs Kes disappeared, her six kestrel chicks couldn’t survive with out her. The youngest three had been significantly weak so I took them in to my care. However I made a decision to depart the older three within the nest, the place their kestrel dad Mr Kes was studying to tackle the position of full time carer.

Kestrel male wants assist

However regardless of working additional laborious to hunt, brood and feed his chicks, Mr Kes wasn’t getting sufficient meals to his chicks. So I helped out and took additional meals to the kestrel chicks within the nest and shortly they started to develop, studying to stroll on shaky legs and flapping their wings for the primary time.

Rescued chicks

In the meantime, I fed the youthful three chicks six occasions a day and saved them heat indoors till they had been prepared to return into the kestrel nest with their siblings.

Again within the nest

I gave the chicks one final feed earlier than returning them one after the other to the kestrel nest. The chicks squawked nosily as I positioned them again in, a superb signal that they’re sturdy once more! However their siblings appeared scared and it’s a whereas earlier than all six kestrel chicks cool down.

Reunited with kestrel dad

Then its time for a very powerful reunion. Kestrel dad Mr Kes arrives with a mouse for his hungry brood. He’s so focussed on the job of sharing out the meal he doesn’t appear to observed the second half of his brood is again! 

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