Movie | Owl Mum Brings Up Chicks After Dad Dies | Full Story | Gylfie & Finn

The love between barn owls Gyflie & Finn was indeniable. This pair have been inseparable, as to devoted to one another as they have been to their chicks. And this legacy lived on of their chicks, even after devoted owl dad Finn sadly died. 

Securing a nest

The story begins in January 2022 as these barn owls earch for the proper nest. Feminine Gylfie dithers and the stress mounts as kestrels and tawny owls start taking the perfect spots. Finally there’s just one possibility left, a nest field I madem from previous elm tree stump.


Regardless of being a longtime pair, this owl couple should renew their bonds, and their recent devotion is touching – Finn appears reluctant to go away Gylfie’s facet.

Owl eggs

In Could Gylfie lays her first egg, then one each two-to-three-days till she has 4. Not like some birds of prey, barn owl eggs are incubated as quickly as they’re laid and so Gylfie begins the lengthy course of, while Finn brings her meals.

Chicks hatch

After a month of incubation, the primary chick hatches. Then one other two. One egg fails to hatch and Gylfie discards it.

Chicks develop

Because the chicks develop, their characters develop. Viewers of this channel nickname them Freya, Griffin and Fern, from eldest to youngest. With eight days between them there’s fairly a measurement distinction. As Freya grows, she turns into fairly fiesty, rudely snatching meals from her mother and father.


A heatwave strikes and the countryside rapidly dries up. Water is scarce and the wildlife begins to hunt out animal water troughs within the surrounding farmland.

RIP Finn

When Finn doesn’t flip up at some point, I search greater than 20 troughs and discover him tragically drowned.

Supporting the owl household

Now that Gylfie should take care of the chicks alone, I assist out with meals deliveries.

Chicks present affection

After their father dies, I discover an uncommon bond growing between the barn owl chicks. The place usually I might anticipate them to compete for meals, the trio start to share.

ID rings

At seven weeks, the chicks are tagged. Now it will likely be attainable to hint them via the remainder of their lives. Gylfie will get a brand new mate Because the chicks turn out to be extra impartial, I discover Gylfie spends extra time away. It’s quickly clear she has a brand new mate. We verify this male owls’ ID ring and uncover he’s a rescued owl who grew up right here at Fotherdale – alongside Finn!


On the finish of July, Freya fledges the nest, adopted over the next weeks by Griffin and Fern. Freya, Griffin and Fern have come a great distance since they have been tiny owls and have needed to overcome the lack of their father. After such a begin, it’s so great to look at these chicks fly free and powerful.

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