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Pine martens are elusive and tough to look at within the wild, so after I monitor down an lovable pine marten household in Scotland’s Ardnamurchan peninsula I get a uncommon glimpse into their secret, wild lives. 

Scotland’s pine martens

These pine martens have been filmed on the Ardnamurchan peninsula within the west coast of Scotland the place there’s a thriving inhabitants.


Within the 1900’s predator management and habitat loss virtually drove this species to extinction within the UK and these animals are nonetheless very uncommon in England.

Tracks and indicators

To seek out the pine martens I search for scat piles, droppings that these animals, like most mustelids use to mark their territory with their droppings.

Nocturnal animals

Pine martens are largely nocturnal, however might be energetic throughout the day.

Pine marten weight loss program

Within the wild, pine martens eat something from fruits and berries to small mammals and birds. To encourage one to indicate itself, I unfold peanut butter onto a rock and a woodland department.

Good climbers

Pine martens are extraordinarily agile and might climb vertical tree trunks with ease. They’ve lengthy sharp claws which assist them grip on slippery rocks and bushes.

Solitary animals

Pine martens are largely solitary, till the breeding season, which is July and August. So, after I spot three on my cameras I do know it should be a household. The kids are so playful!

Its nice to see so many pine martens thriving right here on the Ardnamurchan peninsula!

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