Maltipoo Male vs. Feminine – How Do They Evaluate? (With Photos)

Male vs Female Maltipoo - Featured Image

The Maltipoo is an instance of the numerous so-called designer canine that hit the world by storm within the Eighties. As it’s possible you’ll surmise by its identify, it’s a cross between two toy breeds, the Maltese and the Toy or Miniature Poodle. These pups deliver collectively a number of the finest traits of each breeds. Their small measurement makes them a wonderful selection for condo dwellers who need a loving pet to cuddle with on the couch.

Should you’ve determined to get a Maltipoo, it’s possible you’ll ponder whether it’s best to get a male or feminine pet. Quite a bit relies on how the pup was raised, and when it left its mom and littermates. The socialization interval between 3–12 weeks is essential in a canine’s temperament as an grownup. Let’s discover some variations that can assist you select one of the best pet for you.


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Visible Variations

Male vs Female Maltipoo - Visual Differences
Picture Credit score: Left – Male Maltipoo (MrKawa, Shutterstock) | Feminine Maltipoo (, Shutterstock)

At a Look

Male Maltipoo

  • Common peak (grownup): 10–14 inches

  • Common weight (grownup): 10–20 kilos

  • Lifespan: 10-12 years

  • Grooming wants: Excessive

  • Household-friendly: Good with youngsters. Nonetheless because the males are usually larger than females, supervision when interacting with youngsters is really helpful

  • Trainability: Excessive. Their eagerness to please and meals motivation make these canine straightforward to coach

Feminine Maltipoo

  • Common peak (grownup): 9–12 inches

  • Common weight (grownup): 5–15 kilos

  • Lifespan: 10-13 years

  • Grooming wants: Excessive

  • Household-friendly: Sure, glorious with youngsters

  • Trainability: Excessive and simple. Have a tendency to hunt approval and are food-oriented making them straightforward to coach

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Male Maltipoo Overview

a male brown maltipoo dog
Picture Credit score: MrKawa, Shutterstock

Persona / Character

One trait frequent with many small breeds is aggression. Scientists theorize it might be a failure of not selectively breeding it out of those canine. In spite of everything, a bit pup would hardly strike concern in many individuals. It might additionally relaxation with the animals’ decrease peak. Not less than one examine has discovered a correlation between this trait and a few undesirable behaviors, like dog-directed concern.

These findings are extra important if you happen to delay or don’t neuter your Maltipoo. Nonetheless, you’ll possible discover that male canine are playful and affectionate if given sufficient consideration. They’re delicate animals and don’t like being alone.

Variability within the weight and peak relies on whether or not one of many mother and father is a Toy or Miniature Poodle. The previous gained’t develop greater than 6 kilos and 10 inches tall. The Maltese brings its light, candy nature to the combo, whereas the Poodle provides its intelligence and agility to the Maltipoo. A male may be noticeably bigger than a feminine, relying on the actual combine.


The Poodle’s intelligence makes this pup straightforward to practice. It’s desperate to please, particularly if a deal with is concerned. We additionally counsel making socialization a precedence for puppies to quell any aggressive tendencies that come up from unfamiliar conditions. Expose your pup to different canine and other people whereas it’s younger. It’s additionally sensible to get them used to being in a automotive.

Well being & Care

Each mum or dad breeds are comparatively wholesome with few points. However, it’s important to get a Maltipoo from a good vendor who conducts pre-breeding well being screenings. The Orthopedic Basis for Animals (OFA) recommends a DNA-based Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) take a look at and an analysis for patellar luxation after your pet is 1 12 months outdated.

We additionally counsel having your Maltipoo examined for coronary heart points based mostly on the OFA’s suggestions for Maltese pups. You also needs to monitor your pet’s weight, since weight problems may worsen these situations:

  • Patellar luxation
  • Coronary heart Points
  • Eye issues
  • Congenital liver situations


Breeding or neutering is a choice we strongly urge you to debate along with your veterinarian. The latter will help curb aggression related to sexual maturity in males. Nonetheless, the timing of the process might heighten your pet’s threat of particular well being situations and behavioral issues. It’s value noting that the fee and restoration are cheaper, in addition to simpler for male canine versus females.

  • Decrease neutering prices

  • Assured nature

  • Clever
  • Threat of aggressive conduct

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Feminine Maltipoo Overview

a brown female Maltipoo dog sitting on beach chair
Picture Credit score: Heidi Bollich, Shutterstock

Persona / Character

A feminine Maltipoo is simply as cute and pleasant as a male pup. Once more, we should return to socialization and its affect on a pet’s conduct. It’s value mentioning that this canine is vulnerable to separation nervousness, though it’s extra of a care subject than one related to the pup’s intercourse. The feminine would possibly change into extra aggressive and protecting over its toys or meals when it’s in estrus or warmth.


Its eagerness to please makes the Maltipoo a wonderful selection for a first-time pet proprietor. They’re playful pups that can get alongside properly with youngsters, which applies equally to female and male canine. The distinction might lie with its measurement. Mother and father ought to supervise playtime with younger youngsters with a small pup that won’t deal with roughhousing properly.

Well being & Care

Females require the identical care as their male counterparts. They’re in danger for a similar congenital and hereditary well being points, making well being screenings crucial. Females require extra care and a spotlight throughout their estrus cycles with intact animals. The principle variations between the sexes contain neutering. The Maltese and Poodle share some genetic susceptibility to particular situations, no matter intercourse, resembling:

  • Patellar luxation
  • Coronary heart Points
  • Eye issues
  • Congenital liver situations


As we’ve mentioned, it’s best to seek the advice of your vet about neutering and its timing along with your pet. Smaller canine attain sexual maturity at about 8–12 months. Some specialists assume it’s important for a canine to get to this life stage earlier than neutering due to hormonal involvement in progress and improvement. The Maltipoo and its mum or dad breeds have a median threat of creating sex-related situations, like mammary tumors.

One other concern lies with urinary incontinence. Spayed females usually tend to develop this situation than intact ones, which is especially true with bigger animals. The everyday prevalence is between 5%–20%. These findings have prompted veterinarians to advocate permitting a feminine to undergo its first cycle due to the attainable hormonal influences.

Whereas some breeds had a larger chance of creating most cancers and joint illness with neutering, the proof means that it’s as much as the pet proprietor and their veterinarian to make the decision. Spaying is a extra invasive surgical procedure that’s dearer than neutering for males.

  • Candy disposition

  • Smaller measurement
  • Well being dangers related to spaying
  • Costlier to spay a pet

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Gender and Pet Allergic reactions

Maybe one of many driving elements for breeding the Maltese and Toy Poodle is that neither breed sheds. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have an effect on your threat of canine allergic reactions. Opposite to common perception, it’s often the animal’s dander inflicting the problem and never its hair. Scientists have recognized six allergens produced by canine and located of their saliva and urine.

Curiously, additionally they level to an sudden distinction between men and women. Researchers have recognized a selected protein produced within the prostate of males. Moreover, a take a look at now exists that may decide whether or not you’re allergic to that individual protein. When you’ve got a canine allergy, you might have higher luck getting a feminine Maltipoo than a male.

Maltese, Poodles, and Maltipoos are all glorious selections for delicate people, anyway. The take a look at can higher your possibilities of having fun with having one in all these animals as a pet. It’s value mentioning that the idea of a hypoallergenic pet is fake, as all canines produce dander. We propose avoiding shopping for from a vendor who makes these claims about their puppies.

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Conclusion: Which Gender is Proper For You?

Whereas some character variations exist, a male or feminine Maltipoo will make a pleasant pet. They’re light and loving canine that may brighten your life with their unconditional love. The issues which will sway you in the direction of one or the opposite are principally minor, except you might be allergic to males. That may make your selection a no brainer. When you’ve got the time to dedicate to a pet, you possibly can’t go improper with a Maltipoo.

Featured Picture Credit score: Left – Male Maltipoo (MrKawa, Shutterstock) | Proper – Feminine Maltipoo (Elena Bennett, Shutterstock)

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