Male vs Feminine Corgi: How Are They Completely different?

Male Corgi vs Female Corgi

Corgis are little canines with large hearts, a pleasant “smile” completely etched into their options, and a fluffy, wiggly butt—how might we not love them? Should you’re eager about sharing your life with a Corgi, one in every of your questions may be “Is there a distinction between female and male Corgis?”. This isn’t straightforward to reply as a result of each Corgi is exclusive.

A Corgi’s temperament and persona come right down to their socialization and their character—simply as there are such a lot of numerous persona traits in people, canines aren’t any exception. Anecdotal proof from Corgi house owners factors to sure variations in women and men, however these are simply generalizations.

On this put up, we’ll discover what Corgi house owners should say in regards to the variations between female and male Corgis in addition to any organic variations which may be current.

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Visible Variations

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At a Look

Male Corgi

  • Common peak (grownup): 10–12 inches
  • Common weight (grownup): As much as 30 kilos

Feminine Corgi

  • Common peak (grownup): 10–12 inches
  • Common weight (grownup): As much as 28 kilos

Divider 4Corgi Breed 101

Pembroke Welsh Corgis—typically shortened to easily “Corgis”—are small to medium-sized canines within the herding group. As their identify suggests, they originated in Wales and had been bred to herd cattle and different livestock on farms.

The Corgi’s ancestors might have been round as early because the tenth century and even earlier than, and it’s unsure from which breed they descend. It’s potential that they share lineage with Pomeranians and Schipperkes, or they might have originated from Viking canines Swedish Vallhunds.

Regardless of their stocky look, Corgis are wonderful herding canines—good, fast, obedient, and nimble. Additionally they make great companion canines and household canines due to their affectionate, family-oriented, and pleasant tendencies.

Although Pembroke Welsh Corgis are comparable in look to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, they’re not the identical breed. Cardigan Welsh Corgis are a tad greater and heavier than Pembrokes with pointier ears. Additionally they have completely different markings.

There are 4 Pembroke Welsh Corgi colours accepted by the AKC—black and tan, fawn, crimson, and sable. Solely white markings are thought-about commonplace. Against this, there are 11 Cardigan Welsh Corgi colours—5 of that are commonplace—and 7 markings.

Male Corgi Overview

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Persona / Character

Basically, Corgis are stated to be affectionate and clever canines. In line with Corgi house owners, the male Corgi’s temperament ranges from docile and chilled-out to daring and unbiased. Some described their male Corgis as tremendous cuddly and playful and stated that they experience human consideration. Alternatively, some male Corgis had been described as extra “aloof” in temperament.

This goes to indicate {that a} canine’s gender doesn’t assure the temperament they’ll have! As defined by PetMD, one other generalization is that male canines are inclined to mature at a slower charge than females, so that they may be extra “puppy-like” for longer.


Male Corgis are very aware of coaching—they’re good, wanting to please, and filled with vitality, so there’s no purpose they wouldn’t be capable of be taught fundamental home coaching and tips on how to behave on a leash. Male canines are identified for maturing extra slowly than females, although, so that you may have to spend a bit of further time coaching your male Corgi.

Well being & Care

Corgis have a double coat that sheds closely through the shedding season (spring and fall). Because of this, you’ll have to equip your self with a de-shedding instrument and brush to sort out the fallout. The AKC recommends utilizing a slicker brush and comb each day to maintain the coat in tip-top situation.

Your Corgis ears also needs to be checked weekly to verify they’re clear. Common nail clipping and tooth brushing are additionally essential. Corgis are a typically wholesome breed, however they are often vulnerable to sure circumstances, together with:

Unneutered male Corgis are additionally extra prone to reproductive problems, together with testicular most cancers and prostate problems. Lastly, Corgis usually are not the very best at coping with climate extremes, so keep away from permitting them to spend an excessive amount of time exterior when it’s very popular or chilly.

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As talked about above, Corgis are vulnerable to sure well being circumstances. In case your Corgi comes from a accountable breeder, their background ought to have been checked for any well being circumstances that might have been handed down from their dad and mom.

  • Typically affectionate and pleasant

  • Typically good with kids and different pets

  • Trainable and clever

  • Thought-about a typically wholesome breed

  • Household-oriented
  • Unneutered males extra vulnerable to reproductive well being circumstances
  • Might require extra time to coach

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Feminine Corgi Overview

female pembroke welsh corgi
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Persona / Character

Like male Corgis, feminine Corgis are typically thought-about to be improbable companion canines—loving, loyal, and affectionate. In line with some feminine Corgi house owners, they’re a bit of extra vulnerable to stubbornness than males. They’re additionally identified for having extra of an unbiased streak.

This might come down partly to the feminine canine’s tendency to mature quicker than males, which could be a bonus as it would make them simpler to coach. Alternatively, some Corgi house owners described their females as being tremendous affectionate—much more so than their males. Once more—gender isn’t any assure of character!


As feminine canines are identified for being quicker to mature usually, this will make them simpler and faster to coach than males. This isn’t a marker of intelligence, thoughts you—simply the velocity at which the canine learns. Other than this chance, each female and male Corgis ought to reply to coaching effectively so long as it’s a firm-but-kind and constant canine guardian doing the job.

Well being & Care

Like male Corgis, feminine Corgis are vulnerable to the well being circumstances outlined above. As well as, unspayed feminine Corgis are extra prone to mammary most cancers and pyometra, which is an an infection brought on by hormonal modifications within the reproductive tract. In line with the ASPCA, round 25% of unspayed feminine canines will endure from this situation earlier than they flip 10 years previous.

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As with male Corgis, feminine Corgis are vulnerable to sure well being circumstances. Should you do resolve to buy a Corgi from a breeder, ensure you go for a good one which screens for potential well being points.

  • Typically affectionate and pleasant

  • Could also be faster to coach

  • Typically good kids and different pets

  • Thought-about a typically wholesome breed

  • Enjoyable-loving and dependable
  • Could also be extra cussed than males
  • Unspayed females vulnerable to mammary most cancers and pyometra

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Can I Undertake a Corgi?

Completely! We at all times suggest adoption over shopping for from a breeder the place potential as this implies giving a canine a second probability at a loving dwelling. It additionally helps to help the essential work that rescue organizations do.

There are Corgi rescue and rehoming organizations on the market, although these fashionable canines are more likely to get snapped up shortly. There’s often a price hooked up to adoptions, which varies relying on the canine’s age and the quantity set by particular person rescue organizations.

Adoption is much cheaper than shopping for from a breeder, although, and adoption charges usually go in the direction of veterinary bills like microchipping and spaying/neutering or in the direction of serving to the group proceed their work with different canines.

Which Gender Is Proper for You?

There isn’t any approach to know which gender of Corgi is best for you with out truly assembly the canine. It is because gender doesn’t dictate what sort of persona a canine has, so we suggest assembly and attending to know a bit of in regards to the Corgi you might have your eye on earlier than you make your determination. This can be a significantly better manner of deciding than happening gender alone.

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