Lynx dependancy to street pipes – Zoology by Vadim Sidorovich

Co-author Irina Rotenko

In one of many former posts we’ve already addressed to the query of utilization of street pipes by lynxes. Within the given submit we offer some additional outcomes on the query together with respective video-footage, whereas the previous submit was illustrated solely by photo-registrations.

Lynxes go to street pipes very often.  Within the heat season, they primarily use street pipes with out working water. In winter, when water is roofed with ice, nearly all pipes which can be massive sufficient are in lynx utilization. We tried to research this phenomenon and located 4 completely different functions of lynxes to come back to a street pipe. First, a street pipe is one thing visually excellent within the habitat construction at forest street. Such exceptional spots are marked by carnivores, together with lynxes. Snowtracking knowledge recommend that about 88% of visits of street pipes by lynxes (n=324) was, at the very least, partly for territorial marking. Additionally, we observed  that in 59% of the registered instances lynxes have been strolling on the road-forest ecotone, then they entered the street pipes and out of the blue (i.e. out of the blue for a attainable prey) appeared on the alternative aspect of the street.  As soon as, a lynx killed a roe deer on the reverse aspect of the street near the pipe entrance. One other time a raccoon canine was killed by a lynx with such a fashion. So, passing street pipe by lynx has additionally a looking sense. Throughout wet climate or moist snow cowl lynxes, whereas getting into a street pipe, shake up and generally roll to dry the moist fur (32 registrations), and generally they relaxation inside (10 registrations, at the very least). Three of the ten resting (perhaps hunt-watching on the similar time) continued for fairly lengthy, roughly for 7, 11 and 14 hours. Being inside street pipe, lynxes couched on some substratum inside (sand, dry stays of vegetation).

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