It is Flea Season Once more! Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Cat and House with These Steps

Fleas could be a downside even for the cleanest cat and spotless properties. Here is tips on how to verify for indicators of fleas and deal with your pet and residential to maintain fleas away.

Flea Info

a cat scratching an itchy ear

  • Fleas are what are known as exterior parasites. Multiple variety can infect a single host. Totally different fleas embrace canine, cat, bunny, and human fleas.
  • Solely grownup fleas suck blood from their host. Grownup fleas have mouthparts only for puncturing the pores and skin and drawing blood from their host.
  • A flea can dwell between 2 weeks to a yr; a feminine flea can lay as much as 50 – 1,500 eggs in a lifetime.
  • A flea can leap greater than 100 instances its physique dimension.
  • Roughly 95% of flea eggs, larvae, and pupae survive within the surroundings and never your pet.

How To Rid Cats Of Fleas

how to get rid of cat fleas

As quickly as you have confirmed the presence of those pesky hitchhikers in your cat, you may wish to eradicate them quick. And since not all flea merchandise are efficient in each life stage, you may must do various things to fully take away fleas in your pet and residential. It’s best to take three steps to take care of these pesky creatures.

1. Take away as many fleas as attainable with a comb and a shower.

For those who can see fleas, flea dust, or flea eggs in your cat, brush your cat with a flea comb. Observe this by bathing your cat to take away as many fleas as attainable. I do know this may be simpler mentioned than achieved, particularly in case your cat just isn’t a fan of bathing (and plenty of cats don’t take pleasure in this). I counsel not forcing it. A substitute for bathing is utilizing a sprig bottle to drown the fleas with out submerging your cat in water. To do that, gently spray your cat with water, then instantly run a flea comb by the hair. Put any fleas into the water and dish cleaning soap resolution so they do not leap again onto your cat.

2. Administer a flea treatment particularly created for cats.

After eradicating as many fleas as attainable with Step One, you may must deal with your feline for fleas at each life stage: egg, larvae, pupa, and grownup. I like to recommend getting a long-lasting prescription product that ensures to eradicate all. As a result of flea eggs could be dormant for weeks, remedy should cowl a number of months so the eggs don’t hatch and begin the issue once more. There are a lot of flea medicines that you should utilize for cats. Ask your vet for strategies as a result of the dosage is dependent upon weight, age, and different variables. Make sure that what you are utilizing in your cat is NOT for canines, provided that flea remedies for canines could be toxic when used on cats. It is best observe to all the time ask your vet for strategies earlier than beginning any remedy, particularly in case your feline is pregnant or nursing.

Here is a fast rundown of the widespread sorts of flea remedies for cats:

quick rundown of cat treatments

Spot-On Flea Remedies

These are medicinal fluids utilized to the again of your cat’s neck. Most of those are utilized as soon as each month and are absorbed into your cat’s bloodstream to guard towards parasites; these medicines work immediately. When utilizing these merchandise, you must observe the label pointers meticulously. After utility, the purpose is to maintain your cat away from different pets within the residence residence whereas the treatment soaks up. Additionally, hold an eye fixed so your cat doesn’t rub it off. Not all spot-on remedies want a prescription. Nonetheless, it is best to speak to your vet earlier than administering medicines to your pet.

If a month-to-month spot-on flea remedy is not your best option in your cat, it’s possible you’ll get them for a flea collar that comprises the lively elements flumethrin and imidacloprid. 

Keep in mind that cat flea collars want a breakaway mechanism to forestall your feline from getting entangled when climbing and hiding in small locations.

Oral Medicine

One other fast solution to eliminate fleas is with oral medicines. Capsules with the lively ingredient nitenpyram kill grownup fleas inside half-hour. Nonetheless, these are usually not long-lasting; you may want one other dosage in case your cat will get fleas as soon as extra. Chewables with lively elements are one other fast-acting drugs that kills fleas earlier than they lay eggs and provides a month of flea safety from attainable infestations sooner or later.

Shampoos, Powders, and Sprays

You’ll find these in pet provide shops. Nonetheless, I need to warning that these merchandise are usually not the best as a result of they do not have a long-lasting impact that addresses the hatching eggs. Older flea merchandise may also be much less efficient as a result of fleas have change into proof against their results.

Pure Cures

In search of “pure” cures could be alluring. Nonetheless, as fleas are evolving to be extra resilient, pure or home made options like important oils, a concoction of dish cleaning soap, apple cider vinegar, and so on., are usually not practically sufficient to kill all of the fleas in your cat.

3: Cease fleas from coming again.

Though oral and spot-on medicines could eliminate cat fleas in hours, it is important to make use of them all through the advisable time to fully eradicate the flea downside. You need to routinely re-apply the remedies if wanted and based mostly on the product’s directions. 

Treating Your House for Fleas

treating your home of fleas

Along with treating the cat, you may additionally must take steps to eradicate any fleas or eggs that will nonetheless be inside your private home. Fleas usually disguise in furnishings, rugs, and beds—primarily the place your feline rests often. Flea eggs inside the home will hatch later and can begin discovering a furry pal to suck blood, so that you also needs to kill these uninvited houseguests as quickly as attainable with help from the vacuum cleaner. 

Professionals say that the combo of vacuum and washing makes a giant distinction in environment friendly flea remedy. Give attention to vacuuming nooks and crannies reminiscent of sofa cushions and anyplace your cats like to hang around.

Instantly put the vacuum bag inside a sealed plastic bag, and wash the canister instantly so no fleas escape. While you’ve handled your cat, steam cleansing carpets and furnishings assist to make sure fleas are killed, regardless of their life phases. 

Together with correctly treating your pet, vacuuming and washing materials are normally sufficient to eradicate most fleas out of your residence. Clear sheets, pet beds, and pillows inside every week of treating your cat. Use the high-heat setting in your washer and garments dryer.

Nonetheless, cleansing and vacuuming are usually not sufficient for some properties— particularly if they’ve a cussed flea infestation. On this case, think about a house flea spray or “bug bomb” to handle an infestation. 

For those who nonetheless have fleas after doing the above steps, it is time to name a pest management professional. Specialists will be capable to assess the infestation and kill the fleas, their eggs, and their larvae. Full remedy could take a couple of classes.

Stopping Fleas from Coming Again

preventing fleas from coming back

The important thing to stopping fleas is to by no means allow them to take maintain within the first place. Most vets advise year-round flea prevention for all felines and canines since they’re much simpler to forestall than eradicate. Additionally, whereas it’s true that cats and canine fleas are technically totally different, they won’t draw back from sucking the blood of whoever is out there. Both type of flea can crossover and infect each cats and canines. Cats are worthy of flea prevention. We do that on a regular basis for canines, however most won’t take the time to do that preventative take care of cats.  

Cats usually get fleas outside. So along with preventative measures inside the house, do these to maintain fleas out of your garden:

  • Lower the yard and cut back brush areas the place fleas may, reminiscent of hideouts. 
  • Contemplate treating your yard with exterior merchandise for fleas prevention to maintain the pesky bugs away.

Bear in mind: 12 months-round prevention is essential to maintain fleas away, particularly for cats with a historical past of flea infestation. As soon as you have handled your cat for fleas, make investments a couple of weeks diligently vacuuming and washing. Eradicating each flea could take as much as three months, so be in keeping with cleansing and preventative flea boundaries. Additionally, regulate any pores and skin points that might want a better examination by your veterinarian. Contact your veterinarian for any considerations regarding treating your cat for fleas.

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