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I really like all the pieces about cats, however I’ve a particular weak point for his or her whiskers. Apart from serving to them navigate at nighttime and decide whether or not they can slot in small areas, whiskers additionally specific moods and emotions. When a cat’s whiskers are free by the aspect of his face, it means the cat is content material. When the whiskers abruptly bunch up backward and lie flat on the face, it means one thing occurred to harass or scare the cat. I’ve learn that cats whose whiskers are broken have hassle with stability and are sometimes disoriented. They’re such complicated creatures with a lot to inform us. (Though I perceive “feline,” I’m nonetheless working to enhance my “bunny.”)

Howard and I pay shut consideration to our cats’ physique language. That is so vital, because it’s the one manner they will tell us one thing is inflicting discomfort or making them upset. The opposite day, for instance, Walter was rubbing his little ear rather a lot after which I observed he was doing it an increasing number of all through the day. He sprayed the curtains quickly after and I then completely knew one thing was occurring. I cleaned his ear with the answer my vet gave me some time in the past. The following day he was like a brand new little man. No discomfort, no spraying, no rubbing.

Generally what cats try to inform us is so vital. Every time our kitties have been sick, they’ve tell us, and this contains our valuable Poopy Pebble. The primary signal was a change in her urge for food. She misplaced a lot weight, though she was ravenous and ate like there was no tomorrow. Assessments and bloodwork…ultrasounds and extra bloodwork. My specialists suspected lymphoma. Then we discovered she has Inflammatory Bowel Illness (IBD) in addition to Pancreatic Enzyme Deficiency. She is presently getting B12 injections weekly, every day pred, pancreatic enzyme capsules earlier than every of her six small meals a day, anti-nausea capsules, and a strict pure protein eating regimen, which is tough to handle when there are six different resident cats. She is so excessive upkeep however it’s great that she’s feeling higher. She’s again to her sassy self!

I’m grateful that Pebble is with us and we’re capable of maintain her now…when she wants us a lot. So many are usually not as fortunate.

And that’s why all of us need to make 2024 the very best 12 months ever for homeless pets. I examine a shelter in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, (my dwelling state!) that was celebrating Christmas by being almost empty for the primary time in 47 years! (One cat remained, who then discovered a house too.) That was such an exquisite factor to see. Nonetheless… it didn’t take lengthy for the shelter to start out filling up once more.

Sadly, 2023 was a troublesome 12 months for shelters. A nonprofit group known as Shelter Animals Depend, which collects and analyzes information from shelters throughout the nation, says that shelters are dealing with a disaster, with many extra animals coming in than getting adopted. These numbers have gotten worse in the course of the previous couple of years, a few of it because of the pandemic and the financial system. I do know from expertise that that is true. For the time being, I’m getting two three-year-old British Shorthairs who have been adopted in the course of the pandemic by a person who now’s again to his busy life and not wants the companionship. Actually? Oh, boy!

Pets like these compete for properties with so many others, together with all my grownup and kitten fosters like Ruben whose little face speaks for itself. Ruben is one in every of seven kittens born to Mama Ruby in November. Since then, he’s taken my IG by storm. There’s all the time that “one” in a litter, and he appears to have captured the hearts of all my IG buddies! He actually is one-of-a-kind cute.

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