I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Zby (Episode 134)

Episode 134 is all about Zby, a Turiasaurian sauropod that lived within the Late Jurassic in what’s now Portugal.

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On this episode, we focus on:

Film Overview: You’re Umasou

The dinosaur of the day: Zby

  • Turiasaurian sauropod that lived within the Late Jurassic in what’s now Portugal
  • Discovered within the Lourinhã Formation
  • Fossils first present in 1996, and was excavated in 1996, 2000, and 2002
  • Described and named in 2014 by Octávio Mateus, Philip D. Mannion, and Paul Upchurch
  • Named after Georges Zybszewski a Russian-French paleontologist, who studied paleontology and geology in Portugal
  • Just one species: Zby atlanticus
  • The species title refers back to the “scenic bay over the Atlantic Ocean” the place the specimen was discovered
  • Identified from the holotype, which was a partial skeleton with an entire tooth with a root, a part of a cervical neural arch, anterior chevron, and practically full proper pectoral girdle and forelimb
  • Just one tooth was discovered, but it surely was an entire tooth crown and root. Sauropod tooth that had been shed whereas the sauropod was alive often solely have the crown (the basis was reabsorbed). As a result of this tooth had the crown and root, the tooth most likely was separated from the cranium concerning the specimen died
    The tooth had derived traits solely seen in basal sauropods or eusauropods (wrinkled enamael overlaying many of the crown, the spatulate crown form, labial grooves, and a “V”-shaped put on)
  • It was an eusauropod dinosaur, a derived clade of sauropods
  • Not clear how large Zby was, not sufficient fossils to know
  • Zby is the fourth sauropod named from the Late Jurassic of Portugal
  • Carefully associated to Turiasaurus riodevensis, a sauropod that lived on the identical time however in Spain (and presumably the biggest sauropod that lived in Europe). That they had related tooth and forelimbs
  • A preliminary examine in 2009 discovered similarities with Turiasaurians and tentatively referred Zby to Turiasaurus riodevensis
  • As a result of Zby and Turiasaurus lived on the identical time, it’s potential they might be the identical genus or species, however extra detailed comparisons present sufficient variations to make them separate genera, based on the authors/scientists who formally named Zby. It’s additionally exhausting to check the 2 because it’s primarily based solely on their tooth and forelimb parts, so there could also be much more variations between the 2
  • Different dinosaurs that lived in the identical time and place embrace the sauropods Lourinhasaurus,‭ ‬Lusotitan, Dinheirosaurus, stegosaurs Stegosaurus,‭ ‬Dacentrurus, Miragaia, and theropods Torvosaurus,‭ ‬Allosaurus,‭ ‬Ceratosaurus, Lourinhanosaurus
  • Can see a solid of Zby (pectoral girdle and forelimb solely) on the Wills Memorial Constructing in Bristol (U.Ok.), and the Saurier Museum Aathal (Aathal, Switzerland)

Enjoyable Truth:

The egg mountain in You’re Umasou might be primarily based on the true life egg mountain within the Two drugs formation close to Bynum, Montana.

  • We did our dinosaur dig very shut by the place Sabrina picked out egg shells from a nest
  • Space recognized for Maisaura “good mom lizard”
  • a number of (presumably communal) nests
  • first proof of seemingly dinosaur parental care
  • Troodon stays have additionally been discovered there


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