I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Siats (Episode 135)

Episode 135 is all about Siats, a dinosaur named after a predatory, man-eating monster in Ute Native American mythology.

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On this episode, we talk about:


  • Researchers 3D printed a life measurement versatile Australovenator foot, then added mushy tissues based mostly on emu ft to create new footprints in PeerJ
  • One other new troodontid discovery from China Daliansaurus liaoningensis with tiny serrated enamel, printed in Geologica Sinica
  • Including to the feathered tail and wings in amber, we now have most of an early chook preserved in amber, printed in Gondwana Analysis
  • Gregory Paul made a case for rearing sauropods in a brand new paper printed in The Anatomical Report
  • A fossil present in 1965 has been lately confirmed to be a dinosaur egg in response to Japan Instances
  • The primary theropod cranium has been present in British Columbia in response to CBC
  • A brand new dinosaur from Dinosaur Provincial Park shall be named after the paleontologist’s mom additionally on CBC
  • John Scannella has been formally named the “John R. Horner Curator of Paleontology” on the Museum of the Rockies
  • Some in Fresno are hoping that the brand new fame of Augustynolophus will deliver extra science curiosity to its dwelling city in response to The Fresno Bee
  • Bears Ears (close to the Rainbows and Unicorns website) was proclaimed a nationwide monument and will include early dinosaurs in response to Inside Science
  • Scott Individuals described Canadian and Mongolian Saurolophines whose scales might present noticed and striped patterns respectively on CBC
  • Dinosaur Residence shared the sophisticated historical past of Dravidosaurus in India and the chance for Cretaceous stegosaurs
  • Greater than a Dodo detailed the early historical past of dinosaurs and the way fashionable scientists examine them
  • SVPOW shared a Google Doc by Gunna Bivens which goals to listing as many dinosaur specimens as potential
  • The Institute for the Examine of Mongolian Dinosaurs clarified the distinction between Velociraptor and Utahraptor
  • The Pure Historical past Museum of Utah posted about their Cleveland-Lloyd exhibit, in response to all of the current hype
  • Blooloop featured Dinosaurs within the Wild and Tim Haines who led the inventive course of the exhibit
  • The Wollaton Corridor in Nottingham, UK needed to shut down for a pair weeks to prepare of a big dinosaur exhibit from China in response to BBC
  • The Museums of Western Colorado hosted the thirtieth Annual Dinosaur Day at their Dinosaur Journey location in response to Western Slope Now
  • The College of Kansas is working with college students and volunteers to excavate a T. rex in Montana this summer time
  • The Wyoming Dinosaur Heart is internet hosting every week of paleontology packages this July for highschool college students in response to Cody Enterprise
  • The North Dakota Geological Survey is internet hosting 4 occasions this summer time throughout the state in response to Bismarck Tribune
  • The Philip J Currie Dinosaur Museum is providing common excursions to the Pipestone Creek bonebed, and a free month-to-month lecture collection in response to Each day Herald Tribune
  • Louisville, Kentucky might have a $80 million aquarium and dinosaur park as quickly as 2021 in response to LEX18
  • DawnDinos is working with the scholars on the Metropolis of London Academy to make dinosaurs from clay, collage, origami, and art-straws
  • The Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science each have momentary dinosaur sights developing
  • The Pure Historical past Museum in London gave a dwell tour (which is accessible right here) together with footage behind the scenes
  • The Morrison Pure Historical past Museum is displaying the hatchling Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus footprints in response to The Pueblo Chieftain
  • Extinct Monsters tried to research if museums over symbolize Dinosaur fossils, spoiler alert… they don’t
  • Transmitting Science is providing a scientific illustration course in Barcelona, Spain
  • Kotlas, Russia, opened a brand new park energetic sized dinosaur and different prehistoric sculptures on June 10 in response to RBTH
  • The LEGO home in Billund, Denmark will characteristic three big T. rex fashions from DUPLO, TECHNIC and SYSTEM in response to brothers-brick
  • Gamespot is reporting that Jurassic World 2 shall be a Spanish horror thriller based mostly on feedback by Colin Trevorrow
  • SVPOW hypothesized that sauropods might have stomped on turtles to get some fast protein and calcium
  • Nerdist confirmed Artist Chris Rodley’s creations of a neural community that takes illustrations of dinosaurs and redesigns them as flowers and fruit
  • Love within the Time of Chasmosaurs shared artist Gabriel Ugueto’s posters of dinosaurs and different paleofauna by geological formation
  • Science Comics: Dinosaurs is up for the Eisner Awards for comics this 12 months in response to The Beat
  • The brand new e-book Dad and the Dinosaur by Gennifer Choldenko and Dan Santat encompasses a father, son, & dinosaur story in response to NWI
  • One other new e-book, Tiny Dinosaurs by Joel Stewart encompasses a younger lady discovering dinosaurs in her yard in response to The Gaurdian
  • Tremendous Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Swap will characteristic a playable T. rex in response to Kotaku
  • One Toronto Raptors fan on Reddit, doritopope, stated he would tattoo a dinosaur on his butt if the Raptors didn’t get Paul George in response to Bleacher Report
  • Twenty Two Phrases reported on a failed try by @SUEtheTrex to start out a feud with @MerriamWebster

The dinosaur of the day: Siats

  • Megaraptoran theropod that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Utah, U.S.
  • Title comes from Siats, a predatory, man-eating monster in Ute Native American mythology
  • Just one species: Siats meekerorum
  • Species identify is in honor of John Caldwell Meeker, a geologist who bequeathed a fund for paleontological analysis on the Discipline Museum in Chicago, in addition to his spouse Withrow Meeker, and his daughter, Lis Meeker
  • Described and named by Lindsay Zanno and Peter Makovicky in 2013
  • Lindsay Zanno discovered Siats in a 2008 expedition of the Discipline Museum, led by Peter Makovicky. They collected it between 2008 and 2010
  • Probably the primary neovenatorid present in North America and the youngest (geologically) allosauroid
  • Holotype consists of a partial postcranial skeleton (vertebrae, a chevron, partial proper ilium, ischium and fibular, partial left tibia, some pedal phalanges).
  • Holotype is now on the Discipline Museum of Pure Historical past in Chicago
  • Holotype is of a juvenile (neural arches of vertebrae weren’t fused, so it wasn’t totally grown)
  • No cranial supplies discovered, aside from some enamel, so how its cranium regarded relies on kin
  • Probably had a pointy-ish head
  • Had lengthy, three-clawed arms
  • Might have had giant claws (not discovered, however based mostly on shut kin corresponding to Australovenator, Fukuiraptor, Aerosteon, and Megaraptor)
  • One of many largest identified theropods in North America
  • Zanno and Mackovicky estimated its to be as much as 39 ft (12 m) lengthy and weighing about 4 tons
  • Might have been comparable in measurement to Saurophaganax and Acrocanthosaurus
  • If measurement estimates are appropriate, Siats would have been one of many largest predators present in North America
  • Might have been an apex predator
  • If Siats is a neovenatorid, Siats exhibits that allosauroids nonetheless dominated North America (not tyrannosauroids) till the Late Cretaceous. However till final 12 months, there was plenty of debate of how you can classify megaraptors (they have been both neovenatorids or tyrannosaroids). Research of different megaraptorans have proven they’re carnosaurs that had tyrannosaroid-like options, through convergent evolution
  • Early tyrannosaurs, that lived on the time of Siats, would have been small
  • When Siats lived, most herbivores have been hadrosaroids and nodosaurs, however shortly after Siats, ceratopsians and ankylosaurs began thriving, and they’d have been too exhausting for Siats to deal with. This can be what allowed tyrannosaurs to develop and thrive (they have been extra suited to tackling these harder prey animals)

Enjoyable Reality:

Plant fossils are far more widespread than fossilized bones, however the two are very hardly ever discovered collectively.

  • Not as a result of they didn’t get buried collectively
  • Bones are preserved greatest in alkaline (primary) soil
  • Vegetation are preserved greatest in acidic soil


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