I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Rebbachisaurus (Episode 149)

In our 149th episode, we bought to speak with Dr. Caleb Brown (@Brown_Caleb_M), who labored on the wonderful new Borealopelta specimen, now on show on the Royal Tyrrell Museum (@RoyalTyrrell or fb.com/RoyalTyrrellMuseum).

Episode 149 can be about Rebbachisaurus, a sauropod that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now Morocco.

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On this episode, we focus on:


  • Beelzebufo (a large Mesozoic frog) could have preyed on juvenile dinosaurs, though dinosaurs most likely ate it too
  • “Multi-liter coprolites” from Utah present that hadrosaurs appeared to eat crustaceans
  • New early cretaceous sauropod discovered within the Soria province in Spain named Soriatitan golmayensis
  • Kenneth Lacovara not too long ago revealed a e-book, Why Dinosaurs Matter which highlights Dinosaurs’ many successes
  • Two items of the Triceratops generally known as Bruce have been CT scanned by researchers
  • The Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library has a full sized copy of a T. rex that guests can contact
  • The American Museum of Pure Historical past has a momentary 20 minute opera about Charles R. Knight’s granddaughter
  • The Pure Historical past Museum (London) has anew, unique dinosaurs model of Monopoly
  • Dungeons and Dragons has launched their latest journey, known as Tomb of Annihilation, which is about dinosaur racing
  • The 7-inch plastic dinosaur “STEMosaur” which may quiz youngsters has been launched for $140
  • Apple’s new Augmented Actuality app contains the flexibility to open a gateway to a T. rex
  • The baseball group the Arizona Diamondbacks had a dinosaur “throw” out the primary pitch of their sport on September 22
  • Sports activities Illustrated ranked 10 “dinosaurs” by their theoretical capability to play baseball, Ankylosaurus received
  • New Scientist shared a method to make a wine decanter out of a toy dinosaur, the “winosaur”
  • Thingiverse, a design neighborhood that shares 3D fashions you possibly can print, has a dinosaurs assortment
  • Ari Rudenko has launched a Kickstarter for his new Prehistoric Physique Theater Dinosaur Dance Movie in Indonesia

The dinosaur of the day: Rebbachisaurus

  • Title means “Rebbach lizard”
  • Sauropod that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now Morocco, in Africa (Aoufous Formation)
  • Named in 1954 by Lavocat
  • A number of people had been discovered (discovered a part of the spine, scapula, humerus, sacrum)
  • Kind species is Rebbachisaurus garasbae
  • Gara Sba is the layer the place Rebbachisaurus was discovered
  • Second species is Rebbachisaurus tamesnensis
  • About 46-66 ft (14-20 m) lengthy and weighed about 7 tons
  • A part of the superfamily Diplodocoidea
  • Had a small head, lengthy neck, and whiplike tail
  • Had a tall, ridged again (spines on its spine that might have supported a “sail”)
  • There’s a South American sauropod, Rayososaurus, that appears similar to Rebbachisaurus, which scientists assume might imply there was a land connection between Africa and South America in the course of the Early Cretaceous

Enjoyable Truth:

Some dinosaurs ate grass.

  • found from a titanosaur coprolite (fossilized poop)
    • Many crops include distinctive silica buildings (phytoliths)
      • Grass incorporate to make them harder (and more durable to chew)
    • It was solely a small a part of the titanosaur’s weight loss plan
    • Primarily based on their tooth, small mammals known as Gondwanatherians had been presumably the primary to specialise in consuming grass ~70Ma
    • Widespread grasslands weren’t round for not less than 20 to 40 Ma after non-avian dinosaurs went extinct
    • Nonetheless don’t have proof for grass earlier than the newest cretaceous

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