I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Lourinhanosaurus (Episode 122)

In our 122nd episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Thomas Hegna, Assistant Professor at Western Illinois College, who makes a speciality of invertebrates, particularly arthropods; and Robert Johnson, Curator of the Geology Museum at WIU, and the artist who makes superior dinosaur 3D prints look similar to genuine fossils.

Episode 122 can be about Lourinhanosaurus, a theropod that lived within the Jurassic in what’s now Portugal.

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On this episode, we focus on:


  • A brand new speculation reclassifies dinosaurs into Ornithoscelida & Saurischia, probably undercutting 130 years of dinosaur science
  • Hypsilophodons flocking in a low floodplain had been buried alive over and over on the Isle of Wight
  • New eggshells from the Willow Creek Formation make clear dinosaur variety in Southwest Alberta
  • Extra dinosaur footprints added to the massive assortment in Broome, Australia
  • Jurassica simply acquired a grant of £37,300 Heritage Lottery Funding to assist produce their Mesozoic recreation
  • New utility “actiongram” for the Microsoft Hololense permits anybody so as to add CGI Tyrannosaurs to real-world scenes
  • Fossilera is promoting easter eggs with small fossils in them, in the event you don’t have entry to small fossils and plastic eggs already
  • “Horizon Zero Daybreak has a Dinosaur Struggle Membership” in accordance with Kotaku.com
  • A report on 5,000+ dinosaur footprints in Bolivia on a 300ft tall, 1 mile lengthy wall
  • A college in North Yorkshire dissected Trixie the Triceratops for Nationwide Science, Know-how, Engineering, and Arithmetic week
  • The T. rex from “T. rex Post-mortem” is happening tour all through Australia to show individuals about dinosaurs.
  • Akiko Shinya (of Gualicho Shinyae fame) was featured within the Subject Museums girls in science weblog
  • A function in Nature explains easy methods to hold subject analysis enjoyable, like having a black tie gourmand picnic in underground lava tubes
  • New dinosaur guide known as “Bizarre Dinosaurs: The Unusual New Fossils Difficult All the pieces We Thought We Knew”
  • DINOS! is coming to the Denver Zoo from July 1 to October 21
  • When Dinosaurs Dominated the Earth is now out on Blu-ray from the Warner Archive
  • A chunk about David Joyner offers a peak behind the large purple Barney swimsuit
  • Life-sized animatronic dinosaurs are coming to a new mini golf course in Manchester, UK
  • A brand new resort close to Tokyo Disneyland has a robotic dinosaur manning the entrance desk and egg formed robots in each room
  • Wild Dinosaurs Leisure launched in Santa Fe, New Mexico with customized made dinosaur costumes for events and occasions

The dinosaur of the day: Lourinhanosaurus

  • Title means Lourinhã [Formation] lizard
  • Theropod that lived within the Jurassic in what’s now Portugal
  • Found in 1982 close to Lourinhã, Portugal
  • Described in 1998 by Octávio Mateus
  • Sort species is Lourinhanosaurus antunesi
  • Species named in honor of Miguel Telles Antunes, a Portuguese paleontologist
  • Holotype is a partial skeleton, with vertebrae from the ribs, the best tibia and fibula, a metatarsus, and 32 related gastroliths
  • Holotype was a sub-adult
  • About 15 ft (4.5 m) lengthy and weighed about 350 lb (160 kg). Estimated that it will take 10 years to achieve grownup measurement, and an grownup could be 26 ft or 8 m lengthy
  • No actual settlement on the place Lourinhanosaurus belongs. At first it was regarded as a part of Allosauroidea, however now some scientists assume it was a part of Megalosauroidea. In 2010, Benson mentioned it was a part of Sinraptoridae, and in 2012 Carrano mentioned it was a coelurosaur
  • If Lourinhanosaurus is a sinraptorid, it will be the primary one discovered exterior of China
  • In 1993, about 100 eggs (some with embryonic bones) had been discovered at a close-by seaside, Paimogo. In 2001, they had been assigned to Lourinhanosaurus
  • Eggs discovered had been about 5 in (13 cm) lengthy, and regarded as Lourinhanosaurus as a result of they had been discovered close to the sort specimen
  • Can see Lourinhanosaurus and the eggs on the Museu da Lourinhã
  • Carnivorous
  • First identified theropod to have gastroliths, and scientists decided they weren’t swallowed by chance when consuming an herbivorous dinosaur
  • Gastroliths could have helped tenderize meat (carnivorous dinosaurs not nice at chewing), or Lourinhanosaurus could have eaten shellfish and crustaceans and the gastroliths helped crack the shells (unclear if that’s what occurred, since no cranium was discovered)
  • Europe within the Jurassic had many islands, so animals could have tailored to completely different sorts of meals
  • It’s additionally doable that Lourinhanosaurus modified what it ate because it grew older (like how tyrannosaurs are sooner and extra agile and chase smaller ornithopods, after which once they get greater and older, they go for bigger dinosaurs)
  • As a juvenile, it’s doable Lourinhanosaurus went to seashores to eat smaller dinosaurs or eat fish and crustaceans from tidal swimming pools (after which swallowed gastroliths to assist digest them). Then as an grownup, it could have began looking bigger dinosaurs for meals

Enjoyable reality: We will decide the age of dinosaurs by counting Traces of Arrested Progress (LAGs) in bones. It’s much like counting tree rings. We infer that development slows down simply every year from comparisons to trendy animals (like crocodiles).


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For many who could want studying, see beneath for the complete transcript of our interview with Dr. Thomas Hegna and Robert Johnson:


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