I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Dracoraptor (Episode 162)

I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Dracoraptor (Episode 162)

Episode 162 is all about Dracoraptor, a theropod whose title means “dragon thief.”

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On this episode, we focus on:

The very best of 2017:

The dinosaur of the day: Dracoraptor

    • Neotheropod that lived within the Early Jurassic in what’s now Wales
    • Title means “dragon thief”
    • Welsh flag has a pink dragon
    • Present in 2014 and 2015 by brothers and newbie paleontologists Nick and Rob Hanigan, close to Penarth in Wales. They had been search for ichthyosaurs and located boulders, with dinosaur bones protruding of them, that had fallen from a cliff face
    • Described in 2016 by David Martill, Steven Vidovic, Cindy Howells, and John Nudds
    • Nick and Rob urged the genus title
    • Sort species is Dracoraptor hanigani
    • The species title is in honor of the Hanigan brothers
    • Discovered within the Blue Lias Formation (proper between a layer with a Jurassic ammonite and a layer that represents the Triassic-Jurassic boundary)
    • Cranium is about two-thirds full, however was disarticulated
    • Juvenile specimen discovered, and was 7 ft (2.1 m) lengthy
    • Adults may have grown as much as 10 ft (3 m) lengthy
    • Bipedal, with an extended tail
    • Had dagger-shaped, serrated enamel
    • Had small enamel (.4 in or 1 cm) lengthy, so it in all probability ate small lizards and mammals
    • Had a furcula (wishbone)
    • Had lengthy legs and was in all probability a quick runner
    • The Dracoraptor specimen in all probability was washed into sea, however the paleontologists who described it tentatively mentioned it was a “shore-dwelling animal”
    • Dracoraptor is the oldest Jurassic dinosaur identified, to date
    • Most full theropod from Wales, to date
    • Basal Neotheropoda, and probably the most basal coelophysoid
    • Solely had three enamel within the premaxilla, which is a basal trait
    • Vidovoc mentioned, “So this dinosaur begins to fill in some gaps in our information concerning the dinosaurs that survived the Triassic extinction and gave rise to all of the dinosaurs that we all know from Jurassic Park, books and TV
    • Can see Dracoraptor on the Nationwide Museum Wales in Cardiff

Enjoyable truth:

There are at the least a pair accounts of mammals consuming non-avian dinosaurs. (from “Aucasaurus: Episode 113”)


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