I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Deltadromeus (Episode 151)

In our 151st episode, we acquired to speak with Keegan Kuhn, proprietor of TRX Dinosaurs, which makes stunning and life like dinosaur sculptures, puppets, and reveals. You possibly can see some superb examples and works in progress on Instagram @trxdinosaurs.

Episode 151 can also be about Deltadromeus, a theropod whose identify means “delta runner.”

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On this episode, we focus on:


  • Dinosaur tracks have been discovered almost 2 miles above sea stage within the Alps. The tracks have been initially shaped underneath water
  • A brand new late-middle Jurassic dinosaur Serikornis sungei was present in China with leg feathers, however in all probability couldn’t fly
  • A new trackway from China incorporates avian theropods, non-avian theropods, and sauropods
  • Fashionable birds have brains just like juvenile non-avian dinosaurs and embryonic alligators
  • Greater than 20 fossils of a sauropod have been present in Thailand, it could be the most important dinosaur present in Thailand
  • Paleontologist Derek Larson outlined the steps of discovering and describing a fossil on Each day Herald Tribune
  • The exhibit, Final Dinosaur, from the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, lately opened on the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • October is Worldwide Dinosaur Month at Wiley, they’ve posted paleontology content material free to learn till the top of the month
  • Excessive Pace Hangover podcast featured a collection of Steel dinosaur bands
  • The primary in-game footage of Jurassic World Evolution has been launched
  • Extra Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom merchandise data has been launched, it seems to be college provides
  • This yr’s New York’s Comedian Con featured two variations of Moon Lady and Satan Dinosaur
  • Construct-a-bear has launched a set of dinosaur plushies which will be personalized of their shops
  • A person in a T. rex costume in Hawaii rode a large inflatable flamingo raft

The dinosaur of the day: Deltadromeus

  • Carnivorous theropod that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now Northern Africa
  • Title means “delta runner”
  • Kind species is Deltadromeus agilis
  • Had lengthy, slender hindlimbs for its measurement (in all probability a quick runner)
  • Named in 1996 by Paul Sereno
  • Gabrielle Lyon discovered Deltadromeus in 1995 whereas excavating Cretaceous sediments
  • Paul Sereno and Gabrielle Lyon acquired married in 1996
  • Could also be a junior synonym to Bahariasaurus
  • Bahariasaurus was named in 1934, however the kind specimen was destroyed in WWII, so it’s not doable to check with Deltadromeus
  • Ernst Stromer thought-about a couple of extra specimens to be the identical as Bahariasaurus, however then Paul Sereno referred them to Deltadromeus in 1996. Nevertheless, this has been questioned as a result of they got here from completely different localities within the Bahariya Formation and have some variations from the Deltadromeus
  • Holotype was pretty full, and was about 26 ft (8 m) lengthy
  • No skulls have been discovered for Deltadromeus or Bahariasaurus
  • Some tooth have been labeled as Deltadromeus however no cranium has been discovered so it’s not clear if they’re really Deltadromeus
  • Might have weighed as much as 2 metric tons
  • Different theropods present in the identical formation as Deltadromeus embrace Carcharodontosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Bahariasaurus
  • Being quick might have helped it keep out of the best way of those different massive carnivores
  • Regarded as a ceratosaurian, however an evaluation of Aoniraptor (which can be synonymous with Gualicho) has discovered that Deltadromeus and Bahariasaurus could also be from a poorly recognized clade of megaraptoran tyrannosauroids completely different from Megaraptoridae

Enjoyable Reality:

Coprolite from herbivores is more durable to seek out than coprolite from carnivores

In line with Paul Barrett, that’s as a result of the there’s calcium in carnivore poop. Particularly, calcium from bones that they ate.

However, herbivore poop is principally the start of a compost pile (partially decomposed vegetation).

This might clarify why the herbivore coprolite with crustacean stays was preserved so nicely.

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