I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Barapasaurus (Episode 123)

Episode 123 is all about Barapasaurus, a virtually fully recovered sauropod that lived within the Jurassic in what’s now India.

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On this episode, we focus on:


The dinosaur of the day: Barapasaurus

  • Identify means “massive leg lizard” (bara means massive and pa means leg in a number of Indian languages)
  • Sauropod that lived within the early Jurassic in what’s now India
  • One of many earliest identified sauropods
  • Kind species is Barapasaurus tagorei
  • Species identify means “Tagore’s”. The primary excavation of Barapsaurus was within the one hundredth anniversary yr of the beginning of Rabindranath Tagore, a well-known Bengali poet and artist. Species identify honors him
  • Described in 1975 by Sohan Jain,‭ ‬Kutty,‭ ‬Roy-Chowdhury and Chatterjee
  • Discovered sauropod bones within the Decrease Jurassic Kota formation of India in 1959
  • Excavated 300 specimens in 1961-62
  • Discovered 300 bones from a minimum of 6 people, so a lot of the skeleton is thought (one of the full sauropods from the early Jurassic, however no cranium bones discovered)
  • As a result of there are a minimum of 6 specimens that died collectively, they could have been a part of a herd that died from a flood. The flood might have moved the our bodies after which once they decomposed, the bones might have disarticulated. A water stream might have moved the cranium bones
  • When it was described, Barapasaurus was not assigned to a selected sauropod group. Paleontologists debate about the place it belongs as a result of it was giant for an early sauropod, however had some basal options
  • Had traits (not as nicely developed) seen in later sauropods that allowed them to develop so giant, such because the lengthy neck, and centra and neural spines exhibiting the beginnings of being hollowed out, to scale back weight
  • Had elongated cervical vertebrae, which gave it a protracted neck
  • About 59 ft (18 m) lengthy, comparable in dimension to later sauropods
  • Spoon-shaped enamel, like later sauropods, however with coarse serration
  • Solely 3 enamel and three crowns discovered from the cranium. Largest tooth is 2.3 in (5.8) tall
  • Had slender limbs
  • Different animals in the identical time and place embrace the sauropod Kotasaurus, and the mammals Kotatherium, Indotherium, Indozostrodon

Enjoyable reality: Dinosaurs might have developed endothermy (heat bloodedness) to combat off fungal infections. There are an estimated 5 million species of fungus, however just a few hundred can infect people. That is primarily as a result of fungus gained’t develop on the greater physique temperatures of mammals and birds. However it will possibly thrive in ectotherms (chilly blooded animals). For example fungus is anticipated to have pushed about 200 frog species to extinction. However since dinosaurs (and mammals) are heat blooded had been rather more immune to fungus. Possibly it’s only a comfortable coincidence that it results in greater progress charges, longer lively intervals, and the power to inhabit a lot extra of the planet.

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