I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Augustynolophus (Episode 156)

Episode 156 is all about Augustynolophus, the official state dinosaur of California.

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On this episode, we talk about:


  • A new paper helps using the proposed classification of Ornithoscelida
  • A big trackway was present in Mongolia with a Gallimimus foot beneath
  • Megatheropod” tracks have been present in Lesotho, Southern Africa from the Early Jurassic for the primary time
  • A brand new abstract of Ankylosaurus options estimates it at 8m (26ft) lengthy and the most important particular person weighed as much as 8 tons
  • “What did Westchester seem like throughout the age of dinosaurs?” Heat like Virginia
  • Pop Chart Lab has a brand new dinosaur taxonomy poster that portrays over 700 genera of dinosaurs in one infographic
  • Idaho Public Tv‘s collection Science Trek launched a collection of digital shorts on dinosaurs
  • BBC created a video that solutions the query, “what did dinosaurs style like?”
  • There are two new touring dinosaur reveals: Dinosaur Time Trek: Shark Version and Dinosaur Time Trek: Dragon Version. Shark Version
  • Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida, is getting dinosaurs once more with the exhibit Dinosaurs Are Again
  • There’s a brand new board sport known as Dinosaur Island which lets you construct dinosaurs like Dino Tycoon
  • The Science Museum of Minnesota is promoting restricted version purple Brontosaurus shirts just like the one proven in Stranger Issues 2

The dinosaur of the day: Augustynolophus

  • Saurolophine hadrosaur that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now California (Moreno Formation)
  • Identify means Augustyn’s crest
  • Named for Gretchen Augustyn, to honor the Augustyn household, who helped help the Dinosaur Institute of the Pure Historical past Museum in L.A., and the truth that it’s associated to Saurolophus
  • Sort species is Augustynolophus morrisi
  • Species identify is in honor of paleontologist William Morris, to honor his contributions to understanding hadrosaurids
  • Initially considered Saurolophus morrisi (described in 2013), however a extra detailed examination discovered that its cranium was very totally different, particularly in comparison with Saurolophus osborni and Saurolophus angusti
  • Named in 2014 by Albert Prieto-Márquez,‭ ‬Jonathan R.‭ ‬Wagner,‭ ‬Phil R.‭ ‬Bell‭, and ‬Luis M.‭ ‬Chiappe
  • Two specimens have been discovered
  • Juvenile specimen was present in 1939 (elements of the cranium and limbs), a lot smaller than the holotype
  • The holotype was present in 1943 (a lot of the cranium, vertebrae, and limb and hand bones)
  • Had a stable nasal crest, just like Saurolophus
  • Not a lot identified about Augustynolophus
  • Herbivorous and chewed its meals
  • Grownup cranium was about 3 ft (1 m) lengthy, so might have been a fairly large dinosaur
  • Might have been 26 ft (8 m) lengthy and weighed 3 tons
  • Augustynolophus is a sister taxon to Saurolophus. Augustynolophus, Saurolophus, and Prosaurolophus are a part of Saurolophini
  • Augustynolophus reveals there was extra hadrosaur range than beforehand thought in North America within the Late Cretaceous
  • Augustynolophus specimens have solely been present in California thus far
  • Turned the official state dinosaur of California in September 2017
  • Augustynolophus has a Twitter account. The bio reads: Native Californian, Los Angeles resident, older than Jerry Brown (barely), vegetarian, agency believer in science.
  • Can see Augustynolophus on the Dinosaur Corridor on the Pure Historical past Museum of Los Angeles County (has each specimens)

Enjoyable Truth:

Cope’s Rule (the speculation that animal lineages are inclined to develop in physique dimension over evolutionary time) wasn’t created by Edward Drinker Cope, and it’s improper. Due to this fact, Cope’s Rule is neither Cope’s, nor a rule.

From info in “Cope’s rule and the adaptive panorama of dinosaur physique dimension evolution” by Roger B. J. Benson, Gene Hunt, Matthew T. Carrano, Nicolás Campione


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